Picture of How to Make a Skull Mask
I got this idea when I was throwing away the backing to the wall-cling that my dad and I bought last year, and I thought: well, this would make a fine skull mask. So, I kept it. And now, I made it into a mask!
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Step 1: The Stuff You Need

Picture of The Stuff You Need
First, you need the materials.

1.Cheap (or expensive) 3-D skull wall-cling
3.String or elastic

Step 2: The Skull

Picture of The Skull
Cut out the 3-D skull in the wall-cling and discard the backing. Cut out the eyes and the brim. Optional: You could cut the mouth or other areas.

Step 3: String the Mask

Picture of String the Mask
Take the cutters and elastic. Cut to desired length and punch holes in the mask. String the elastic through the holes and tie.

Step 4: Add Your Own Touch

Picture of Add Your Own Touch
Decorate as you wish. Go crazy!
scott!5 years ago
 nice pics XD, lol and skull is spelled with a K