Picture of Kraftwerk Costume
This Kraftwerk group costume is a perfect and simple way to pay homage to the incredibly influential band. The LED ties are easy to construct, making this an easy first soft-circuitry project.

These costumes are inspired by their "The Robots" music video. So, it's only appropriate to listen while reading on. Look for the ties at the 0:25 mark. 

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this costume you will need 4x the supplies listed below - one set per person:

Step 2: Mark your ties

Picture of Mark your ties
Have one of your band-members tie his tie (note: their ties sit pretty high), and point out where the top light should go. Mark this spot with tailor's chalk, or any other removable marking.

Based on this mark, draw four more evenly-spaced lines down the tie for the placement of the other LEDs. I spaced my LEDs about 3cm apart. 

Mark up each tie the same way, so they all have 5 lines.

Step 3: Sew Soft Circuits

Picture of Sew Soft Circuits
I HIGHLY recommend you follow Aniomagic's guide for sewing on the Sparkle Kit. You can find that here.

My one change to that tutorial is with the battery holder. Sew on all the pieces as suggested on Aniomagic's site, then, with those two loose threads to connect to power, line them up with the corresponding /- sides of the board on the reverse side of the tie. Sew two new threads, one on each side connecting the board to the battery pack.

Plug in a battery after to see if it works! If your kit lights up, then congrats! If not, look through this helpful page to troubleshoot what went wrong.

Now repeat this on the three other ties. 
I love Kraftwerk; I love these costumes. It is so cool that you did this. This is definitely going in my favorites for the idea alone. My favorite song would have to be Europe Endless. :3 My favorite album, though, would be Computer World.
supereric1 year ago
So good! Never would've thought to do a Halloween costume around an album cover.
emmewaltz1 year ago
Best thing ever I love Kraftwerk I think my favorite song is numbers but amazing idea with the costumes
Oh my gosh! Grrrreaaaat Joob! lol I love this, I love Kraftwerk! My favorite song is Radioactivity. You just made my day/night!