I loved the design of this character when I first saw her, and finally made the costume of her to attend anime conventions with.  Saber Lily is an alternate outfit for the character Saber from Fate/Stay Night.  Saber Lily appears in the video game Fate/Unlimited Codes. 

This costume took me about 3 months working on and off from July to September, and I spent about $300-$400 on it, including the wig and boots.  Saber Lily taught me several new skills, including sewing, working with Wonderflex (a thermoplastic), woodcarving, wig styling, and spray painting, all of which I learned on the internet from forums and instructional sites such as this one.  Even though you might not want to make a Saber Lily costume, I hope this Instructable can help with other areas of craftmaking!

Step 1: List of Materials

Here are the materials that I used and where I got it.

Sewing machine
White sateen (Joann's)
Gray cotton (Joann's)
Pink cotton (Joann's)
Black cotton (Joann's)
White satin lining (Joann's)
Muslin (eBay)
Tulle (eBay)
White satin ribbon (P&S Fabrics, but I recommend getting it online instead because it's cheaper that way)
Hooks and eyes (Joann's)
3 round beads, 3 long tear drop shaped beads (jewelery store necklace that I took apart)
Silver nail polish
Wonderflex Jumbo Size (www.cosplaysupplies.com/store.php)
Heat gun (I borrowed mine, you can get it at a Home Depot)
2 cans of Montana Spray paint in Silverchrome (Dickblick's)
1 can of Montana Spray paint in Goldchrome (Dickblick's)
Blue acrylic paint (Pearl Paint)
Gesso (Pearl Paint)
Sanding sponge (Home Depot)
Foam brushes (K-Mart)
Long piece of wood about the size of the sword (found it)
Wood carving knives (Pearl Paint)
Belt sander (borrowed it)
Purple fake jewels (Joann's)
Blond wig (eBay)
Wig cap (any wig store)
Hot glue gun
Krazy glue


<p>I was just wondering how you made the sleeves because they pretty similar for a cosplay i want to do</p>
<p>You did such an amazing job! This looks awesome!</p>
<p>would you lke to make a tutorial for haitoku no hana costume? thank you very much D:</p>
Hi can you help me make a costume just as beautiful as yours? My daughter is a avid cosplayers. Can you send me this instructions through my e-mail? We're planning to make her one. Hope you can help me
This all was amazing ^^ I'm gonna send you a PM in hopes of getting some help if you don't mind.
who said women should just fate/STAY : night in the kitchen
OH. MY WORD. THIS IS AMAZING. AND THE SWORD. O_O I'm speechless. You're awesome.
&quot;Saber Lily&quot; ? Gaah, I don't where she comes from. I only played Fate/Stay: Night and got through two stories ;_;<br>Anyways, great job on the costume, Caliburn looks awesome.
so right now, i'm carving the sword soon on a 2x4 piece of wood, but 2 inches thick is probably too much to make the edges. do you have a recommendation on what to do? the blade width is about 1/3 of a 4 inches, so I don't think there is enough space to make a smooth curve. I'm thinking I could either make the blade wider, but I only have a weird life size template that's made on 4 pieces of computer paper. then again, maybe I could make the thickness of the wood less by cutting it? ahh this is tough to do, I have no idea how you managed to get everything right. x_x<br />
&nbsp;That's a really nice costume and sword! :o Can you please send me the picture you used to outline Caliburn? It's just awesome o_o and the fact that I don't know how big to make it xDMaybe even what kind of wood you used? I'm a beginner aiming pretty high for me. :D
Hi, I sent a message to your instructables account, I hope it helps!<br />
Could you please send it to me too? It would really help me. How tall are you, and how long is your sword?<br /> <br /> Thanks in advance!&nbsp;:3&nbsp;
oh, for this will be very, very helpful when we actually go to make Rebellion for my other half's Devil May Cry4 Dante costume...<br />
Very impressive work!&nbsp; It looks fantastic.<br />
Thank you!<br />
Awesome!<br /> I&nbsp;love wonderflex, and I&nbsp;didn't know of a supplier to recommend.&nbsp; Thanks!<br />
I'm glad I could help!<br />
The whole costume looks fantastic. The fact that you learned all the necessary skills to make it is even more impressive!<br />
Thank you!&nbsp; It's fun to pick up new skills.<br />
Even though I don't know the charector the outfit is great, the sword on the other hand is FANTASTIC&nbsp;!&nbsp;!&nbsp;!&nbsp;!
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!&nbsp; I think the sword is probably my favorite part too.<br />
Yay! I love it! You did a great job on every single piece! :D<br />
Thanks! I love your hat too, it's very well sewn and designed.<br />

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