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My friend Justin, wanted my help to make a LED Tube Light, so this is the result for all of you to see.
The tube light is a row of LED's which runs on 110 or 220 volts AC, just like your ordinary Fluorescent Tube Light.

Step 1: STEP-1

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List of parts required.
100 pieces or more of Very Bright White LED's of 5mm size.
1-or more Non Polarized Capacitor .33uF to .47uF rated 250v to 300 volts for ----110v AC
1-or more Non Polarized Capacitor .22 uF rated 400 volts -for 220 volts for AC
1 or more Resistance of 1k -1 watt for ----110v AC
1 or more Resistance of 1k - 1/2 watt for ----220v AC
2 inches width and 4 feet long PVC concealed wiring rigid batten.
On off Switch, wire, wall plug, solder etc.

Step 2: STEP-2

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In this Step take a 2 inches width and 4 feet long PVC concealed wiring batten.
Fix two rows of 15+15 LED's at a gap of 1 inch.
This 30 LED make one segment.
Fix 3 SEGMENTS of 90 LED's as shown in the Photographs.
Follow the Circuit Diagram in detail.
The gap between the LED's should be 1 inch so as to cover the 4 feet of PVC batten.
The 3 segments should be connected in parallel to the house AC outlet. (110 volts)
Put an on-off switch before connecting to the house outlet.
Your Tube light is ready.
Switch it on and enjoy the soft light.

Step 3: STEP-3

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This circuit is for them who have 220 volts AC as their house supply.
I added this step for them.


coycash (author)2017-10-23

What do you mean by '2 inches width and 4 feet long PVC concealed wiring rigid batten.'

I'm not sure what this is

masthan vali (author)2016-07-28

sir i want the above mentioned pdf but when i am going to click for download it is asking me to upgrade for premium , how can i got that pdf sir

Treknology (author)masthan vali2016-08-06

PDF download is only available to paid-up pro-Members.

Dipankar (author)masthan vali2016-07-31

Really I do not know, sorry.

milindangal (author)2016-07-06

Thnx for response. However, did not follow why flicker will increase. Can you pl explain the working?

Dipankar (author)milindangal2016-07-06

The shorter the distance of (plus)+ and (minus) - LED flicker is less, and the longer the distance the flicker is more.

milindangal (author)Dipankar2016-07-06

OK. Thanks again.

milindangal (author)2016-07-04

I have a question. Why two LED's are connected back to back? (and such 15 pairs in series) If we connect 15 LDE's in series (all +ves in 1 direction) & another 15 LED's in series (all -ves in same direction) & and then connect these two rows in parallel, will it work?


Dipankar (author)milindangal2016-07-05

YES....... it will work but the flicker will be more......

twistedone78 (author)2016-03-01

Hello sir,

can I bother you to help me make a circuit of 20 LED's 5630 which runs on AC 220V?

Thank you in advance

Dipankar (author)twistedone782016-04-17

What is 5630? Please mention the size of the LED in mm. like 5mm,10mm.

Dipankar (author)twistedone782016-03-01

What mm LED's you want to use?

AzmiO1 (author)Dipankar2016-04-17

can you share with me a circuit of 20 LED's 5630 which runs on AC 220V like twistedone78 ask to you?

kunal goyal (author)2016-03-13


i want to glow 200 leds please give a circuit to gloww

Dipankar made it! (author)kunal goyal2016-03-15

See my project LED CHANDELIER it works on 220 volts AC.

kunal goyal (author)2016-03-13

with 220 voltss

RahulB56 (author)2016-02-06

Dear sir without filter capacitor it will not work smoothly so kindly add filter capacitor also

Dipankar (author)RahulB562016-02-06

Not required, as it works on AC......

Ishwarpatil (author)2016-01-25

I want to make 96 led tube light.
Can you circuit diagram. My email id is

sujit2709 (author)2015-11-25


I was going thru your post regarding 24 watt LED Lamp. I was looking for something like that but with fewer nos of 1W leds (around 10 - 12). I have a led driver with output ratings of (8-12)x1W, 320mA. Can u please help me out.. Can I use 8-12 leds directly with this driver or need to add some other components to it?

Dipankar (author)sujit27092015-11-26

Yes you can use only one or two rows of LED's, see circuit below....

sujit2709 (author)Dipankar2015-11-26

Thanks for the reply..

VishnuR1 (author)2015-08-14

Generally LED's work on constant current and constant voltage. If use direct AC supply ,how can we maintain constant current and voltages. AC supply has fluctuations right? Kindly help me out of these whether we need use any regulator?

Mail Me :-

Dipankar (author)VishnuR12015-08-14

If you keep the LED's very close together then the AC flicker is not visible......or you can use a bridge rectifier with a transformer......

01234567890123 (author)Dipankar2015-10-28

Dear Sir,

Good Day!!!

How many watts the above 12 to 24 LED of 8mm on 220 VAC

Kindly reply me



kamaal.basha.35 made it! (author)2015-03-19

I need to use 1watt leds instead of 5mm leds.please help me with circuit.....

Dipankar (author)kamaal.basha.352015-03-19

See my "24 watt LED LAMP"

I have used 1 watt LED's.

ManikandanS9 (author)Dipankar2015-10-14

hi sir can you tel me which transformer used for this circuit 1 amp or 2 amps

kamaal.basha.35 (author)Dipankar2015-03-20

Please give me a circuit without transformer,because transformer needs more space.

Dipankar (author)kamaal.basha.352015-03-20

1 watt LED's cannot be run without Transformers........

kamaal.basha.35 (author)Dipankar2015-03-21


but how this led bulb works without transformer?

give me the circuit sir....

Dipankar (author)kamaal.basha.352015-03-21

I do not have the circuit...........

kamaal.basha.35 (author)Dipankar2015-03-20

specification of 1watt led is (3volt,0.350millivolt).
For 12volt input,each row should contain only 4 led's
but you have given 6 led's then each led consumes only 2volt how is it possible sir?

Dipankar (author)kamaal.basha.352015-03-20


Transformer output without load is 14.4 v.
14.4 X 1.4=20.16
20.16 divided by 3.5 =5.76
So you can safely put 6 LED per row.
transformer puts out 2A = 2000mA. Each row consumes 350mA, so you can
put 2000/350 or 5.7 rows, but round DOWN to get a maximum of 5 rows.

KaranR7 (author)2015-10-06

I want to ask you , how to connect 20 led (blue), 20 led (red), 20 led (green)
From 220 v A.C current??
Can i use this circuit that you mentioned ??

KaranR7 (author)KaranR72015-10-10

Ok could you tell me how to make 25 led (white) from 220 v A.C??

Dipankar made it! (author)KaranR72015-10-10

-or more Non Polarized Capacitor .22 uF rated 400 volts -for 220 volts for AC

Dipankar (author)KaranR72015-10-06

Cannot be done as different color LED have different working voltage...

YudiW2 (author)2015-10-06

First of all thank you for your great website, it really help full.
So, I want to create emergency light at my home, It will use 11 LED Lamps 5watt 220v, so total will be 55watt.
The problem is I want to connect those lamps to UPS device, how to make circuit to detect if the main electricity off, then the lamp will automatically turn on and if the electricity on then the lamp will be off?


Best regards,

Dipankar (author)YudiW22015-10-06

I cold understand your question, very sorry......

Dipankar (author)YudiW22015-10-06

I cold understand your question, very sorry......

HSW1 (author)2015-08-31

Sir ,How is the current flowing of this Circuit?

----Hasitha ---

Dipankar (author)HSW12015-09-01

Could not understand your question......

VishnuR1 (author)2015-08-14

Dear sir,

Is their any flickering? why u used capacitor over there?

Rakesh Maurya (author)2015-08-01

ok sir

Rakesh Maurya made it! (author)2015-07-31

sir only last question please, can i use this 5mm LED

Dipankar (author)Rakesh Maurya2015-07-31

YES YOU CAN USE 5mm LED's......

domdomgin (author)2015-07-27

if i use 50 leds what would be the value of the resister and condensor for full brightness

Dipankar (author)domdomgin2015-07-29

Send me your Mail Id and your question and I will get back to you......OK

Dipankar (author)domdomgin2015-07-28

Please go to--- ------and you will get your answer.

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