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Introduction: Ipad 2 Laser Cut Stand

This Instructables is easy and SOOOO useful. A good, cheap and simple stand for your Ipad 2.  I mostly use my Ipad for Skype and for the calculator Application. I need it to be facing me and I don't always have an extra hand for it. All you need is a 4mm sheet of Acrylic and a laser cutter. Wood will also work if you prefer. Use the EPS file below and cut two hooks using the hairline thickness. Enjoy! You're welcome.

-Samuel Bernier

Project RE_

“Submitted by DIN 2012, Université de Montréal, industrial design program, for the Instructables Sponsorship Program”



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Grafted onto another cutting project at the last minute. Worked really well in 1/4" plywood. Thanks!

I can't seem to open the above eps file ( robot ipad clip5.eps )

I'm on a PC. Scanning the file, it seems to have been made on a Mac.
I'm assuming it may have some additional Mac file structure goodies
attached to it, which may be messing with reading it on a PC.
I tried a manual edit to fix the file, but I still can't open it in my image ware.

Is anyone else on a PC having trouble reading it?

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I had to download FreeFileViewer to see it, but I ended up just sketching out my own...

Love this! Looking at the wood version above using a different angle gave me the idea of having a second angle cut at the other end of the original. You could have your option of which viewing angle to use!

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Great minds think alike! To avoid glare, I needed one angle for my dining room table (which has a window at my back), the other for my work conference room (which has lights overhead.) I've attached a couple of photos. Works well in portrait and landscape. Gonna make these out of hardwood!

Thanks again to Samuel for the inspiration!


(Apologize if this posts twice. My first one did not seem to show up?)

Excellent Instructable! I whipped out a pair using a pine 1x2. I just cut out the shape (using my bench top band saw) and sliced the 1x2 length-wise to make two. I used your file (had to download FreeFileViewer to see it) as inspiration, but wanted a slightly different angle. I used an angle that seems like it will work in my most-used places ( work conference room, home dining room table) without glare. I used pine to make sure I like the angle. I will remake them out of some hardwood I have laying around after I am sure about the angle.

Great idea. Thanks!

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Cool! I also made wood ones. They are actually my favourite. Better than acrylic. Maybe I should post a picture of them. 4mm pli wood

I posted another image of it in landscape mode, which I use 99% of the time, but I don't see it here, so I'll try again. In that orientation, I can tuck the standard cover (I have a first generation iPad) into it's little slot and it still fits in the stands.


I like this, bit more portable than what I did. I grabbed a metal business card holder from the dollar store and crazy glued some no slip cloth all around so it doesn't slide out of the holder or slide around. Was just looking for an acylic version but could only find the metal. Worked out better as I can adjust it. Going to borrow your idea and see if I can combine the two :-)

I guess your eps file is using the latest version of adobe illustrator,
can you save it in lower version such as ai8, so that everyone can open it.
I like your design.

Sorry, but... what language do you speak?

If that is what you see in the file, have a look at it with Irfanview...

I think, it could be cut from 2 sheets of cardboard and glued together. it does not require laser cutter.