Picture of Improved Ikea Benno CD shelf
Three IKEA Benno CD/DVD shelves side by side.
Question: What's wrong ? Answer: all intermediate vertical panels come twice.

Find it ugly, or space-wasting, or both ? Here is how to fix the issue.

Step 1: Buy the shelves

Picture of Buy the shelves
In our case, we will mount three Benno shelves... So we will have to buy three packs!

In the end, two side panel will remain unused. (We'll certainly find some cool Instructable to use them.)
tenaj992 years ago
I am not getting how the back panel is attached with nails after it has been trimmed without a photo. What are you nailing it to since it sits in grooves on the other 3 sides that have them?
laxap (author)  tenaj992 years ago
The central space is actually the outside of the left and right shelves, so there are no grooves on that side of the panels.

Here is a cross cut, with xxxxx being the back panels:
 __            __           __           __
|  |          |  |         |  |         |  |
|  |  left    |  | central |  |  right  |  |
|  |  shelf   |  |  space  |  |  shelf  |  |
|  |          |  |         |  |         |  |
|  |          |  |         |  |         |  |
|  |          |  |         |  |         |  |
|__|          |__|         |__|         |__|

I hope it clarifies.
Balafre3 years ago
Thanks for sharing this Idea.
I was looking to buy 3 Benno units and was really happy to see what you've done with them so I applied your recipe.
I did one change to it. Instead of shortening of 4 mm 12 out of the 24 screws used on the traversing panels, I went to shorten all of them by 2 mm. Since the first mm is mainly to guide the screw in the hole, it has no real effect on the sturdiness. So my idea was to keep more length that did the fixed shelves sturdier.
I also used my workbench grinder to shorten them.
I might add a fourth unit in the near future since my shelves are almost full already.
Thanks again and keep 'em coming !
laxap (author)  Balafre3 years ago
That's a good idea, thank you. I updated step5 accordingly.

I did not think of shortening ALL screws in the first place, because at that time, I only had a hand saw. In the mean time I have an angle grinder :-)
gregnash5 years ago
 read my comment in step 5 before drilling!!!!
gregnash5 years ago
 just check at this stage that the bottom of your 3 fixed shelves look like this. ikea have changed the design so this isn't possible for me, the side screws i just took out were 1.5-2 inches long, and so i doubt i'll be able to securely mount the 3 fixed shelves.

riekeant6 years ago
You can easily make a straight cut if you own a table saw.
Bindweeds6 years ago
Since you were mounting this to a Pax shelf (I assume the same color wood) Would you even need the backing? If the CD/DVD triple Benno shelf is actually attached to the Pax then it would support the shelves the same way as the backing. That way you wouldn't have to worry about strait cuts, right?
laxap (author)  Bindweeds6 years ago
Good remark, thanks. But I prefer to have the back panel for two reasons:
  • I could wish to place the triple Benno elsewhere in the future,
  • there would be a 1 cm space behind. Small parts may easily fall and get lost.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
Subtle genius