This is a fairly simple tv stand hack that will create an architectural piece to compliment your large flat screen tv. All you need is 2 Lack TV Stands, 4 Elkby shelves and some double-stick tape.

Step 1: The One-step Instructions !

The one step instruction i ssimple: build the 2 Lack TV stands sans the legs, then double stick tape them together with the bookslves as shown. (This creates a reveal to spearate the thick borders as well as provide the option of a wireway)

Step 2: Ta-da !

There you have it..simple and cool !
Beautiful! Makes me feel sorry I don't need a new tv-stand atm. <br>I have a suggestion to make this even more stylish: make the gaps the Ekby's leave the width of the Lack elements. <br> <br>The drawback on this is that it involves sawing off part of the bookshelves, thereby negating on the perfect Ikea feeling of needing no tools to assemble it. <br>(Yes, I can assemble any Ikea thingie blindfolded with my hands tied to my back *proud*) <br>
<p>now that sounds bold!<br>could you really? :)</p>
<p>Try me!</p>
I love the IKEA stuff, however because I live in New Zealand, we are not allowed an IKEA branch as our government considers it would be too successful!!!!.. Go figure!!!
<p>Well.. I think they are right. IKEA is simply a killer for small and medium sized business in the field of furniture, ESPECIALLY flat pack furniture</p>
<p>that one was easy to figure out. </p>
One guy said he found an IKEA Lack on sale for $20. That's $40 for two, right? I've never been to IKEA, so I don't know what the table includes. What about the EKBY shelves? It would really help if there was a 'total cost' estimate. Good-looking project, though. <br> <br>Are we sure the movie isn't &quot;Independence Day?&quot;
Nice n64 brah
Fantastically simple, love it.<br><br>I have a Lack TV unit currently on its own that was salvaged from a skip. It never had its supporting metal posts installed so has a sag in the top, but is pretty good otherwise.<br><br>Your method with a new one and some shelves sounds perfect and a lot cheaper than replacing potentially.<br><br>Kelly
I THOUGHT the movie could have been star wars OR spaceballs.<br><br>but cool hack!!
Is the movie star wars episode 4 a new hope
Yup !
I'm doing this tonight, ikea in canton, michigan had these on sale for $20 and i told my wife i remembered seeing this on here. thanks for the great idea!
Simple and effective. Love it!

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