Picture of How to make a LED Light Rope without soldering
Using some basic crafting supplies it is possible to make a LED lighting rope without having to solder. This rope uses battery power...

Step 1: Gather your tools and supplies

Picture of Gather your tools and supplies
You will need the following items

1: transparent or translucent vinyl tubing (I used 1/4 inch ID, about the minimum size I could work with)
2: several 3mm 4Volt ultra bright LED (Larger size LED will need a larger diameter tubing)
3: electrician's fish tape or long stiff wire (needed during assembly)
4: fine gauge speaker wire ( I used 26AWG wire)
5: Ultra sharp push pin (an awl or needle will also work)
6: firm stable work surface
7: small ruler
8: sharpie pen
9: hot glue gun
10: inexpensive flashlight
11: small flush cut side cutters
antony.oleas11 months ago

help, do you need to attach resistors i i just connect it to 3 batteries?

Random_Canadian (author)  antony.oleas11 months ago

In hindsight a resistor might have been a good idea but I never needed one for the short time that I used this lighting scheme.

Thraxen2 years ago
Hey I am curious how many LEDs can I attach to this? I am very new to all this XD
twitsl2 years ago
Just solder it. It's actually easier once you get the hang of it and it will produce a higher quality much more reliable product. On the other hand this is one of the best solderless jobs I've ever seen!
samLED3 years ago
looks like ehow.com copied this http://www.ehow.com/how_5007875_make-rope-lights.html
ctowns4 years ago
that anvil is so cute. :-)
8bit6 years ago
no resistors?
Resistors would be built into the LED Flashlight
butcher_pro4 years ago
hey, thankz, u sir, had a good idea! :D
Astros5 years ago
I would love to know your recommendations for this same concept as a lighted dog collar.  The lighted dog collars so far on instructables are a little too bulky for my taste.  These modifications of your design is what I am most interested in: a connecting device to make it a loop and a much smaller battery option.
Random_Canadian (author)  Astros5 years ago
This could work but keep in mind that there are 3 AAA batteries to deal with. You can check the dollar stores to see of there is a smaller flashlight solution. Forming this design into a simple loop for a lighted dog collar is a great idea...

The power delivery seems to wreck most designs. We definitely need an effective high power, low volume supply on this plane of existence. Mini nukes would be great!!!!!
turkd136 years ago
shooby6 years ago
Jeeez. Where the hell'd you get that anvil from?
Random_Canadian (author)  shooby6 years ago
It was a gift from a family member who acquired it well over 40 years ago.
I want your anvil. Guess its more popular than your nice, well detailled, with nice photo, instructable lol
shooby ac1D6 years ago
I saw some similar anvils for sale online, marketed as jewelers' anvils.
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ac1D shooby6 years ago
shooby ac1D6 years ago
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spork969 shooby6 years ago
The Nile?
wats a anvil for anyways?
shooby spork9696 years ago
Nope, that used to be the longest, but is neither the longest nor the largest in width or rate of flow, thanks to irrigation.
bowmaster6 years ago
Could you jump rope with this?
codz306 years ago
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