How to Polish, in Real Time.





Introduction: How to Polish, in Real Time.

This video is in response to questions I've gotten on polishing. As always, be careful and work within your experience. When I say "32 RPM's" I really mean "3200" RPM's". WIth or with out the drill press, this process is how I polish everything I make. Hope this helps.



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    nail polish is not completely smooth, however there is a nail polish gel that you put on and then put under a special light to cure. This nail polish is supposed to melt slightly and smooth out completely. This is what I want to use on copper pendants and rings. Hopefully it works

    What method would you recommend to keep copper from oxidizing? Is there any coating that I can put on pendants and what not to keep them from getting any 'green' or yuck on people?

    You can spray it with clear coat. I've also heard of a liquid called gold dip. It's supposed to coat metal with a thin coat of gold. Nail polish could be used too.

    Gold Dip, I'll have to look into that. I've seen those gold plating machines for like $200... way too much for a beginner!

    I'll have to try out the clear coat/nail polish. Only trouble will be that copper takes time to oxidize so to know if it worked will take a while. :)

    Your instructables are amazing too btw. I'm going to have to try out some of this stuff!

    Could you post something on soldering the nail to the coin? I've tried, but it always falls apart if I even touch it, let alone spin it around in a drill.

    Yes. I'm working on a "how to solder amature jewelry" instructable.

    Thanks for posting this. Really helps to see your set up.

    WOW! That is impressive!

    Maybe you can advice me. I bought a sheet of aluminum 0.3 mm thick, in order to mirror polish and use it for a solar cooker. I tried to do it with a polishing cap and liquid metal polish/cleaner, but after an hour of work over an area of less than one square foot, the only thing I did was barely see a shadow reflection of my face. By this instructable I realize should have used fine sandpaper, I will try to follow your instructions.

    But once polished, aluminum quickly oxidizes. There are somehow to avoid it? Any super transparent lacquer?