Step 2: Building the Model

Building the model isn't too tricky, I just followed the directions. Electronics have to be mounted at the right stage, however, because it is impossible to open up any part once it's been glued. I painted it using standard modeling techniques. I used Testors Model Master paint, but most any kind of paint can be used. I used modeling glue for most of the plastic parts, but I used white glue for the fiber optics and the canopy, as the fiber optics can be damaged by any other glue and the canopy could be made cloudy by regular modeling glue. Decaling the whole model was pretty tricky, there were a number of places where the decals didn't quite give complete coverage, so I used a flat red Testors enamel to pain over the flaws. Another trick I employed was diluting the gloss white paint with some mineral spirits so it would flow better on the parts, but for the most part I was able to use the paint as-is. It is definitely an advanced model, but as long as you take it one step at a time it's not too tricky for anyone on Instructables, and it's a lot of fun to complete.
thanks for the inspiration
<p>nice job, i had that model too, your model need a little wash to weather it but other than that its a very nice job</p>
<p>Just wondering, what kind of fiber optic cables are you using? I'd love to start adding fiber optic lighting to models that I build.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>This is an awesome build, I love it!</p><p>Have you any pics on how you created the power supply? How did you get the audio jacks into the battery pack? Any instructions you could share on this would be really helpful :-)</p>
Vlorbschnat do you build on the side for others
How about covering the inside with aluminium foil in order to prevent the light from &quot;bleeding through&quot; on parts where it should not?<br><br>Otherwise a nice work.
Wow, you did an amazing job installing these lights. keep up the good work!
That looks cool, well done mate! how much did it cost you to make it?<br><br>Regards,<br><br>Rich
I'd say probably around $60-70, between the kit, the electronics, and all the supplies I needed for the kit, like paint and glue
this looks like its definitely a nice thing to see in the dark, great work!
Nice work!<br><br>Would you please post some pictures with the model light's on in a dark room!<br><br>Thanks!
good job that looks cool. i want LEDs in my maisto model of my truck
That sounds pretty awesome, LEDs make pretty much everything cooler
Very Cool. Love the Blue Led effect in the engines. Your cockpit is awesome. Great Job.
thats pretty dang koool :)

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