Picture of How to Make a 'Jem' Costume
Jem was the lead singer of an 80's cartoon band called JEM and the Holograms. By day she was Jerrica, but her pseudonym was Jem. Jem's look has evolved over the episodes, but the one I like best is her hot pink wrap dress, shiny asymmetrical belt, and crazy pink layered hair (with highlights).

I am going to be Jem for Halloween this year, and I wanted to make the best dang Jem costume I could manage (within reason and a budget.)

Here is the beginning of that venture: The Rockin' Jem Wig. Enjoy : )

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1 Pink wig
1 Pink, purple, or silver Mullet-Style wig
1 Wide tooth WOODEN comb (Plastic combs cause static)
1 Pair of scissors
1 Pack of small hair elastics
1 Mirror

And some good ol' patience.
Rapid luvs jems hair
red led can be lite with nine volt battery a switch no need just let them run all niht uses little electricity
rix_1015 years ago
Thats pretty cool but they do have wigs like that. premade. but it does look really cool :D
lemonie5 years ago
You want a pair of red LED earrings to go with that? L
KandyRockstar (author)  lemonie5 years ago
 YES! but how?
Love this wig idea, wish I had done this for my costume last year.  There is a seller on ebay who makes some that don't need a battery pack.  I got the non-blinking ones for my Jem costume (but they did glow in the dark).  Just search Jem earrings on ebay a ton of them should pull up. Good luck.
Hmm. Clip-on with the wire running down the back of your neck to a battery-pack?
If I think of something I'll let you know.

This is SO cool! I was going to be Jem last year but I couldn't find any pink wigs and didn't want to dye anything. The best part about almost being Jem? Watching 10 old episodes on YouTube for "research." I love this! I'll be linking.
KandyRockstar (author)  OnePrettyThing5 years ago
 Omg, I know. I've already watched four. I need to get some key quotes down to impress the true fans. Thanks!!
bustedit5 years ago
we are the misfits, the misfits, and we're gonna getcha
jtp1395 years ago
yes! so awesome!
penumbra_5 years ago
truly truly TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!
canida5 years ago
Looks awesome.