Introduction: How to Make a Glowing Flower Headband

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My mom used to do a lot of floral arrangement stuff and she had these cool LED powered fiber-optic lights that were for corsages and stuff.  I found them and I was inspired to make this headband.  At first glance, it just looks like a white satin headband with fake blue hydrangeas, but turn off the lights and it turns into something magical!

Step 1: Gather Materials

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For this project you will need:

-glue gun and glue
-MagicLite LED powered fiber-optic light.  You can also make this pretty easily, I just happened to have one and saved some time.
-Floral tape that matches your headband
-Fake flowers.  I used hydrangeas because it was easier to hide the base of the light with them.

Step 2: Design Your Headband

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I spent a few minutes figuring out how you want to arrange your flowers around the fiber-optic cables.  I wanted to kind of spread the fiber-optic fibers throughout the flowers, which was a little tough because they were all pointing the same direction.

Step 3: Glue Stuff Down!

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Once you know how you want to arrange things, glue it down!  Be careful when glueing down the fiber-optic fibers since the glue gun can melt them.
Glue the light down first.  It has a switch on one side and a little door on the other side for batteries and I wanted to make sure bot the switch and the little door were not glued down.  Use the floral tape to tape over the colored parts of the light and to secure the fiber-optic fibers more tightly.  Don't tape over the switch or the battery compartment door!
My flower was put together in three bunches that were able to be separated.  I started at the top and glued down one bunch, distributing the fiber-optic fibers around it.  The other two bunches I cut into three more smaller bunches each.  These smaller bunches are easier to work with and arrange.  I glued three of the smaller bunches facing up, in the same direction as the first bunch I glued down.  I then glued two more smaller bunches facing down, in the opposite direction.  You don't want all the flowers facing the same way.  If they are facing different directions, it makes it look more realistic and it's easier to hide the base of the light.  Make sure you don't glue the on/off switch or the battery door!

Step 4: Clean It Up!

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Take a minute to cut off any strings of hot glue and stuff.  I also trimmed down the fiber-optic fibers a little bit because they were just a little bit too spiky.

Step 5: Wear It!

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And you're done!  You could definitely use different types of flowers, feathers or ribbons and bows and even make your own fiber-optic light.  You can change the colors up to go with any outfit or event.  They would be awesome for a funky wedding!
This is an awesome day to night accessory since it looks super cute with the flowers and then at night, turn it on and you're ready to party! 


Angelica74 (author)2011-03-10

can you yous a reaguler light

yeah, you can do pretty much anything with LEDs. I have another instructable that I use just an LED without the fiber-optics.

jellyuyan (author)2010-08-30

i think it would be nice to wear it at night.

yeah, it's awesome!

corhen (author)2011-01-10

a couple quick things, very pretty, wouldnt mind seeing a night photo...

also, if broke open one of these, and used the flowers, flowers that light up themselves

I do have a picture of it in the dark, unfortunately, it is at my house in California and I am at school in Massachusetts right now, but I'll try to get some more picture soon.

Those flowers are super pretty and I bet with a little bit of fooling around with them that they would work!

finasupegina (author)2011-01-02

it's very nice :)

grooooovy (author)2010-09-04

There's an instructables group I thought you might be interested in joining, it's plainly entitled, "Fashion".

thanks! I'll check it out!

Jorsher (author)2010-08-30

So purdy!

SHIFT! (author)2010-08-30

Oooh very beatiful! Hmmmm, now if I could be rearranged as a men's jacket lapel, I could wear it at my next Winter Formal.

It could be done easily, just use a pin base instead of a headband! Send me a picture :)

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