Be a MIB agent for Halloween! It's a simple costume to do but to really make some impact you'll want to pull out the "big guns."

Step 1: Materials

First you'll need the obvious black jacket (preferably three button- I used a two button black blazer and added the third button), black pants, black shoes, black tie and white shirt. Don't forget the dark glasses!

Now for the fun stuff- for the blasters you'll need some MDF wood, sheet plastic or Sintra (PVC sheet sold by plastic suppliers and sign shops- cost about $35 for a 4x8 ft. sheet 1/8" thick), some wood screws, Bondo, epoxy, PVC cement and a few lengths of PVC pipe.
<p>(FBI) &quot;How do you know of this technology? where did you aquire such knowledge? and where are your MIB Friends????!!!!&quot;</p>
I'm a female but next year I am defiantly going to be this for next year I love the mib~!!
Hi Horus,<br>you think you could give me teh dimensions of the tri barrel gun, lenght, width etc and diameter of the barrels in the tri-barrel. Thks again and keep up the good work.<br><br>Arch
Sorry but I don't have any dimensions and no way to measure them- both blasters were sold several years ago.
Anyone else notice the blue dome on the tri-blaster kinda looks like a giant eye? **instructable inspiration**
What about making a Noisy Cricket? That little thing PWNs.
I had a resin casting of a Noisy Cricket at one time that I bought online but it was so bad it was useless. There have been some very nice machined aluminum replicas produced.<br />
Okay, I came up with an idea for a NERF Noisy Cricket.
make one with a compressed air canister in you pocket witha tube to the gun
I wanna see the cricketttt!! :D
If I redo this costume someday I may make one, along with a good neuralyzer. :)
You need to make a &quot;noisy cricket&quot;!
wait a minutte..<br>noisy cricket just like in MIB or the constantine movie?<br><br>............same tools?
&nbsp;I have a few questions that I need answered<br /> <br /> <br /> How are the clip and ammunition made? &nbsp; &nbsp; How is the handle made? &nbsp; &nbsp; How is the grip made? &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Overall, how is the basic frame made, not just the barrels?<br />
The clip is just made from pieces of Sintra (PVC plastic sheet) glued together and the ammo is just plastic rod glued inside. The handle is cut from MDF (medium density fiberboard) and has plastic glued on the sides. The grip is just a section plastic pipe with some plastic ribs glued onto it that is attached to a linear slide (like a drawer slide.) The barrels essentially are the frame- everything was glued and screwed to the PVC pipe that formed the barrels.<br />
&nbsp;And essentially you just paint it all silver afterwards. &nbsp;And is it possible to turn this into basically a giant nerf gun?
Yep- just paint it silver. Don't know if you could turn it into a Nerf gun. They did use some Super Soakers that were painted silver in the second movie as background props.<br />
Hey, thanks, I am going to build this and then tweak it to shoot nerf darts. &nbsp;Basically, I'm going to build this around an internal frame, the Nerf N-Strike<br /> LongStrike or LongShot---which ever will fit in the barrel.
&nbsp;Oh, and thank you very much!
&nbsp;What about the clip? &nbsp; How do you make that? &nbsp; &nbsp;And what about the ammunition and how to get that in there? &nbsp; &nbsp; Also, the grip, trigger and handle? &nbsp; &nbsp; How do you get those on and how do you make them????<br />
the guns were definatley a good idea, me and my brother went as MIB, and&nbsp; a few people slammed the door in our faces because they thought we were mormons. lol.<br />
Thanks guys! I also made a Neuralyzer out of a brass shower rod but it didn't turn out so great. I also made a Galaxy Holder but I didn't finish it in time for Halloween- it would have been cool to pull it out of my pocket! I should have my Ghostbuster instructable up in a couple of days- if you like the MIB you'll really like it. :) Jerome
This is a very cool item that I would love to buy. May i ask, are you selling these and if so, how much? I know this would be a wonderful conversational item for <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.halloweenadultsinfantcostumeidea.com">Halloween adults costume</a><br/>
Sorry, I'm not selling them at this time.
Can you post an instructable to show how to make that galaxy holder.
If I ever make another one I will, but I have to say it's pretty unlikely to happen.
OK,thanks afterall.
I got an idea for one...
So when will the idea get concrete ?
when the concrete truck comes. lol, lame joke no. 84 927 402
I knew somebody would say that.Simple but pretty good joke.
When I make it one day
So, a year late and then some, but...upon seeing this picture, I was incredibly drawn to the idea of making a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Hand_Grenade_of_Antioch">Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch</a>.<br/>
I'd chop of my toes to see that. Well, maybe, but I'd really love to see it!
How did you make the galaxy holder?
I made the entire thing from sterling silver. I cast the top frame and hand fabricated everything else. It was then joined together using both silver solder and by laser welding so heat wouldn't destroy the marble inside the lower frame.
great job on the pulsar blaster. I watched mib recently.
Great work! nice job!
Can Someone Please tell me how to make a Neuralyzer step by step
Do you mean one that actually flashes? If so that's a pretty complicated prop to make. There were some really nice machined aluminum replicas out there taht actually did pop open (they didn't flash though) and I remember them being pretty difficult to manufacture- they were a few hundred bucks when they were sold. If I ever do make a good one I'll be sure to do an instructable.
If you took the flash bulb out of a disposable camara, and set up a very simple circuit. You could probably make it fairly cheaply. you'd just need like four components that you'd be able to get at radio shack and a bit of wire for the circuitry. I can't think of what kinda relay switch you'd need to set off the flash. But you could probably just scalp the parts from a disposabe camara. you'd have wire everthng directly in that case, but it should fit. I'll see what I can try. Don't know how to make the neurolyzer shell, but if someone posts the dimensions, I might try to do a instructable for the guts. If I can get them to fit.
That's exactly what I tried to do when I made the costume but I ran out of time. I found that the flash in the disposable Fuji cameras were the smallest circuits and had the best chance of fitting but it's a real squeeze getting everything in there. To make it the same size as the movie Neuralyzer you'd have to make the circuit from scratch- I've got some good photos somewhere that I'll post later tonight.
Thanks for the pics, that should help some. As to the circuitry, I figured I wouldn't be able to use the board from the camara. Either I'd get a small piece of blank breadboard, or just wire the components without a board, most likely the later. Would be cool to make the led screen work, but that's probably another project. The lights shouldn't be a problem as long as they aren't independent. I forgot about the spring-up when I posted, but that doesn't really change the wiring space. Just another piece to figure out. Thanks again.
I bet you could hook in a basic LED and a disposable camera capacitor and have a button that makes the LED go off. Or something to that extent.
You probably could set up an LED to flash, though, unless there's already a disposable out there that uses LEDs for flash, I wouldn't suggest using the circuitry from one. The power ratings are so different that it might be dangerous. I also doubt that the LED would last very long, if it even survived the first flash. I was actually talking about the number display when I mentioned the LEDs though. But if I could get an LED setup for the flash, that would be awesome, since it would make it much easier to fit everything in the housing. You wouldn't need such a large power source.
Here's some pics of a replica prop. When you push the clip it pops open. The trick is fitting both the spring mechanism and flash mechanism in there. Unfortunately I don't remember the overall dimensions of it.
I am working on building a neuralyzer from a toilet paper holder as a starting point. the camera flash is what I am thinking of using as well. if I can get it to work decent, i'll put up some images.

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