Ok basically i wanted to make an iron man helmet similar to the one from the new movie! so thats what i did, i tried to take as many pictures along the way as i could showing the details and the changes that i made, as i went through trial and error to get the shape and size right. i've used light weight air drying clay and car spray paints thats about it i think?

Step 1: Equipment

OK these are the things you will need:

EberhardFaber light weight air drying clay
Plaskti-kote super enamel 686 gold
Ford Jupiter red metalic spray paint
Clear lacquer
Craft knife
sand paper
wet and dry paper
A pair of old sunglasses
4 bright white LEDs (sold in car shops)
12v Battery
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that's the thing
<p>Do we have to cover our own face or take a balloon to do it? do we have to make the holes for the eyes when the clay is dry or still there? </p>
<p>nice build</p>
<p>how old are you 7</p>
i mad the suit and helmet and glove and arc reactor<br>IM IRON MAN
<p>what do i ned to make one</p>
<p>how do i make a rill iron man soot that acutely has lazers and can fly </p>
<p>Cool Version of the helmet</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzNgLcxb5XU</p>
<p>Cool Version of the helmet</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzNgLcxb5XU</p>
<p>Cool Version of the helmet</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzNgLcxb5XU</p>
<p>What version is this suit's helmet? 6?</p>
How long did this take you to make? I'm thinking of making one for a friend and have a limited time frame.
how to hollow out the inside?
How much clay Was required,and how did you get it off the mould may I ask,looks great
How much clay Was required,and how did you get it off the mould may I ask,looks great
This helped me ALOT so thank you.
Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br> <br>Love it!!!!!! <br>Love the anonymous mask as well!
surely I will make this, very nice article.<br> I also found another tutorial on <a href="http://www.geniusdevils.com/2013/03/making-ironman-helmet.html" rel="nofollow">Making Ironman helmet</a> here.
Gonna use this method for my Red Hood cosplay, thanks uploading this.
Hello there, are you still interested in iron man or other projects. There is a lot of information here and instructions on how to do things, i have found this very helpful. Please visit the new online shop that i have which will be launching soon www.diycostumes.co.uk and register for now.
cool story bro. I actually mean that because it looks amazing.
make a dark knight joker clown mask. like the picture. PLZZZZZZZ. <br> <br>p.s. remember to show os how you did it ;D
como consigo las plantillas para el casco entre en pepakura pero ya no esta el archivo del casco ........................alguien me puede ayudar.gracias <br>
go to youtube search 3d iron man helmet draw the face cut out ONLY HALF fold in half then cut out rest and you get a desent templet
can you make the cast of your head with paper mache like newspaper and school glue
I am going as Tony Stark for Halloween this year. I may add a mask.
You, sir, have a great talent.<br /> <br /> (the iron man suit is great)<br />
if you are talking to Pheadjack, thanks man. I had a blast doing it. lot of sweat and sore hands, but it was worth it.
I'm loving that green goblin mask. I&nbsp;really want to make one but I have no artistic skills whatsoever.<br />
I agree with 32033. just do it. even if the mask turns out horrible, you will learn things from the attempt and the next one will be better. I started playing with latex masks, ears, scars, neck bolts, and other things a long time ago.<br>The first things I made were so ugly, they were not even close to what I had in my head. But ! I tried again. I played with clay and got better at sculpting the basic shapes I wanted; then I learned to add details and it just takes adding that little step of skill over and over and over. Soon you will find yourself cranking out a finish product that looks good and not even remember how you got there. Ya gotta build the body memory of the actions and then the mind can wander in the imagination.
<strong>&quot;I have no artistic skills whatsoever&quot;?<br /> <br /> See my earlier post above...<br /> <br /> &quot;Whatever The Mind Can Conceive, And BELIEVE, The Mind Can Achieve&quot;.<br /> <br /> YOU 'can' do it. If you don't attempt it you will never know for sure and regret it later. Life is too short...make it happen.<br /> <br /> As LARRY&nbsp;THE&nbsp;CABLE&nbsp;GUY sez...&quot;GIT-R-DONE!&quot;</strong>
Just curious, is that cardboard you're using to build the leg in the picture above? If so, what do you plan to cover the cardboard with and what type of cardboard is it? Awesome job, by the way!!
If you are talking about the Pheadjack suit, these are all thin steel sheets, cut and riveted together. The whole thing weighs like 40 lbs and is a bear to get into. The main thing I didn't really take into account other that the time it takes to work metal sheets is the sharp edges. Had to roll all edges of each piece and still some are pointy.<br><br>It was a labor of childhood dreams though.
Will you post a suit instructble? Great job with the Helmet
do you have to put a material over the plaster base to stop the clay sticking to it? surely the clay would join with the plasticine? <br /> cheers<br />
<strong>You can rub a light coating of oil or vaseline over the form with yout fingers, which will prevent sticking and easily removing when it's drying or dry.</strong>
Thanks.<br /> <br /> Is it best to try and carve out rough details such as the eyes before it dries?<br />
<strong>Yes. You could also do it afterward but easier cutting while the mask is still reasonably soft...while in the 'setting up' stage. Using good quality Papier Mache can make it hard like a football helmet when it's completed. &nbsp;By giving the project a final spray of two or three coatings of Clear Lacquer or Varnish, it will be waterproof.<br /> <br /> If anyone questions stability and strength of Papier Mache...all I can say is that Movie Studios use it all the time. Life size horses made over armatures of wood and chicken wire have been made...saddle put on it and actors posing on it like a live horse. I once saw a used auto dealer that had a lifesize horse made and displayed out in front of his lot to draw attention from passing motorists...the horse was in a front legs up raised position...out in the elements of weather all year round. Yup...it's durable.<br /> <br /> Taxidermists use it every day in their shops. I have a head I made once for a Ventriloquist figure ('dummy' as most folks call them)...which I made over a clay sculptured head I made (I am NOT a Sculptor by any means...just shaped it almost human life size by just just shaping it)...using a full 5-lb box of Modeling Clay.<br /> <br /> Once it dried, I coated the clay with motor oil and applied the Papier Mache...let it dry for a week...cut it in half carefully with a sharp knife and removed it. The tip of one ear broke off&nbsp; the dried clay model as I was removing it but I just glued it back onto the head...still looks same as when I made it...some SIXTY&nbsp;YEARS ago. :-) Howzatt for durability?<br /> <br /> The layers of saturated Paper are built up to the thickness you want.<br /> I once made a large artificial rock for a model to sit on when posing for photos. They are LIGHT in weight and Stronger'n heck.<br /> <br /> Good luck with your project(s).<br /> <br /> ~ ED<br /> <br /> PS...I'm thinking of creating a ible on how to make and use the Papier Mache as professionals use it.</strong>
Yes, definately please do an ible on Professional papier mache. Its the easiest cheapest thing to make but I've know idea how to get top quality results.<br>everything i've ever made from papier mache still looks like it was made from papier mache!
Please do. I would love to learn. I think many on istructables would too.
nice work man i am just working on that mask and i gotta tell you it is not so easy it looks<br>
I live in jakarta andi dont know where to buy clear laquer OR lightweight air drying clay. would you know any place where i can buy it?? if not could you tell me what would be the best possibe replacement??
@ pheadjack. Great body work .... Eventually we'll have a working iron man suit haha!!! ...
Thank you sir,<br><br>Here are updated photos of the 'finished' product. I ran close on time and the legs did not work out as well as I liked, but the whole thing was pretty good. A real pain to put on and take off, but such is the sacrifice to pay homage to shellhead.
make a metal suit, once youve done that, paint it, then add lighting wherever it goes.
It's not THAT easy...
Where do you think you could buy the clay in Canada?
You can buy it at Curry's art supply. As well they carry it at Michaels.
I'm working up a suit as well. The instructables I have found here have been really great ! I appreciate all the help. Here are some images of what I have so far.<br>I got really silly and decided to make it from metal &amp; rivets. This is about 6 months work off and on. I don't know what I was thinking, but it has been fun too.

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