How to Make a Soup Can Forge





Introduction: How to Make a Soup Can Forge

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The above video details the process I used to create a simple and inexpensive propane forge from commonly available materials. In the video below this forge is put to use for the first time making a small fixed blade knife.

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I made one and I love it! This really got me kick started into black smithing, and I am now in an apprenticeship with a friend of mine. Here's a picture of mine. I used a longer can for longer pieces of steel. Ot fires great as long as you have the right blow torch head (spiral flame).

13, 10:52 PM.jpg13, 10:52 PM.jpg13, 10:58 PM.jpg

How long has your forge lasted? Any breakdown of the plaster yet?

How long does the propane canister last? I've not used mine for any extended period of time, and i dont keep track of how long I've used it. Could I hook this up to a large propane tank?

How Did you get the flame to get so big?

Would I be able to make a hole in the other end so I could heat longer peices of metal, or would that break the creation?

Actually search up paint can forge and there is a whole different instructable for a paint can forge, because I doubt the same method used here would work for a paint can, only because a single blow torch could not heat that entire space enough to be useful

my igniter for my torch does not have a button that stays pressed in when pressed in, and then comes out when pressed again. Is it safe enough to use tape to hold it in place, or should I find a different igniter?

Awesome instructable Dude!!! super simple! Hope you can write for me the composition of the plaster (i didn´t understand that part of the video, as english is not my first language) and the type of gas used with the torch. Best regared!