Step 2: Circumvent the safety

Our Epilog has a safety feature that will turn off the laser whenever the lid is opened. The lid contains magnets that activate a hall effect sensor inside the machine. To get around this, I taped a magnetic rubix cube die over the sensor.


<p>Do you realize what you are doing with your body? I absolutely not recommend this to anyone that cares for his health. This a nice way to say &quot;how to destroy your body in less than few minutes&quot;</p>
<p>You don't need to wait until a laser removal returns a subpar result. Check out my laserless removal guide if you haven't already for lower cost, at <strong><a href="https://howtogetridofatattoo.wordpress.com" rel="nofollow">home removal methods</a></strong>. You know why you haven't seen these techniques on TV? Because they're not good moneymakers. They're low-cost and don't require a doctor. Thankfully, ink under the skin isn't a terribly difficult problem to solve, especially with the right ingredients and removal process.</p>
<p>that intro though xD</p>
<p>Step 1 : Ingredients</p><p>1. Laser Cutter<br>2. High Tolerance for Pain<br>3. Aloe</p><p>4. IQ-score of 50 max ?</p>
<p>How long will it last??</p>
<p>is it safe?</p>
<p>no idea</p>
<p>take care on that, you probably can get skin cancer few years later due tomlaser exposition, all the manufacturers advice about it</p>
<p>lol typo</p>
<p>goodness gracious this is one of the STUPIDEST IDEA EVER!!! why?</p>
<p>7 years later</p>
<p>Do you have any photos after it healed, but before it faded?</p>
<p>is that a faint robot shaped scar I see?</p>
The robot was on the left hand, so probably not.
<p>Errr Inducing surface burns with ionizing radiation (yes I know they use lasers for tattoo removal, it's a different wavelength)<br><br>I guess there are no cures for stupid....</p>
Purposely inducing 2nd degree burns smart
<p>Ouch! I don't think I'd be able to hold still for this! Interesting laser application for sure!</p>
I don't really want skin cancer so nah
<p>I can't believe you did that! Please check out the SURVIVAL rates of melanoma. Please.</p>
<p>congrats! now you have SKIN CANCER :)</p>
<p>Oh my. If my mate sees this it will end badly, lol, he loves a laser but isn't very bright.</p>
I imagine this is very permanent
It's not permanent at all it goes away like a normal scab
<p>looks permanent</p>
but his I is not thinking. be clear of tattoo can longer day (s) will have its turn to be on 50 50 ailing by case
it can be seen that the tattoo is done with extreme precision. but the major problem (if not especially (s) infection (s)) but cancerous diseases related to laser.'s made 1% good point against 99% of bad point
Skin cancer yayyyyy
<p>This is actually therapeutic for horses and is called pin firing. Equine vets actually burn the horse flesh with a soldering iron instrument (used to be done by a blacksmith) points over an injury in the shin of the leg to ramp up the healing process (apparently minor strains/sprains/fractures weren't enough to trigger a full-blown immune response). Some vets use freeze burning with LN2 but the hair grows out white later. Thoroughbred race horses used to have this done - locally anesthetize the region first with a needle in many places - although this guy was braver (no local anesthetic was listed under step #1 in ingredients).</p>
<p>Fortunately Darwin rules...</p>
<p>humm ouch?</p>
This is AWESOME!, I will try it if i ever get a hold of a laser cutter.
Yeah.....don't want to do that.
why? WHY!?!?
u must want that little robot REALLY BAD.