Sometimes finding the right replacement part for an old machine is near impossible. It may be easier to build one from scratch. here is how to build a 3/4 inch pulley for an old sewing machine.
 I Made it at TechShop (Chandler)  http://www.techshop.ws

Materials and tools:
3/4" x 4" steel rod
8-32 thread tap
8-32 set screw
1/8" drill bit
1/4" drill bit
center drill
drill press
Metal Lathe
HSS lathe bit

Step 1: Start With Sketch or Drawing

Step 2: Turn Metal Stock to Desired Diameter

Step 3: Center Drill Metal Stock

Step 4: Grind Lathe Bit to Cut Profile Per Spec

I found a spec sheet for different size pulleys on google. Grind your bit to 16 degrees per side to make a 32 degree v-groove.

Step 5: Cut V-Groove With Lathe Bit

Cut groove till it is the correct diameter from the drawing. cut the width so it matches the drawing.

Step 6: Drill Pulley to Shaft Diameter

Step 7: Cutoff Pulley With Parting Tool.

Use plenty of cutting oil

Step 8: Center Punch for Drilling

Step 9: Drill Set Screw Hole for Threading

Step 10: Tap Threads Into Set Screw Hole

Use plenty of cutting oil

Step 11: Install Set Screw

I also polished the pulley a little.

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