Introduction: LED TUBE LIGHT (AC)

My friend Justin, wanted my help to make a LED Tube Light, so this is the result for all of you to see.
The tube light is a row of LED's which runs on 110 or 220 volts AC, just like your ordinary Fluorescent Tube Light.

Step 1: STEP-1

List of parts required.
100 pieces or more of Very Bright White LED's of 5mm size.
1-or more Non Polarized Capacitor .33uF to .47uF rated 250v to 300 volts for ----110v AC
1-or more Non Polarized Capacitor .22 uF rated 400 volts -for 220 volts for AC
1 or more Resistance of 1k -1 watt for ----110v AC
1 or more Resistance of 1k - 1/2 watt for ----220v AC
2 inches width and 4 feet long PVC concealed wiring rigid batten.
On off Switch, wire, wall plug, solder etc.

Step 2: STEP-2

In this Step take a 2 inches width and 4 feet long PVC concealed wiring batten.
Fix two rows of 15+15 LED's at a gap of 1 inch.
This 30 LED make one segment.
Fix 3 SEGMENTS of 90 LED's as shown in the Photographs.
Follow the Circuit Diagram in detail.
The gap between the LED's should be 1 inch so as to cover the 4 feet of PVC batten.
The 3 segments should be connected in parallel to the house AC outlet. (110 volts)
Put an on-off switch before connecting to the house outlet.
Your Tube light is ready.
Switch it on and enjoy the soft light.

Step 3: STEP-3

This circuit is for them who have 220 volts AC as their house supply.
I added this step for them.

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3 Questions

Sir, I cannot understand how this circuit is working without a d.c. current .

can you explain working principle and how voltage dividing?


What do you mean by '2 inches width and 4 feet long PVC concealed wiring rigid batten.'

I'm not sure what this is

sir i want the above mentioned pdf but when i am going to click for download it is asking me to upgrade for premium , how can i got that pdf sir

PDF download is only available to paid-up pro-Members.

Really I do not know, sorry.

Thnx for response. However, did not follow why flicker will increase. Can you pl explain the working?

The shorter the distance of (plus)+ and (minus) - LED flicker is less, and the longer the distance the flicker is more.

I have a question. Why two LED's are connected back to back? (and such 15 pairs in series) If we connect 15 LDE's in series (all +ves in 1 direction) & another 15 LED's in series (all -ves in same direction) & and then connect these two rows in parallel, will it work?


YES....... it will work but the flicker will be more......

Hello sir,

can I bother you to help me make a circuit of 20 LED's 5630 which runs on AC 220V?

Thank you in advance