Step 7: The controller

The circuits controlling the led cube is described in the attached schematic image.

The RS-232 interface is optional. and can be omitted. That is IC2 and all the components connected to it. Future firmwares will enable PC communication..

Start by laying out all the components on you circuit board in a layout that enable all the components to connect with a minimal amount of wires. If everything fits, solder the circuit.

I won't give any more instructions on this, as the circuit probably will look very different from cube to cube, depending on the size of the circuit board etc..

Information on how to wire the cube to the controller circuit is in the next step.
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junaid amin3 years ago
any one plz give me the code
djedje5713 years ago

What's the JP2 on the scheme please, i can't see on the picture?

avion-lou3 years ago
plz can anyone give me the Schematic , i can't see anything from this one
Prajith3 years ago
hey guys wat is this JP2.... i dont understand its given in the schematic but nothngs mentioned about it else where....pls any1 help me....i am in the middle of this.....
Prajith3 years ago
hey is it possible to use an Atmega8 chip instead of atmega16.....
no dude...atmega16 got 20 pins and total of 40, and atmega8 got only 14 pins and total of 28..... u must get one atmega16..
So is there any way to get this program for PIC (16f877a) ........???
ajithmony3 years ago
hey....wer is the 5v regulator in the part list????? and the 10 pin avr connector???? and the dp-9 connector????
ajithmony3 years ago
please post the wiring diagram..the schematic is so confusing...!!!!
crth3 years ago
im confused can someone please tell me what jp1 and jp3 are. does every point labled gnd link back to the ground and the same with +5v link back to the 5v power? if so whats the point in the capacitor in the bottom right corner please help me!!!
chuckeaton3 years ago
Does anyone know what the purpose of switch # 2 (S2) ? I have everything breadboarded and the cube is functional, but S2 doesn't seem to do anything.

Also I have omitted the circuitry for IC2 & IC3 as they were not necessary.

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it greatly.

Also...check it out!
Hardwyre4 years ago
I can not find any 22pf capacitors, but I do have 33pf caps.. can I use those in place of the 22's?

Also, if anyone wants the schematics, I created some.



You'll also need the "con-dinkle" library for one of the connectors I used for the main power terminal.
A large zip file of libraries can be downloaded here (the con-dinkle library is under the 'connectors' sub folder):
Okay folks, for people having problems with the links, try these. They're TinyURL urls that should make it easier to copy and paste. As far as I can tell, the files are still alive on google docs and available to everyone.

Board: http://tinyurl.com/3gge58s
Schematic: http://tinyurl.com/3hs9vdl

And don't forget you'll also need the "con-dinkle" library for one of the connectors I used for the main power terminal.
A large zip file of libraries can be downloaded here (the con-dinkle library is under the 'connectors' sub folder): https://github.com/niccodes/Eagle-Libraries

Please remember that this is not my schematic and all commercial rights still belong to chr as far as I know. I don't believe he's have a problem with people selling one-offs, but I imagine production line copies are prohibited.
dude both pages dnt exist....!!!!
I can't seem to get to the schematic and board (assume it's Eagle).
Can you email me the files?
Randy Ray
ajithmony3 years ago
u have given a regulator in the image and its not there in the part list.....????
brujita0383 years ago
What is JP1, JP2, S1 and S2 ? I'm confused with the diagram and the photo of the circuit
brujita0383 years ago
Can anybody tell me where are connected the transistors ? because in the simulation only say "To cube cathodes", but how ? In all cathodes or in the first LED of each floor .. Please explain me
steph12343 years ago
do we need to do IC3 if we don t use 8-15v ?
steph12343 years ago
do we nedd to do IC3?or avr supplies the cube?
cool55tcars3 years ago
what is the blue jumper pin used for that is by the switch and ribbon cable connector???
Can someone help me, if I put the AVR into the socket i become a short circuit.
without avr the circuit is okay. What is wrong?
problem solved pin 30+31 switched!
My Cube is running!
Is there an solution to run this cube with winamp plugin?
shredape4 years ago
What is the point of JP1 and JP3?
And how are your powering the cube?
hitesh_bahl4 years ago
Can somebody please help me with the switching transistor used over here..?
Its product code.?
Thanks in advance...
temagaiva4 years ago
hi guys, I do not speak English, but i understand you. I`m drawn а scheme in format 4x6.
Who wants to chat please contact ICQ 44370803, will be glad to communicate
CaMoreno34 years ago
JP3 isn't necessary, is it? Is it just an alternative to JP1 if I already have a 5V power supply? I can't really see any use for it.
saju4 years ago
there is a program for winamp to conect? please tell me adress..
fanqingguo4 years ago
你们说的英文我都看不懂哦 !!有会说中文的朋友吗? 教教我,可以么?谢谢
我很想学 ,但看不懂 !来自中国的爱好者。(You say English I don't understand!! Have will speak Chinese friends? Teach me, ok? thank you
I very want to learn, but do not look to understand! The fans from China.
Afide4 years ago
Man I want to build this so badly, but I don't get the circuit at all, it would be infinitely amazing if someone made a little video of creating it.
Hardwyre4 years ago
Does anyone have the Eagle PCB file for this schematic? It would be greatly appreciated.
saulyx4 years ago
hey guys, anyone actually have a diagram of this circuit that is clear? read all the comments and I cant find the one that MasterRed mentioned, and the one that CHR made is hard to read, anyone could help? Thanks!
hover over image and a box appears in the top left corner, click it and on the menu at the left select original size image
or as I am so kind, click here http://www.instructables.com/file/FMYFND2FEAHE8UU/?size=ORIGINAL
This may sound stupid but what is the ground connected to?
matrex5 years ago
can be use atmega32l in LED Cube 4x4x4 help me Thanks.....
Blackice5045 years ago
This great work very clean joints and i like the fact that you made it so you can program it with out taking out the chip.

i shall try this soon
railrun5 years ago
Can anybody explain the jumper near the "reset"-button?
railrun5 years ago
Cool project.
Actually I'm trying to build this for my girlfriend.
Can you upload the eagle-file of the circuit?
chr (author)  railrun5 years ago
Nice. Hope your girlfriend likes it! :)
I don't think I have the eagle file any more. Sorry.

Please post pictures/video when you have finished your cube! :)

Good luck with the cube building.

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