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This is my cheap attempt at stormtrooper costumes for my 4 and 6 year olds. It's made to be lightweight and flexible for comfort but still hold true to the movie armor and look cooler than the store-bought stuff out there. Because of the materials used, these costumes won't hold up to rough play or prolonged wear. Actually, they got pretty beat up after simply trick or treating. Within the steps I'll tell you how I did certain things and what I would do differently. My son's costume was my first attempt and spent about 18 hours on it, not including drying time for paint and glue. My daughter's costume took less time because I based it on my son's templates just smaller and I gave it a little less detail (and I was less careful with cutting and glueing). Anyway, hope you find the instructions helpful. The result was a ton of fun and the kids got a lot of attention. Cheers

Step 1: Materials

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I used foam sheets from Michaels. The larger costume for my 6 year old to 9 of the 12" x 18" sheets. He's 50" tall and weighs 50 lbs. I used a combination of a glue called Quick Grip (which held very well and stayed flexible but is messy and needs to dry overnight) and hot glue (for adding some of the detail work.) By the time I got to my daughter's costume I got a little impatient and used the hot glue for most of the glueing. I worked ok as long as you are quick with getting the pieces together quickly. But it does deform the foam a little and it is not flexible. You're also gonna need a couple of packages of white velcro strips (18" in length). And you'll need a length of 1" wide black elastic for the upper arm pieces - both for a strap around the arm and to attach them to the shoulder straps. I also used some to hold the thigh pieces up - one end hot glued to the thigh piece and the other has a velcro piece that attaches behind the belt.

Step 2: Paper Templates

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***These are on eBay right now!!! Go bid!! They could use some love but will still kill it among the hordes of store-bought trick or treat threads. Hurry, auctions end Oct 17, 2012 18:54:38 PDT!!!***

The first step was to make paper templates for each of the armor pieces. This allows you to size them by fitting them temporarily with tape and then shaping them with scissor around joints and what not. I used 8.5" x 11" paper - taping two pieces together for the larger templates.

Step 3: Helmet Construction

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***These are on eBay right now!!! Go bid!! They could use some love but will still kill it among the hordes of store-bought trick or treat threads. Hurry, auctions end Oct 17, 2012 18:54:38 PDT!!!***

 This was the most difficult part to create. I purchased the three quarter mask from Amazon and then found a generic astronaut helmet on a different site. both were under $10 each. I cut the top of the mask and removed the visor and cut the chin piece off of the helmet. The black brow on the mask lines up with the top edge of the helmet. I then attached the mask with two rivets through the ear pieces. The to get a full ear piece and a more finished look I cut of the bottom of two small Glad Ziplock containers and affixed them with a small bolt and nut. I then got some flat white spray paint and repainted the helmet so all the pieces match. Be sure to remove the stickers so you can replace them later. 

Step 4: Applying Templates to Foam

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***These are on eBay right now!!! Go bid!! They could use some love but will still kill it among the hordes of store-bought trick or treat threads. Hurry, auctions end Oct 17, 2012 18:54:38 PDT!!!***

The bulk of the work obviously is taking the paper templates and using them to cut the foam. It's important to get as many pieces out of each foam sheet and to save all the scraps for the smaller detail pieces. Use brand new xacto blades and change them often. When glueing the trim and other pieces be sure to apply pressure over night under some heavy books to get the smoothest surfaces and the strongest hold. Use velcro for closures but be aware that while initially the adhesive on the velcro seems strong enough after a few times of putting on and taking off the costume the velcro strips will let go from the foam so I suggest using hot glue instead of relying on the adhesive. The gloves are just cheap knitted gloves and the foam pieces hot glue easily to them. You'll use the elastic on the upper arm pieces to both strap around the arm and to attach them to the shoulder straps. Also use some for supports on the thigh pieces, attaching a piece of velcro to the loose end to attach to the inside of the belt.

Step 5: The Competed Costume

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***These are on eBay right now!!! Go bid!! They could use some love but will still kill it among the hordes of store-bought trick or treat threads. Hurry, auctions end Oct 17, 2012 18:54:38 PDT!!!***

To complete the costumes we used black thermal underwear for the jumpsuit. Hope you guys like the result. Have fun.


MicaelaS6 (author)2017-11-17

im from argentina , would you mind sending the templates to my email? please !! , thanks !

jaezoe (author)2015-10-09

Here are all the PDF template files for the costume. ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR and COREL files each posted in separate comment here too.

jdsierra71 (author)jaezoe2017-10-27

Hi jaezoe, I would also love to get the templates as the links here do not seem to work. I'm a new Instructables user as well, so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but am hoping to make this costume for my 3 yr old in time for Halloween. My email is Thank you so much!

kristinezreyes (author)jaezoe2017-10-19

Hi jaezoe, would you mind sending the templates to my email? Thanks in advance.

cerinarider10 (author)jaezoe2017-10-16

I'd love to get the templates but I'm not able to view them could you email them or send a dropbox link

sky-guy (author)jaezoe2015-10-25

will this template fit a 10 year old?

jaezoe (author)sky-guy2015-10-27

Depends on his size. Originals were sized to fit my 8 year old who was quite small at the time (about 45 inches tall) so should fit up to about 48 in tall child - AI and Corel files can be scaled as required - unfortunately my work is going crazy right now and I'm on the road so just don't have the time to help with scaling or advising on using AI or Corel - lots of good stuff on the internet on how to use both these products - good luck :)

sebastianx (author)jaezoe2016-03-23


Does tis have to be A3 or A4 i cant wait for replies

sebastianx (author)jaezoe2016-03-23


Does tis have to be A3 or A4 i cant wait for replies

MountainLove (author)sky-guy2015-10-27

I just finished this for my 9 ½ year old. I scaled the AI templates to 120% and then cut them out and scotch tape them together. I tried 150% scale up, but it ended up too big.

sebastianx (author)jaezoe2016-03-23

how big is this?

DanF20 (author)jaezoe2015-10-11

Do you have a pdf of the shoulder pads?

jaezoe (author)DanF202015-10-12

AI and PDF shoulder pad files

jaezoe (author)DanF202015-10-12

PDF shoulder pads.

DanF20 (author)jaezoe2015-10-11

I do not see the shoulderpad templates

hirerob (author)2017-10-11

Someone posted templates below in the comments.

Cirrmead (author)hirerob2017-10-15

Unfortunately, it looks like the template download links are broken now :(

(Or possibly I'm clicking on them wrong, I'm a new Instructables user.)

Building this for my son's Hallowe'en costume this year! Thanks for posting it!

kristinezreyes (author)2017-10-11

Can someone please direct me where can I download the templates? Thanks in advance.

jlengyel (author)2017-09-13

Are the templates still available? I love the costume and would like to make it for my 5 year old, but when I click on the PDF I get a hand and no template. (probably my mistake.) Help

SJGriley8808 (author)2017-09-05

Where do I download the templates at?

JenniferM375 made it! (author)2017-09-04

It was challenging to make, but it did turn out amazing. Thank you!!

abeveridge11 (author)2017-08-31

How can I print these templates or did everyone just free hand draw them as they measured their kids?

heathermareed made it! (author)2016-11-01

This was so very time consuming but I'm thrilled with the result! I don't know what I did wrong, but the templates were too small even for my small 5 yo. So it was hours and hours (many multiple days worth) of measuring, drawing, cutting, then glueing- when I finally felt like I could see progress! Still, it gave me something to work from that I never would have come up with on my own. Thanks!

hirerob (author)heathermareed2016-11-01

Looks great! Way to stick with it. I remember mine took me at least a month!

hirerob (author)2016-10-28

I'm so impressed with everyone's builds! Great work. Please keep sharing your pics! And big thanks, again, to jaezoe for sharing his templates. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

kdo610 made it! (author)2016-10-27

Thank you for the templates as well! My son wanted to be a Shadow Trooper, so we painted it black and then clear coated after the plasti-dip process. Took longer, and I personally preferred the Storm Trooper look, but he plays the Battlefront Video game and requested this for Halloween. Amazon Mask's eyes were very blurry so they were cut out carefully and replaced with the green visor from the Amazon Astronaut Helmet.

GeraldL26 (author)kdo6102016-10-27

That rocks!

kdo610 (author)GeraldL262016-10-27

Thanks, same to you!

GeraldL26 made it! (author)2016-10-26

Final build photos. My nephew was absolutely excited. He loves stormtroopers so much.

KatherineS63 (author)GeraldL262016-10-26

That looks SO GOOD! I'm going to be burning the midnight oil these next few nights to get this all together. Two Questions for you, if you don't mind: 1) Did you go exactly by the templates and 2) How'd you get the mirror lenses on the helmet?

GeraldL26 (author)KatherineS632016-10-27

1. I used all the shapes and most of the detail and added a few of my own based on some Stormtrooper reference photos. The shin armor I built over some rain boots I got from Walmart online. 2. If you already have the lenses cut from whatever material your going to use, just use hot glue in the helmet and place the lenses down. I didn't do a good job of cutting the old lense out, so I placed a piece a paper inside and drew a template from the outside, one is all you need cause you can flip it over to get a left and a right. Draw a line about a 1/4 inch or about 7 mm around your template line to create the edge to glue to. Then I placed some masking tape over the ski lense to protect it; drew my shape and used my scissors to cut out each lense to hot glue back in. Can't wait to see your build pics.

lbell1 (author)2016-10-26

The "view all steps" option doesn't work.

ellyhm made it! (author)2016-10-24

big thanks for the template :) :) :)

GeraldL26 made it! (author)2016-10-22

Finished the Incinerator Trooper armor. The classic armor still needs the Velcro and straps, but as I mentioned before the patterns are pretty straight forward.

JustineM8 (author)2015-11-04

Is there anyway to make the templates bigger? I'm 5'1" and want to make one for myself, but realized the templates were for kids.

AshtonW4 (author)JustineM82016-10-14

hey try printing them out and then cut it out and glue it to a large pice of paper and trace around the template and leave about 1 inch of space. Hope this helps

GeraldL26 made it! (author)2016-09-18

I've started on this build and completed two helmets. I modded the design a bit using some extra types of foam. The standard trooper bucket I spent a little more time on as my nephew is more particular about his stormtroopers and the incinerator trooper bucket is for my other nephew who just got into Star Wars. The armor is coming along just as the templates have been laid out.

KatherineS63 (author)GeraldL262016-09-26

These look amazing! Did you end up using an Adult 3/4 Storm Trooper Mask?

GeraldL26 (author)KatherineS632016-09-26

I did. It really is a little small for a large adult. Barely fits me and I am 5'3". Got mine off eBay for like $7.25 and the kids astronaut helmet for $8.10. I cut the lenses out of the 3/4 mask and then used the green lense, cut new lenses, out of the old astronaut visor for the red helmet and had got a mirrored ski goggle lense that was cut for the standard bucket. For a better look as on the standard helmet, a piece of 3mm craft foam on the back to give it that edge and I used 1.75" pipe foam insulation for the back tube and ear lobes. Use Weldwood contact cement to attach and seal the pipe foam with elmers (PVA) glue as it is a weak closed cell foam. Just for a smoother texture. I wish I had used a few more layers. A little white silicon with a wet finger tip to smooth and blend your seams and then plasti dip the whole thing so you can get a uniform white paint job. I hand painted the frown, tear drops, head band, voice box and mic tips with acrylic paint. Then printed out the forehead vents on Avery white sticker paper. That was covered in some elmers to make it a little more pliable and seal it so I could cover the whole helmet with a clear coat. It sounds like a lot of work, but really isn't.

haskovci made it! (author)2016-02-08

Big thanks for templates!

mchau2 (author)2015-12-22

cool hack of the astronauts helmet! Super nice trick! The curvature fit nicely! What a chance!

beantown347. made it! (author)2015-11-16

We made this costume for my toddler! It was a HUGE hit. He looked awesome, even next to the 'real guys!' Thank you!

hirerob (author)beantown347.2015-11-16

That's freakin awesome! Thanks for sharing.

MarkMccon made it! (author)2015-11-03

Thanks for the great idea. My 6yo trooper loved it!

I used the same technique for a clone trooper costume.

His friends were very jealous. Especially the shop-bought stormtrooper!


hirerob (author)MarkMccon2015-11-03

Well done! Thanks for sharing.

MarkMccon (author)MarkMccon2015-11-03

Here's the back.

ericprotacio (author)2015-10-27

currently doing this for my 11yo son.. thanks!!!

jaezoe made it! (author)2015-09-28

Made this costume for my son last year and it turned out great ! Kids were stopping him on the street and telling him it was an awesome costume and giving him some of their trick or treat candy - it was a huge hit !

Used pretty much all the materials Rob used - only difference was I ended up putting the whole thing together with hot glue as I found it easier. I laid the patterns out in CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator from the pics then scaled to the size I wanted by printing on multiple sheets of paper, taping them together then cutting out the pattern. I then laid the paper pattern on the foam and traced outline, cut out with exacto knife then assembled all the pieces with hot glue. I ordered the exact helmets used in the instructable from Amazon and they worked great. We bought a cheap trooper blaster at Walmart ($10) and painted it with matte black spray paint - turned out looking like real metal.

If you would like the Corel or AI files send me a note and I will send a DropBox link where you can download them. They are laid out on 17" x 22" size paper (2 x 8.5 x 11 sheets) and I printed them on regular paper using the CorelDraw feature to print across multiple sheets (tiling printing option or banner printing option depending on your printer) that can be put together. Sample pdf's of the patterns attached. Can provide the patterns printed to pdf tiled on 8.5 x 11 sheets but you won't be able to scale them to fit. (They are currently sized to fit a 48-52" child but your childs leg and torso dimensions may be different.)

He loved it so much he's wearing it again this year! Thanks Rob for a great instructable!

MountainLove (author)jaezoe2015-10-19

Thank you so much for all the templates! I'm a totally newbie to Ai... And I'm clueless about Star Wars. Any (seriously, ANY...) additional info/instructions would totally help. Mainly with assembly of the template pieces.

jaezoe (author)MountainLove2015-10-27

Parts are labelled - look at original pics to figure out how they go together - corel files have original photos of the parts that I generated the templates from - may help you understand better how they go together.

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