Picture of Light Up Slippers
My mom has seen a lot of my projects that incorporate LEDs into clothing and so for Christmas, she said she wanted light up slippers.  She has peripheral neuropathy after undergoing chemo.  It wakes her up at night and she wants to get up and walk around the house but doesn't want to wake up my dad by turning on the light, so these are the perfect solution.
I made these slippers from scratch, but you could definitely mod some slippers and skip most of the sewing.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-8 LEDs
-2 coin cell batteries
-2 coin cell battery holders
-2 slide switches
-fleece, furry material anything you want to make the slippers out of.
-sugru to make treads(optional)

Step 2: Make pattern and cut out pieces

Picture of Make pattern and cut out pieces
I used this instructable to make the pattern for the slippers.  I am using the furry fabric for the inside and off-white polar fleece for the outside.  Use a pair of slippers or flip flops to make your base pattern.  Cut out the foam for the soles, then cut out the fur for the soles.  It should be about .5 inches bigger than the foam.  Cut out the fleece for the soles making sure they are about 1.5 inches bigger than the foam because they have to wrap around the foam.
For the top of the slippers, I used the technique they used in the this instructable.  Cut out two tops from the fleece and two from the fur is at least two inches longer than the fleece.  This will be folded over and your LEDs will be inserted.

Step 3: Put together circuit

Picture of Put together circuit
The circuit is fairly simple, with just a few LEDs, possibly some resistors (I didn't need any), a battery and a switch.  There are a lot of instructables about electronics so I won't go very in depth into it.
Solder together your circuit in a compact way using a soldering iron and make sure everything is well insulated so there is no chance of a short.
I am so lucky to have you for a daughter!!!
SHIFT!4 years ago
Great job! These kind of remind me of those light up shoes I used to wear when I was a kid!
yeah, a couple people have said that, haha.
Thats so cool! but now your mom will know what her present is lol
I know! I was torn about making this an instructable, but I really wanted to enter it in the Humana Health challenge. She knew she was getting them already, I have other surprises for her :)
Well hey she'll like them all the same, my mom already got her present because I cant stand waiting till christmas
bridge474 years ago
This is such a great idea! Did you know that just having a night light decreased fall risk significantly and most falls happen at night. I'm pretty pumped I can make slippers for myself now! Do these provide enough light for maneuvering in the dark?
I haven't really tested them out in complete darkness yet. The LEDs I used were VERY bright and were almost blinding if they were under a light colored fabric so I put them under the fur fabric. With the lights on, they just look like a row of glowing red dots. I just put them in the mail for her, so I can't test them out in the dark until I'm home in the next few weeks, but I'll let you know.
There are a lot of other ways to make them to make the lights brighter.
beckyboel4 years ago
looks very soft and warm. love it!
Thanks! They turned out was better than I ever expecting.
Might I suggest a pressure switch in the sole? That could eliminate the slide switch. When you stick you feet in, the LEDs come on. There's probably an instructable or two on how to make such a thing.
I was thinking about it, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it without the slippers turning on and off as you walked. That's definitely something I'm working on, though.
k-twizel4 years ago
I think you should put clear ones on the front like headlights... for the midnight trip to the fridge :)
In the next iteration of this project, that will definitely be incorporated!
canida4 years ago
Awesome idea, and cute slippers! Your mom is lucky. ;)
Thanks! They turned out much better than I expected them to. I might just have to make a pair for myself, haha.