How to Make Your Own Battery Backup Circuit - a Short & Practical Tutorial


Introduction: How to Make Your Own Battery Backup Circuit - a Short & Practical Tutorial

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Hi Everyone!  
Thanks for having a gander =)  I made this video last night because I had a few friends and customers asking me about simple ways of adding a battery backup.  This video is short and sweet.  There is a theory section and a lab section, just like in college.  This is so you can understand the basics behind the circuit, and then see it in action.  One thing I neglected to mention is that your diodes need to be rated for a high enough current based on your load.  If your load requires say 2A, and your diodes are rated for 1A, you risk damaging your diodes.  Keep that in mind.  That aside, I hope you enjoy this instructable, and that after you watch it, you are able to make your own with ease!

Thanks for watching, and have a wonderful day =)

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    WOW! Very simple, concise and straight forward. Good job!!

    Is this applicable to rechargeable batteries also? Haven't watched the video yet. Thanks.