Ipad 2 Laser Cut Stand





Introduction: Ipad 2 Laser Cut Stand

This Instructables is easy and SOOOO useful. A good, cheap and simple stand for your Ipad 2.  I mostly use my Ipad for Skype and for the calculator Application. I need it to be facing me and I don't always have an extra hand for it. All you need is a 4mm sheet of Acrylic and a laser cutter. Wood will also work if you prefer. Use the EPS file below and cut two hooks using the hairline thickness. Enjoy! You're welcome.

-Samuel Bernier

Project RE_

“Submitted by DIN 2012, Université de Montréal, industrial design program, for the Instructables Sponsorship Program”



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Grafted onto another cutting project at the last minute. Worked really well in 1/4" plywood. Thanks!


I can't seem to open the above eps file ( robot ipad clip5.eps )

I'm on a PC. Scanning the file, it seems to have been made on a Mac.
I'm assuming it may have some additional Mac file structure goodies
attached to it, which may be messing with reading it on a PC.
I tried a manual edit to fix the file, but I still can't open it in my image ware.

Is anyone else on a PC having trouble reading it?

I had to download FreeFileViewer to see it, but I ended up just sketching out my own...

Love this! Looking at the wood version above using a different angle gave me the idea of having a second angle cut at the other end of the original. You could have your option of which viewing angle to use!

Great minds think alike! To avoid glare, I needed one angle for my dining room table (which has a window at my back), the other for my work conference room (which has lights overhead.) I've attached a couple of photos. Works well in portrait and landscape. Gonna make these out of hardwood!

Thanks again to Samuel for the inspiration!


Sure ... all I need is a "laser cutter" .... not in my toolbox :(

(Apologize if this posts twice. My first one did not seem to show up?)

Excellent Instructable! I whipped out a pair using a pine 1x2. I just cut out the shape (using my bench top band saw) and sliced the 1x2 length-wise to make two. I used your file (had to download FreeFileViewer to see it) as inspiration, but wanted a slightly different angle. I used an angle that seems like it will work in my most-used places ( work conference room, home dining room table) without glare. I used pine to make sure I like the angle. I will remake them out of some hardwood I have laying around after I am sure about the angle.

Great idea. Thanks!


Cool! I also made wood ones. They are actually my favourite. Better than acrylic. Maybe I should post a picture of them. 4mm pli wood