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In the Harry Potter universe, Harry receives a Nimbus 2000 racing broom from Professor McGonagall when he joins the Gryffindor Quidditch team. This is how I made mine for a Harry Potter Halloween party.

I've entered this in for the Halloween Props competition, feel free to cast a vote if you like this!

Step 1: Always reference your work

Picture of Always reference your work

First step is to get reference pictures of the broom so you know what to aim for. I used this replica from Cinereplicas as the basis for my build. I imported the side view into a drawing programme and scaled it to the right size for my height. This allows me to work out the ratio of broom to stick and the right diameters. Close up photos also allow me to see what various parts are made of and how things go together. Notice how the back half is more curved like a tree branch and the front end has a sharper curve like it had been shaped into a broomstick.
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oscar.purtell7 months ago


I was wondering where you got the nylon rod or if you knew what it is supposed to be used for so i can try to find it myself.


chiok (author)  oscar.purtell7 months ago
You can get nylon or acetal rod from eBay if you're only buying the short amounts used here. It's an engineering plastic most of its life and is used as stock for lathe turning and machining to make bearings or bushes or rollers or tubes. Places that sell engineering materials like steel bar or hex bar or sheet goods often stock plastics as well. Nylon and acetal are thermoplastics which is the important quality as you want to bend them with heat.
If you can't get the plastic, I did make another one with a steel kickstand welded together that was functionally the same, just much heavier.
Thanks for such a quick reply! Now i can get started on the kickstand.

Can u please give me a link i cant find any.


Breathtaking... I love this so much!
jordynmoka9 months ago
Can i pay you to make this for me? Ill even pay for shipping and materials. You can email me at moka724@yahoo.com. this isnt some scam i really just want one and all the ones i found online are plastic and dumb haha. This one is awesome but i honestly dont have the skill to do make one myself :P
NamedJohnny made it!11 months ago

The tutorial was really simple and everything was explain clearly!

Here's mine (thanks to you!) :

Thanks for a great tutorial. I made a Nimbus 2000 over the course of a week and was amazed at the result. Working from your directions I was able to create a full size template and kickstand blueprint for printing (posted to my deviantart page). Though knowing my nimbus was going over a fireplace I skipped the kickstand bit for now.
And finding the bristles were a bit of a challenge until I ventured into Amish coutry.
None the less it was fun and thanks for your insight.
riedman1061 year ago

Just so all of you guys know, a 35 degree angle doesnt work. I made the template out of cardboard and I actually made the bend with a 35 degree angle and it wasn't even close to fitting on the 2x6 piece of wood. I was lucky that I had a little bit of 2x8 wood sitting around that I could use. Too much work to remake the template. Great work by the way.

il24i1 year ago

Could you give directions or a template for a nimbus 2001 or fire bolt? It would really help.

crazytact1 year ago
What do you suppose those run at
crazytact1 year ago
How much did this cost total?
chiok (author)  crazytact1 year ago
About £30~ for the materials? I'm a hoarder or materials, so things like the aluminium strapping, nylon rod and the 2x6 pine were already in my possession. I had to buy the bristles and paint and FEV.
MattBruzer1 year ago
You instructable is great!  Thanks for sharing your process.  I used this instructable when I got stuck on making my own racing broom only 3 days before our Halloween party.

Yours looks much nicer, I am impressed at your craftsmanship.  Cheers!
krisdd71 year ago
Hi , i like the work you have done !! But i need to know some measures about the broom.
How long is broom handle ?
The inclined portion 45 degree seems ?
and the back straight after the inclined part ?
How long is all broom ?
Which is the drawin program you used for real size ?
Sorry for all this cuestions but i need de sizes to do the broom :)
chiok (author)  krisdd71 year ago
The exposed broom handle of mine was 850mm, the total length being 1500mm. The crook / bend in the handle is not quite 45 deg, more like 35 deg and straight back. I used Inkscape to scale my picture and drew lines to take measurements from it.

Hope that helps.
krisdd7 chiok1 year ago
Broom measures 1.5 m in total. The broom handle is 85 cm long, but with the 35 degree incline or without that tilt?
The inclination of 35 degrees how long is it?
And the last part of the broom how long is it ? I mean, the part whit the dry reeds.
Thanks in advance !
chiok (author)  krisdd71 year ago
The broom is 1500mm from the tip of the broom (the bristles) to the top in a straight line. The 35 deg incline is about 180mm long I think. And the bristles section is 1500mm - 850mm = 650mm.

You can measure this all yourself if you print out the reference photo of the broom, measure the picture and used that as your scale factor to size your broom to the length that you want it.
krisdd7 chiok1 year ago
Thx! for you help !
ollmcphail1 year ago
Thank you so much for this guide. I'm a primary school teacher and made it to put up in the class. It looks brilliant! Thanks again!!!
chiok (author)  ollmcphail1 year ago
Outstanding! I am always delighted to hear that someone has been able to take my mish-mash of instructions and form something useable from it. It would be great if you could take a photo of it. I've given mine to a friend to mount on their wall like a musical instrument.
JTR142 years ago
Is is possible that you could make the template for the broom downloadable?
Thanks in advance,
chiok (author) 2 years ago
I'm afraid not. The Nimbus 2001 has a much sleeker shape to the body and a different shape head stock.  But the overall construction is similar.  That being said, if you're going for the quick look, you could whack on black gloss paint and silver hardware instead and it will be convincing enough on first impressions.  Do try it though, it's very satisfying.  Here's a reference for the shape:
slehman2 years ago
Does this pattern also work for a nimbus 2001? just a black stain instead, i feel would work and then some dye on the end of the bristles.
tkdgirl3683 years ago
I really want to make one of these, but the problem im having is finding the bristles. Where did everyone else buy them from? Thank you
use pine needles and silver tape
umm I've never seen pine needles that long and where do you get them?
chiok (author)  tkdgirl3682 years ago
I also have never seen pine needles that long. Options are: bundles of willow which I believe you can find in a Hobby Lobby, hay or straw if you live near a farm, or bundles of decorative sticks from the IKEA garden and plant section. All will make fine bristles. I believe mine were some type of dried grass.
thank you! I have the the wood piece done, just been waiting to find the right bristles :)
nodoubtman2 years ago
does it fly? :)
Pickles50003 years ago
Maybe Harry should have tried a steel pin biscuit and glue when he fell off his and it landed in the whomping willow
LOL. Sadly, although it was only broken into three visible pieces in the movie version, the book's record shows it was basically just splinters gathered in a paper bag. I'm pretty sure that if magic couldn't fix it, even a handy muggle solution of a steel pin biscuit and glue probably wouldn't have done any good. Although I have to say, the book's description of the Firebolt seemed way cooler than the Frankenstein's monster thing they schlepted together as an afterthought in the third and fourth films.
could you use shoe polish
el_hereje3 years ago
si vuela te mereces el premio Nobel
kuehntw3 years ago
Hi, I love the work you've done and I'm trying my best to create a broom similar to yours. I'm trying to figure out the size ratio of the shaft/handle of the broom to the bristles/head of the broom. I’m trying to make one according to the size of the replica which is 71". According to my measurements the shaft/handle of the broom is about 1.35 times the length of the bristles/head of the broom. I was wondering if you could give us some measurements on your broom so I could compare? Thanks again! You’ve done a spectacular job to say the least!
chiok (author)  kuehntw3 years ago
You are pretty much spot on. The ratio is around 1.3 to 1.35:1, shaft to bristle length. So for a broom 1803mm (71") in length, you would want a bristle section around 780mm (30") to a shaft length of 1020mm (41"). Mine is a bit smaller at 650mm to 850mm. Finding longer bristles would have been a pain for me.
That looks great! I love the detail, the name on the handle looks great!
chiok (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
I must admit that the lettering is my favourite part. I was worried about the detail of the lettering coming through, but carefully cut out and the spray glue on the back holds all the little bits down nicely.

I used a "Metallic Gold Spray" from Wilkinsons (UK) which isn't a name brand or anything, but offers excellent coverage for a metallic spray which really helped give an even look to the lettering. Thanks for your comment!
mtonacchio3 years ago
I can't wait to make this!!!
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