Step 4: Solder it!

Picture of Solder it!
Start to solder following the scheme bellow.

I prefer to solder all the ground way and then continue with the rest. This simplify the wire mess.
Armagedoom4 years ago
First of all thanks a lot for your post, I love it!!
Second, I would like to ask you something. Im willing to provide the energy to it via USB.
I have read in wikipedia that USB has 5v and I paste the phrase from the wikipedia which I dont understand:

"A maximum of 5 unit loads (500 mA) can be drawn from a port in USB 2.0, which was raised to 6 (900 mA) in USB 3.0."

So they say anything plugged in to an USB 3.0 can get from 150 to 900 mA, how can I define how mutch mA will my device get? Is it too complex, should I stick to battery?
Thanks again!!
plugable (author)  Armagedoom4 years ago
Don't worry. It depends on how much current your device need. In this case, I dont think the current you need would be higher than 0.5 A so you wont have problems. By the way, you' re dividing the current but thats not nessesary if youre using a hub.

Sorry for posting so late but I didnt connect for a while beacuse of th exams. Good luck.
I finally did it, the guy on the component store guided me, and I got same you got there but using USB to power it, which for me is more confortable, since Im using the leds to light up a led sleeping mask which will flash me during the night so I can get lucid dreams hehehe.... crazy experiment but based on your guide.
Thanks again!
diabloboy4 years ago
i want to know what a transistor does to leds?
plugable (author)  diabloboy4 years ago
In this case the transistor gets saturade by the voltage of the electric source (3v) with the voltage of the jack (base and collider respectly). This creates an amplifier effect that involves an increase of voltage but no change in current. For more details look for "how transistor works" in google.
MrLeitexxx4 years ago
if i connect 4 LEds in parallel to each side will i still be able to stick with the 3v battery, will the circuit still work well, or should i up the voltage ? and if i do increase the voltage should i add resistors at some point? thanks in advanced for the answers.
plugable (author)  MrLeitexxx4 years ago
Well, if you add more leds, the only thing decrease its the current. I think that with 4 leds its ok.
And if you add more voltage, the most efficient mode to make it work its to solder a resistor in each led. If you solder only one for all of them, then the battery energy will be waste and the components will be damaged faster.

i hope this is helpful for you!
Hackrtanman5 years ago
I followed your diagram, but its not working...Everything works, and ive tested them, and got them today, but i cant find out what i am doing wrong....i dont not have the speakers hooked up,because there was no use. It went a solid red once, but it was synced with the music, or anything...help!!!!! Oh, yea, the music IS unpaused, too
I also tested the transistor, and it does work