Italian Crespelle, Chicken filled Crepes au Gratin

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Crespelle are thin Crepes/Pancakes filled with anything you fancy, then mostly rolled up and baked in a tomato or cheese sauce. It is a typical comfort-food, heavy, yummy and typical Italian!

Actually, crepes used to be the poor mans dinner, but nowadays it's a specialty everyone loves. The Crespelle can also be called Manicotti, they are being served in many restaurants in Italy. 

Step 1:

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Crespelle dough:
200 g Flour
3 Eggs
250 ml Milk (you can also use a Milk-Water mix)
1 pinch of Salt

Mix these ingredients together with a whisk to a not to soft mixture.

Heat very little oil in a flat pan and add a soup-ladle full of the mixture. Now spread this mix softly with the ladle until it covers the whole pan and is very thin. Turn over after 2 minutes and fry for 2 more minutes.

You can prepare these crepes a day ahead.
sunshiine1 year ago

I have never made this before but it sure looks good. Thanks for sharing.