This is one of the first projects I have made with Arduino. It's a little siren with a LED that fades and blinks on and off. It demonstrates basic use of LEDs and speakers. Also check out this article: 8-Pin Programming Shield

Constructive criticism is appreciated!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Fist off, gather your materials and tools. I am assuming that you known the basics of Arduino and how to solder.

-Arduino Uno
-USB cable for the Arduino (sometimes called a printer cable)
-solderless breadboard
-breadboard jumper wires
-LED (Any color)
-A small resistor or two.
-small speaker (I found one for $2 at a thrift store)
-Ping pong ball

-soldering iron
-electrical solder
<p>What is the use of the resistor between the Arduino and the switch?</p>
Thanks! I let you in on a little secret: The ping pong ball wasn't my idea (I saw it online somewhere!)
This is really cool! i like how you put the ping pong ball over the light!
Looks like a good project. You might also look at using a small piezo speaker it will pull less power and prolly be louder. Good job on everything.<br>

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