Ice Box Air Conditioner





Introduction: Ice Box Air Conditioner

This gadget will save your life in the summertime!
Out of desperation, in the summer of 2002, I made this improvised "air condition" unit. 2002 was the warmest summer in years, and i almost melted!

This might sound like a joke, but it truly does work. You don't need to cool down the entire room to feel comfortable. Cooling down the air in your immediate suroundings is sufficent to keep your cool.

Read on to find out how to stay cool using scrap parts you probably have lying around already.

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Step 1: Cutting Out the Parts

To make my air conditioner, i used:
1 2-liter ice box
2 ice box lids
1 80mm PC fan
1 fan grill
1 12 Volt transformer, or any other power source from 5-12 volts.

Step 2: Mounting the Nozzle and Fan

Step 3: Enjoy

Fill the container with ice. Or ice cream, if you like that vanilla aroma in the air :)

The temperature transfer happens at the surface of the ice, so the more surface, the colder the air will get. Ice cubes makes really great cold air, but melt fast. A solid block of ice doesn't get you that cool air, but can last for hours.

Hope this can save your summer too!
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    what is the side effects of dry ice on lungs ???

    if we are make homemade air conditioner is it safe for us

    Dry ice is frozen CO2. Releasing a cloud of CO2 in a small enclosed space is dangerous and should not be done as it could cause asphyxiation. Only use normal ice.


    and no one answered....

    construction of vent isnt necessary. cut a slit and tilt upward. also instead of ice you must replace use ice packs or capped plastic bottles of ice. modern ice packs stay frozen much longer than water. will work much better than a solid block because more frozen surface is exposed. i knew a guy who would do this and pour rock salt over the ice. i dont know how much cooler that would make the air but i would think it would be a bit cooler.

    Adding salt to the water will make the ice taking longer to melt. Perhaps it alters the melting point, I guess. And one should try for as larger surface as possible, by putting the ice in smaller bottles rather than in just a big one.
    Also, force the air to travel as much over the ice (ice containers, ice cubes) as possible, before letting it come out to the room.
    I've just read these in other comments, somewhere here.

    I think you meant the salt will make the ice not last as long.
    Now if you were to put salt water in the freezer along side your ice tray, putting the ice water (or maybe it actually froze) in the container first and then add the ice to it, and the cubes may actually last longer because it will be colder than the ice. Unfortunately, the salt may cause the ice to still melt faster. Someone would have to try it to find out for sure!

    no need to construct the paper vent. just make a slit and tilt it up.

    Wonderful! Now I'm going to make one with a heinekeen keg, let's see what happens :)

    us a frozen heatsink lmaooo