Using some basic crafting supplies it is possible to make a LED lighting rope without having to solder. This rope uses battery power...

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Supplies

You will need the following items

1: transparent or translucent vinyl tubing (I used 1/4 inch ID, about the minimum size I could work with)
2: several 3mm 4Volt ultra bright LED (Larger size LED will need a larger diameter tubing)
3: electrician's fish tape or long stiff wire (needed during assembly)
4: fine gauge speaker wire ( I used 26AWG wire)
5: Ultra sharp push pin (an awl or needle will also work)
6: firm stable work surface
7: small ruler
8: sharpie pen
9: hot glue gun
10: inexpensive flashlight
11: small flush cut side cutters
<p>Any reason this would not work with inferred led's? A rope light of ir led's would make a cool and discrete lighting system for night vision security cams..</p><p>http://www.ebay.com/itm/20x-Launch-and-Receiver-Infrared-Diodes-5mm-Bulbs-Emitter-940nm-IR-LEDs-9LN-/182174059526?hash=item2a6a6b8c06:g:kbQAAOSwOVpXY6LP</p>
<p>help, do you need to attach resistors i i just connect it to 3 batteries?</p>
<p>In hindsight a resistor might have been a good idea but I never needed one for the short time that I used this lighting scheme.</p>
Hey I am curious how many LEDs can I attach to this? I am very new to all this XD
Just solder it. It's actually easier once you get the hang of it and it will produce a higher quality much more reliable product. On the other hand this is one of the best solderless jobs I've ever seen!
looks like ehow.com copied this http://www.ehow.com/how_5007875_make-rope-lights.html
that anvil is so cute. :-)
no resistors?
Resistors would be built into the LED Flashlight
hey, thankz, u sir, had a good idea! :D
I&nbsp;would love to know your recommendations for this same concept as a lighted dog collar.&nbsp; The lighted dog collars so far on instructables are a little too bulky for my taste.&nbsp; These modifications of your design is what I&nbsp;am most interested in: a connecting device to make it a loop and a much smaller battery option.<br />
This could work but keep in mind that there are 3 AAA batteries to deal with. You can check the dollar stores to see of there is a smaller flashlight solution. Forming this design into a simple loop for a lighted dog collar is a great idea...<br /> <br /> The power delivery seems to wreck most designs. We definitely need an effective high power, low volume supply on this plane of existence. Mini nukes would be great!!!!!<br />
Jeeez. Where the hell'd you get that anvil from?
It was a gift from a family member who acquired it well over 40 years ago.
I want your anvil. Guess its more popular than your nice, well detailled, with nice photo, instructable lol
I saw some similar anvils for sale online, marketed as jewelers' anvils.
<strong>http://www.contenti.com/products/anvils-stakes/101-116.html </strong> <em>end of argumentXD</em><br/>
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The Nile? </sarcasm>
wats a anvil for anyways?
Nope, that used to be the longest, but is neither the longest nor the largest in width or rate of flow, thanks to irrigation. </no sarcasm>
Could you jump rope with this?
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