Ah, the instructables robot. He's orange, boxy and very lovable. He enjoys sending email. If you're like us, you just can't get enough of the instructables robot. He's like an addiction. Unfortunately, there is no cure or therapy that can bring one out of this addiction. You just have to feed the cravings. So here are some of the super coolest instructables robot projects around. You're welcome.

It occurs to the authors that certain members *cough* caitlinsdad *cough* will be somewhat overrepresented in this guide. Tough noogies. Make your own robot ible, then we'll talk. :D

I forgot to add that JellyWoo contributed to this guide, making it a collaboration!

This is an instructable showing you how you can make your very own Instructables Robot modeli used photoshop elements to create the net for the model and to colour it and add details, overall this too...
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In this instructable I'll teach you how to handsew your very own Robot plushie.You know you want one.Don't know how to sew? Not a problem. I can teach you! - http://instructables.com/id/How-to-Sew./
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Hi,In this instructable I am going to show you How to Make an Instructables T-Shirt. This is a quick and fairly cheap way to make an instructables t-shirt if you did not win one a contest or if you ha...
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This is my entry into the Instructables Pocket-Sized Contest.Darkness is everywhere and often you find yourself stuck in a black abyss without a source of light. Fear no more, as now there is a tiny ...
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So, what is the latest in hacked T-shirt haute couture? An Instructables Robot Hoodie of course... Straight from the fashion runways of I-don't-know-where is this versatile and unique pret-a-porter ...
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Is that a robot in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?Since the extinction of the the pocket protector, what else could replace the ubiquitous uber-geek pocket accessory but a Bobblebot pocket...
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How my mom and I made an instructable robot birthday cake.
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There are a million stories in this big Instructables community. These are a few that deserve to be told. Inspired by the offbeat works of Gary Larson and his Far Side (c) cartoons, I encourage you to...
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Here's how to morph a cute Easter Bunny PEZ candy dispenser into a cool Easter Bunny PEZbot Instructables Robot candy dispenser. Fits in your shirt pocket? Check! Fairly cheap to do? Check! Q...
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Want a robot to do all your biddings? Well, I'll teach you how to make your very own Instructable Robot Assistant! This robot won't do all your biddings but it's one handy robot! Enjoy.
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I like making stamps and other things like that. And I also like the Instructables Robot. So here's an Instructable Robot stamp!
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This instructable is on how to make the I'bles robot head as seen in random prize draw! It is not that hard but the results will (hopefully) please you!
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Here's a plastic canvas sewing I did of the Instructables Robot!The head isn't that great, but it's still cool to me. :-)It looks just like the Instructables Patch. Except bigger.Yarn I UsedHead/ Arms...
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I made a pair of the awesome headphones out of ear protectors (classic instructable), but with a twist. Obviously, it wasn't instructable worthy, so it might make a good slideshow. Just more proof t...
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I have been a really annoyed at how low knexer rep has been, and have had enough guns for a looooooong time. I want to not be held back, and am hoping that this will stop you knex haters from lowering...