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In this Instructable I will explain how to make a pair of wings which could be used to dress up as an angel, bird, or anything else with feathered wings (for example certain species of dragon).

The motivation for this outfit was 1) I like to make a spectacle of myself, 2) I was going to the local Surfers Against Sewage fancy dress ball, the theme being recycling. I decided to go as a recycled human being. This evolved into 'Recycled Elvis', although I actually looked more like 'Recycled Morrissey'.

I am somewhat of a perfectionist and wanted to make the wings the best that they could be, hence I spent around 70 hours on them. There are many shortcuts you could take to do it in much less time.

It's rather difficult to rate the expense and difficulty of this project; I spent about 200 pounds on the wings and another 200 pounds on the rest of the angel outfit, although you could do it for next to nothing with a bit of effort. I will explain as we go through. As for difficulty, it is not technically complicated but it does require a lot of patience. In this Instructable I have described most of the simple practical and mathematical techniques used to make the wings; I have assumed very little previous knowledge and ability. Please be patient with these passages if they do not apply to you.

If you do decide to make wings from this Instructable please make sure that you read all of it carefully first, then read well ahead of the point you are working from in order that you pick up all the relevant points before you go ahead.

You will find out later how I attached the wings, but I can say that I danced the night away and a particularly irritating man tried to pull the wings off but they stayed on. I fell over he pulled so hard.

I love inventing things in my spare time; I've invented a new way of making molded ear plugs from a kit; my moulded earplug company website is called ZenPlugs I've developed a new technique for making moulded swimming earplugs, sleeping earplugs and snoring earplugs which you might find interesting, I've got two patents pending on them.

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Kraplax6 months ago
at last! I started 2 years ago, but had to abandon the project. and this year I finally made it! I had used the mechanism for closet doors to make wings collapsable. also I have used metal wire to make them semi-auto foldable. when they are up - they're folded, when I spread them - they are in full length. but it turned out to be heavy, so I had to use shoulder straps to wear them and hide the whole thing under the robe.
You might not see this, but where did you find the feathers? I've been looking everywhere and I can't find any.
I've been looking for feathers too. Finally, i've bought a batch of nandheld feather fans from China and just took the feathers off - turned out to be cheaper than buying feathers separately :D
Angel Wolf1 month ago

cant wait to get started

aabernethy24 months ago
how much will it cost me for you to make and seel me a pair of these wings!! I really need them. please get back to me.
What is the thing on wall in last pic???
T0BY (author)  danceworkshop_38 months ago

It's a metal sculpture of a gecko. I love it.

TGeF1 year ago
O wow! This is amazing!
I think I'm gona make them too!
realife111 year ago
Looks fantastic!
The glowing orb balls around you in the finished photo pics
look like the tibetan mandala patterns, especially the large one on your chest.
It actually adds to the 'angel' effect, LOL.
lpitcher1 year ago
Excellent Instructable - I'll be following this for an upcoming photo-shoot with a pair of black and a pari of white wings.
rboggess13 years ago
i would like to know if it would be possible to change the feathers into a more bat like appearance or even a shredded fabric?
try crin (crinoline), used to make hats and cyberlocks , available in tubes, flat ribbon, and by themeter, its tough and comes in a vast array of colors
Animatrixx1 year ago
why not a clip in additional end that you could pop off to go sit and to get on the bus etc then take them off and put them on to get around the usual obstacles. Ideally this should be made to be popped into a box of some sort to transport so you don't need to hassle with the issue at all. As for sources of feathers, try eBay and try the woods and the edge of corn and wheat fields i got masses of crow feathers by finding the trees where they roost at night, they shed flight and tail feathers.. eBay was a great resource. I managed to get everything from crow feet and skulls to whole wings on the cheap, you can really save if you get the raw (uncured) wings from fishing supply shops frozen then you can keep them in the fridge til you need hem and pull the feathers yourself or mount them on a board in the position you want them and slowly dry cure them it works a treat or smaller wing adornments... And these are from legal culls btw pest birds harassing crops etc. But for cruelty free try the roosting spots method and time and you will get a lot of them or eBay craft supply. Chinese craft supply have amazing deals on things like feather rope edge which is pre mounted feathers of about 6 to 8 inches length at roughly a fiver per meter saving you a lot of mounting time.
Steamfunk1 year ago
Wow! The craftsmanship is remarkable. Awesome job.
charmens1 year ago
Wouldn't it be cool if you added hooks along the top of the wood, then run a string from the tip to the back, that way you could pull on the string and open them discreetly without touching them. or maybe a spring and latch that allows the wings to open and close. i used to do that trick when creating toys in class.
I love maximum ride, and these wings are kind of what i'd imagine the kids' wings to be like. cool instructable!
Gnara your dog4 years ago
except, bigger than these, right? not to dis the wings, they're great. i just always imagined the wings in maximum ride to be huge (which would be much more realistic if one wished to give man flight, bird bones or no)
yeah, much bigger, but it's how i imagine the basic structure.
T0BY (author)  VampireFrancesca1 year ago
Problem is, any bigger and you can't sit on a chair, or in a car. You have to stand up the whole time when you are wearing them.
I used to love maximum ride, then it died and I pretend that saved the world and other extreme sports is the last one...

AWESOME wings though.
I so agree! the first three are the best. from there it goes down hill.
Did you read the original two?
When the wind blows and The lake house?
Dirzdra Gnara3 years ago
When the Wind Blows and The Lake House were so good! I remember reading the first in 2001 and the latter in 2004. I honestly haven't read the Maximum Ride series, but I did flip through the first book. It seemed more like a rewrite with different details rather than an altogether part of a series.
Gnara Dirzdra3 years ago
Yeah, pretty much. The series turn into a teen relationship drama. lol
yeh the books really arent very good now but they started out as one of my favourite series
ikr? I'm gonna be maximum ride for Halloween, cause I'm just obsessed like that.
jwhite582 years ago
hey man would you know where else to get feathers? i prefer raven/crow/black feathers. I checked and they went out of business.
T0BY (author)  jwhite581 year ago
Very bad news! They were the only suppliers I could find at the time! Anyone else come across a supplier?
also for cheap please
How much would this all cost?
T0BY (author)  iggy-da-bird-kid1 year ago

I spent about £400 on materials, including trousers, Converse and a new haircut.
kitkatscat2 years ago
Can you tell me where to get the feathers? closed its doors a while back, so i cant do it until i get feathers, and i need to make these before oct. 23!!!! also, could you make a video cause im not very good at making things if its just instructions.

Fly on,
katheriine2 years ago
Hey Toby,
Thanks for the tutorial, it was a great help and motivation for me to make my own wings for my end of year assignment.
Your instructions were a bit hard to follow, so I sometimes found myself changing or 'winging' (hehe) parts of the project, however, it all turned out good in the end.

I attached a few images of what your production has inspired.
Keep up the great work~

- Kathie
photo (7).JPGphoto (9).JPGphoto (10).JPG
Nyanman4 years ago
want to make now.
wonder if I could get away with this for prom...
and thinking out loud...

can they be scaled up?
IMHO, i'd want to add just a little extra length to them. maybe no more than a foot.
would el wire work or those fiber optic things instead of that many feathers?
T0BY (author)  Nyanman3 years ago
I'd have made them longer but I wouldn't be able to sit down. I had to travel by car with them on.
bfaygo T0BY2 years ago
im 6' 4 3/4 without the gothic 3inch platformboots that go with my costume, so im gonna try and add at least a foot and a half mabe 2
bfaygo2 years ago
hey dr. toby, im a HUGE fan and i hav some half demon half angel wings im makin with a wing span of 6-8 ft, im basein them on ur entir designe but i hav encountered a slight problem, im usin realistic synthetic leather for the demon side, but i cnt find the right feathjers for the angel wing, went outta buisness a lil while bak and i cnt find the right type of feather online if u hav any sugestions at all, pplleeaassee let me no. u can contact me on face book at, bridget faygo, its my fiancee's page, pls help me with this im not sure if i can complete these wings in time for mtac with out ur help, thnk u for ur time and i deeply deeply appreciate any and all help u may be able to provide
How long did you complete it?
janderson643 years ago
your house has ghost orbs in it freaky lol !!!!!!!!
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