Since Halloween is just around the corner, I wanted to make a costume for Jersey, and not just *any* costume either. So here's a sample of my creative efforts. I'll be adding more costumes all this month on my blog, Bloggie Stylish. I've entered this costume into the Halloween contest so please vote for me if you like this 'ible. I *want* that sewing machine!!!

Just a quick note! This isn't a costume for a fearful dog. I had a balloon accidentally pop when I was fitting the costume. I know that Jersey doesn't look to thrilled in the pics, but she doesn't like doing anything that's not her idea. She's used to wearing clothes & hearing loud noises. Before you take your dog out in a public place, practice wearing the costume & walking around with it on. That way, the both of you will have a fun Halloween night!

Step 1: Tools And Supplies You Will Need

The supplies for this costume are pretty cheap. You'll need some cheap purple broadcloth, purple balloons, some green felt, velcro, needle and thread, zip ties, a flexible measuring tape, a marking pen, scissors and a some sort of string.

I already had the zip ties & velcro, but I got all the other supplies at "malmart" and a dollar store for about $5.00. If you had to buy the rest of the supplies, this costume would easliy cost you under $10.00, which is way cheaper that buying one.
<p>I have never seen anythng like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>I will make this next holloween</p>
<p>I could not think of a holloween costume and this is the best idea!:)</p>
I love the idea
Rthornton1 did you even read the instructable!? It said do not use if your dog is easily frightened
This was a bad idea when it was part of last year's contest. I took my concerns to some communications representative with Instructables and was left with even more concerns. Please, in the interest of decency and protecting animals who easily could be spooked into oncoming traffic, please remove this Instructables.
This is a bad idea for a dog costume. A popped balloon can only serve to induce fear and panic.
Its a shame I didn't make this for Halloween for my dog - for some reason it is always after the holiday that I find the best ideas.
People, stop overeacting. Jeeze. The dog doesnt look stressed and im sure if the dog was stressed, the owner woupd take it off. Every time someone puts an instructable with a costume, people over react. ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!! Its not animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is people making dogs fight each other to the death. The costume is all soft, its not like its made of sandpaper and blades. And the dog only needs to wear this once a year. Doggy stylish, this is a great ible and a nice, creative costume.
So, what if you fill those with helium? Dog lite?
If I want to make wine of it, do I have to crush the entire grape?
is there a way not to use balloons my dog would pop them <br> <br>
here's ide about the hot dog.
The &quot;bun&quot; is 2 inches thick and a couple inches shorter then the length. There is 2 inch padding connecting the buns, (depending on how wide the dog) is make the height so the dog can move comftably. If you want you can make ketchup and mustard strips out of 2 inches of thick cardboard.
what if the balloons pop!
This is a unsual idea will it work on humans
I've made a full grape costume for a little girl. It's the same concept- just use a leotard instead of the coat and put purple balloons all over it instead!
Babies choke on balloons when they suck on them and they pop (babies will suck on anything they can get their mouths on). Theoretically this can happen if a dog bites a balloon, but since they are not sucking on it it's very unlikely. I've known dogs that bite and pop balloons for fun. With this costume, the dog would have a hard time biting one. Absolutely adorable costume, makes me wish I had a dog to make one for! You get my vote.
poor dog. Can it lay down?
Dog dignity level: 0%
Lol, eating WAL-MART cheap bulk buy dog food $10 is torture. I hope mydog likes this. She likes wearing clothes and such
Ahh! I don't even want to imagine what they put in that food.
Ooh! Do I spy a Vizsla?
its kind of like lady gaga's champagne bubbles!
ha ha funny was thnkin uff that 2
that is soo cute.
That\s just tasteless.
my dog would be totally POed by this costume :D
after looking at all the dog costumes, i have come to the conclusion that your dog is the coolest little pup ever. so calm. I can only imagine the endless self chasing if I tried to attach balloons to my dog
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&nbsp;What if the balloons pop? &nbsp;Wouldn't the dog be scared out of its mind when all the balloons pop just because they are walking? &gt;:(<br /> ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! &nbsp;&gt;:(
What kind of dog do you have that can pop balloons by walking with them? If the dog was worried by the balloons I'm sure the OP would remove them straight away. As she says in her into, the dog is used to wearing clothes and the dog wasn't too stressed when a balloon popped while the costume was being made.
Your costume ideas are original! <br />
Poor dog, I don't think he's very happy that way...
&nbsp;cute send me a message
You could probably make either a banana or a hot dog costume.
<p>banana, not that's an idea! stay tunes for next halloween!</p>
Plus it might not startle Jersey.
<p>Make a purple cone around the collar to prevent the dog from choking on the balloons.</p>
this is big noncens and ver sad for the dog u are so stuid sorry for saying that but it is not ok what if u were a dog and i just wrapped lots of baloons around you when u dont eve want it ps sorry for bad english
i don't have a kid, but if i did, sure, why not?
say r u sure that my dog won't just float to space.
Balloons are a choke hazard for dogs and babies. I'm glad you don't have a baby. You shouldn't have a dog.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
I know that many people are worried that the dog is distressed but maybe they should read the intro. Also your comment isn't really sticking to Instructable's 'be nice' policy. Maybe you could try constructive criticism instead of acting righteous.
This is great!!&nbsp; everyone sounds concerned for the dog...but it looks like he/she doesn't mind...I have a dog that looks sad all the time and the most excitement he ever shows is a gentle wagging of his tail no matter what,&nbsp; as far as safety, I'm sure your smarter then the guy that said balloons and dogs don't mix and would know if your&nbsp; dog was in trouble.&nbsp; I often wonder just how many dogs and babies actually choke on balloons anyhow, I never see it in the headline news.&nbsp; Anyhow great costume and keep up the good work!<br />
thanx, she did have a fun time!
&nbsp;I think Ira Glass of NPR's, &quot;This American Life&quot; needs to hear about all of this. I'm sure he'd love more story ideas related to human nature's uncanny ability to blow right by Life's yellow flag, willing to walk right beside the canyon rim, willing to ignore words of caution.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Maybe he can title it: &quot;Moth to the Flame and Other Tales of Human Pride.&quot;<br />
&nbsp;Now this is starting to make sense:&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Not only does Instructables.com not pull this ill-conceived idea--dressing your dog in balloons--their Community and Media Director, Christy Canida ('Canida') is rooting it on.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Has anyone in Legal looked at this? Or do constructive, substantive concerns merely die on the Community and Media Director's desk, behind which sits a person sanctioning and applauding a very poor idea?<br /> <br /> Is this a matter of a too-cute-to-pass-up costume idea, or human pride?<br />
I'm curious... <br /> Would you put your baby in this costume? <br /> Jersey looks as if she would like a say in this... a nae say.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
OMG&nbsp;my first grapes then corn then a fish WHAT&nbsp;next a squid? LOL

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