Picture of How to Make a Mummy Costume
This is so much better than using a roll of toilet paper! Using old clothes and sheets you have laying around the house, or buying some from the thrift store, follow Rob of Threadbanger to make your own realistic mummy costume! For more information on this project, watch the video, and for more tutorials of do it yourself fashion, subscribe to Threadheads on iTunes!

White sheets (2)
White pants/jeans
White long sleeve shirt (preferably turtleneck)
Box of 100 tea bags
Some 3-5 gallon buckets
Seam ripper
Sewing machine

Step 1: Dying the Material to Make it Look Ancient

Picture of Dying the Material to Make it Look Ancient
Get that dirty, off-white, century-old mummy look by dying all of the material in black tea.

Put the tea, hot water, and materials into the big buckets and steep for about 2-6 hours.

Take them out, dry them, and you are ready to mummify.
Foaly74 years ago
But what do you do for the feet? I think a mummy wearing a pair of Nikes would sort of ruin the effect.
do the same process to a pair of old shoes
I would think you could cover an old pair of (dirty) white crew socks with fabric pieces, and wear them right over your shoes. Just make sure you use big enough socks to fit over the shoes.
lwhite173 years ago
This is awesome! Having a 10 month old made making this take 3 weeks, but I now have a face mask (hot glued extra strips to a $0.45 plastic mask), gloves (hand sewed wrappings on them), and shoes (hot glue again) in addition to the pants and shirt, though I used a hoddie so my head would be mummified as well. It looks awesome! Thanks for the how to.
Cracknel7 years ago
Use toilet paper :D
toilet paper will rip and that sucks :/
toillet paper:)
no it wont think
Flumpkins7 years ago
martymunch7 years ago
This is awesome! I might do this one for my kids this year. Very cool idea with cutting the sleeves and the pants.
SpinWard7 years ago
I love watching ThreadBanger 'ibles! Very cool and useful!
canida7 years ago
Sweet! It's never too early to start working on your Halloween costume.