Step 6: Safety!

I have a failed space invader attempt on my left arm.

I stoopidly forgot that the laser beam was completely exposed on the left side before it hit the final mirror.

Shortly after the space invader etch started, I noticed a lot of smoke. This smoke was not coming from the etch, but from the left side of the cutter, where the upper part of my left arm was resting. When I looked over, I saw that my shirt was smoldering.

I was so focused on keeping my forearm in place (as to not ruin the tattoo), I did not notice that the laser was no longer etching it, but rather cutting a gash into my upper left arm.

Needless to say, I only etched my right arm from that point on.
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my question is how permanent is this? i don't want to do it if it don't last like a regular tattoo
everywhere5 years ago
it looks like fun. i want a think geek logo on my hand
whats wrong with the hacker logo?
HaD skull and crossbones?
picture of the laser cutter?
some random xkcd characters?
i didnt know about those sites when i posted that a year ago but the HaD logo would be awsome
you should totally do a picture of a laser cutter
whodatman3 years ago
Uhh... instead of the pain, skin damage, possible permanency and not great contrast for visibility, why not rig up an inkjet printer to put artwork on your skin? Get tired of the design, wash it off. And you can do different colors too.
hmmm...... this just screams cancer

I dont recommend alcohol based products before the etch! Your entire hand could catch on fire!
kenchato4 years ago
use alcohol for that =/
no only aloe vera
(PD: i don't speak english XD)
Cpt. Caleb4 years ago
hey tetranitrate, can you post some pictures of it now, I'd like to see what they look like after "healing"
ROFLMAO!!!! I like the close-up!!! (yes, I am a dispicable human being who enjoys other's pain :D have a nice day!!!)
You fall down into a sewer and die-- thats a comedy. I cut my finger-- that's a tragedy.
"By the sewer I lived, By the sewer I died. They thought it was murder, But is was 'sewer-side'."
Amen! =D
Roll On Floor Laughing My A** Off
LOL CRACKERS! I sprayed a whole deoderant can (dry lynx) on my wrist and burned it! i know hav 3rd degree burn
duann4 years ago
ah, you guys are champions, did any of you ink it in??
mdog935 years ago
is this permanent or does it goes when the layer of skin goes?
Ikotoo5 years ago
I have heard be exposed to lasers for long periods of time can give you skin cancer.
I have heard that exposure to lasers for very short periods of time can remove appendages:
HappyHen5 years ago
That is awesome. It's not stupid. People have been modifying their bodies for centuries. It's just another way of doing it (people could say poking holes in your ears is crazy or putting a foreign substance on your nails to make them pretty is dangerous because it's flamable, etc). My hubby & I think it's a great idea. Of course, it could be better if they figured out a way to make the machine more specialized in doing it on skin.
how long does the etching last? is it permanent? Or does it just peel off after a while.
codongolev5 years ago
if you had a bad enough wound, you could use this to quickly coterize it.

(or however heat treating wounds to stop the bleeding is spelled.)
Archy5 years ago
That's cool! Ignore the lameness of everyone else.
kerosen5 years ago
ooou man...things like this should not be allowed to be posted. I thought this web site was about technology , innovation and creativity. Not Stupidness...
bearfx5 years ago
This reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit "Bad Idea Jeans".
Mahrib5 years ago
Oh My GOD!! How stupid are you?? eugh, just the thought of it makes me feel sick
ehntoo5 years ago
Yowza! That can't be comfortable.

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