LED Valentines Card!





Introduction: LED Valentines Card!

Light up your loved one's life, with a light up Valentines card!!

I put this together in a bit of a rush, but I'm sure someone else can do a nicer job.

And it's my first instructable!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Get the following:

Coloured card
3mm Diffused LEDs
A switch (preferably the smallest / thinnest you can find)
A couple of 1.5v button batteries (I used AG-10)
Plastic wallet

Craft knife
Double sided tape
Electrical Tape
Normal tape

Step 2: Make the Circuit

Cut out a hole in some rough card for your switch (this is going to be on the inside of the card). I bent the legs a little for a slimmer profile.

Strip some wire and join the batteries together and link them to your switch and to a couple of bits of foil stuck down with double sided tape.

Step 3: Add the LEDs

Tape another bit of card over the top of your circuit with some strips of foil that fold over the edge and touch the foil underneath.

Tape the LEDs to the foil "runners" remembering to check the polarity!

Step 4: Assemble the Card

Attach you circuit assembly to the front of a folded piece if card, remebering to cut a small hole for the switch.

Cut a heart (or anything else you fancy) out of another piece of card, and cut a square of plastic from the clear plastic wallet. Tape this over the front of your card / circuit and enjoy.

Write something nice on the inside and send!!



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    6 Discussions

    What exactly do you mean by "plastic wallet"? Is there another name for what this is?

    hi... tnx for the instructable. But will the LED's be connected in series or parallel. Can you post a schematic here. tnx

    Instead of a switch could you use a peice of foil that lights up when it's opened?

    Very awesome Instructable, will definitely try this out if I get red LEDs, awesome job.

    Very nice and simple this will go perfect with my gift.