This is my cheap attempt at stormtrooper costumes for my 4 and 6 year olds. It's made to be lightweight and flexible for comfort but still hold true to the movie armor and look cooler than the store-bought stuff out there. Because of the materials used, these costumes won't hold up to rough play or prolonged wear. Actually, they got pretty beat up after simply trick or treating. Within the steps I'll tell you how I did certain things and what I would do differently. My son's costume was my first attempt and spent about 18 hours on it, not including drying time for paint and glue. My daughter's costume took less time because I based it on my son's templates just smaller and I gave it a little less detail (and I was less careful with cutting and glueing). Anyway, hope you find the instructions helpful. The result was a ton of fun and the kids got a lot of attention. Cheers

Step 1: Materials

***These are on eBay right now!!! Go bid!! They could use some love but will still kill it among the hordes of store-bought trick or treat threads. Hurry, auctions end Oct 17, 2012 18:54:38 PDT!!!***

 I used foam sheets from Michaels. The larger costume for my 6 year old to 9 of the 12" x 18" sheets. He's 50" tall and weighs 50 lbs. I used a combination of a glue called Quick Grip (which held very well and stayed flexible but is messy and needs to dry overnight) and hot glue (for adding some of the detail work.) By the time I got to my daughter's costume I got a little impatient and used the hot glue for most of the glueing. I worked ok as long as you are quick with getting the pieces together quickly. But it does deform the foam a little and it is not flexible. You're also gonna need a couple of packages of white velcro strips (18" in length). And you'll need a length of 1" wide black elastic for the upper arm pieces - both for a strap around the arm and to attach them to the shoulder straps. I also used some to hold the thigh pieces up - one end hot glued to the thigh piece and the other has a velcro piece that attaches behind the belt.
<p>Made this costume for my son last year and it turned out great ! Kids were stopping him on the street and telling him it was an awesome costume and giving him some of their trick or treat candy - it was a huge hit !</p><p>Used pretty much all the materials Rob used - only difference was I ended up putting the whole thing together with hot glue as I found it easier. I laid the patterns out in CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator from the pics then scaled to the size I wanted by printing on multiple sheets of paper, taping them together then cutting out the pattern. I then laid the paper pattern on the foam and traced outline, cut out with exacto knife then assembled all the pieces with hot glue. I ordered the exact helmets used in the instructable from Amazon and they worked great. We bought a cheap trooper blaster at Walmart ($10) and painted it with matte black spray paint - turned out looking like real metal.</p><p>If you would like the Corel or AI files send me a note and I will send a DropBox link where you can download them. They are laid out on 17&quot; x 22&quot; size paper (2 x 8.5 x 11 sheets) and I printed them on regular paper using the CorelDraw feature to print across multiple sheets (tiling printing option or banner printing option depending on your printer) that can be put together. Sample pdf's of the patterns attached. Can provide the patterns printed to pdf tiled on 8.5 x 11 sheets but you won't be able to scale them to fit. (They are currently sized to fit a 48-52&quot; child but your childs leg and torso dimensions may be different.)</p><p>He loved it so much he's wearing it again this year! Thanks Rob for a great instructable!</p>
<p>This looks great!! I would also like to get a file of these templates if you are still doing them. My dropbox is sarahsta@gmail.com</p><p>Thank you so much!</p>
Hi, i woukd like the templates also<br> Are they still available?
<p>I would love the AI files if you can send them to my dropbox - brett@darnology.com</p><p>My son wants to be a storm trooper :)</p>
Hi there<br><br>Just wondering if you still have those pdfs? My daughter really wants to be a stormtrooper :)
That's awesome, Jaezoe! Looks like you did a great job and I'm impressed it held together so he could wear it again this year. And thanks so much for providing templates for others. I always meant to do that. You are inspiring me to change our plans for costumes this year and make some of these based the new movie. Cheers!
Haha, your little girl even looks like she is cocking her head like Luke in A New Hope...cute :)
Great Costume, and instructions! <br> <br> I'm looking forward to building this for my son this Halloween... <br> <br>I second the request for templates if you still have them! Pretty Please. <br> <br>Note to new/potentially new users: I thought the PDF which you can't download without a paid membership would contain the templates: It doesn't. I paid a full years subscription because for me the templates for this costume were worth $24. I'm not complaining, or accusing, just letting other's in my situation be aware.
i have wanted to have a storm trooper costume sense i saw the movie as a kid, now i have a cheap and fast way to make one. might be fun to build a whole bunch and get my friends to go to walmart. :)
THANK YOU for this- I followed these instructions fairly closely and made my 3- year old an awesome costume this year. Looks great! I did have to modify a few things simply because he is three. I made the helmet and he won't wear it (bummer) so I ripped it back apart and he's better with just the mask.<br>Thanks again! Will add images soon!
I had the same idea! I wanted to use craft foam to make the armor for my boyfriend's stormtrooper costume, but I didn't know how well it would work. Now I have a guide to help me along! Thanks for sharing!
would you be able to tell me what website you bought an astronaut helmet from? so this isn't a motorcycle helmet but a real helmet an astronaut would use in space? i was really surprised to hear you bought it for under 10 dollars....i thought something like that would be worth a fortune...<br><br>i don't have much money this year for a costume and really want to try making this stormtrooper costume for myself. i'm an adult but i think by following your instructions i'll be able to figure out something that will have an impressive result.<br>please let me know where you got the astronaut helmet? : )<br>the costumes you made your children are fantastic. :)<br><br>
probably a costume helmet, looks fake, no seals fake, ya fake
Haha I thought that about the astronaut helmet too when I read it. But I think she bought a Halloween astronaut helmet. (not appropriate for outer-space use)
I am such a stormtrooper fan!
I thought that this'd take ages and be super expensive... you certainly proved me wrong.
Did you say you made that out of fun foam!!??!! That's beyond amazing!!!
Im trying to make this costume now. Love what you have done. But you didn't lable the different patterns &amp; I am having difficulty figuring out some of the pieces. (where do the go on the body) I need some help!
Pink ruinds it 5/5!
yeah i found the helmet, but it's only in kids size, it's a costume prop....nothing came close in adult size though.
not too acurate, i mean, where's the canister, the belt, the place where you put a thermal detonator
Aside from the pictures above (which work really well), did you by chance create templates? Can you post them? Great job.
How long did it take you from gathering all materials to completion? I'm going to attempt to put one together for my son for halloween this year, only as one of the clone troopers.
haha ..pretty cool ah..
Yeah, it seems like you could make any armor like this, I'll have to remember this. Props dude!<br />
Other idea. I was messing around with foam, and was thinking of a way to make it holdup better. I don't know how effort-wise effective it would be, but a test piece of foam laminated with clear packing tape on both sides became tougher and shinier.<br />
I was thinking that too. A medieval knight or a pretty sweet Ironman.
<strong><em>Thats just way 2 kool....i wannabe a storm trooper!!!</em></strong><br />
cool!<br />
&quot;Arnt you&nbsp; little short to be a stormtrooper?&quot; or somthing like that. =P<br /> <br /> Great job!<br />
What an amazing Dad to do this for his kiddos. &nbsp;They'll remember these always!! (especially if there is a scrapbook page dedicated to it!)
&nbsp;Thanks Jennifer! I'll tell Valerie to get right on that.
holy crap! that is so clever and such a cool kids costume!&nbsp; <br />
sweet!!<br /> may actually have to try this for next halloween, or the next con i go to &gt;.&gt;<br /> may the force be with you <br />
Great costume, Great effort, Superb result&nbsp; - Great Dad!<br />
Very NICE!&nbsp; I&nbsp;love the simplicity.&nbsp; Very clean and of course everything looks great in PINK!<br />
That is something to be proud of! Very nice work. And your kids will remember that for a long time to come, as well. You are definitely a cool dad. :)<br />
&quot;Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?&quot;
you just made my day!<br />
:D<br />
How cute is the pink? Barbie, eat your heart out.
&nbsp;Thanks to everybody for the nice comments!
The Pink Heels rock!<br />
&nbsp;These are great! &nbsp;Nice work! &nbsp;Your kids must have been thrilled. &nbsp;Obviously the costumes are far and above what you would buy at the store but better yet theres that added dimension of having a parent spend the time and effort to make their halloween so memorable.
<p>They look awesome and the idea could be transferred to the clone troopers and many others.&nbsp;&nbsp; Very sweet.</p>
Fantastic work! So the bulk of the armor just literally wraps around and velcros on? Excellent. I'm going to apply this to Clone Trooper armor, since my son loves the clones.<br />
Of course it does not reach the quality standards of a good stormtrooper suit, but for two kids in a Halloween night, they are quite good (and sure funny too)<br />

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