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I was recently inspired by the movie "Being Elmo" which clearly demonstrates how awesome Kevin Clash is.  I'm also a middle school Art Teacher, so I decided to take a stab at making my own puppet.  I was lucky enough to find all the supplies necessary in my 30 year old classroom.   What follows are the basic steps in making a puppet.  Enjoy!

The first photo is "Steve" and the second photo is Steve's brother "Odelle"  
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Step 1: Find Materials

Begin by finding your materials.  

Foam, skin tone micro fleece, cardboard or matboard, string for hair, sticks, felt for mouth/eyes, hot glue gun, and a sewing machine.

sounds like a lot, but remember it's just a bunch of simple things put together to make an awesome thing. 

Step 2: Create a template and cut out your foam

Picture of Create a template and cut out your foam
If you've ever seen a football, then you'll kind of understand this a bit more.  To make a 3D shape out of 2D material is quite a task for some people to understand.  Anyhow,  Once you trace this 1/2 footballish shape, you'll need to cut it out 4 times.  2 will be stitched together to make the upper part of the head and the other 2 will make the bottom jaw.  

*Once I build the sister puppet to this, I'll add more detail photos of this process.  I realize it needs more. 

Step 3: Stitch the skin/ add the nose

Picture of Stitch the skin/ add the nose
Once you've created a decent head shape, you'll want to measure the circumference to get an idea of how to cut/sew your skin.  I basically made a giant pink sleeve that fit snuggly around the foam.  Then I took a razor and cut out the mouth. This will be covered later as well as the top of the head so it's ok if it looks a bit raw.  

Then I took a small piece of foam and cut a triangle to make a nose.  I wrapped it in skin tone micro fleece and then simply hot glued it onto the face.  Make sure to hold firmly while the glue dries because it will strengthen the bond.  
bogie02211 year ago
Didn't feel like reading it
mikeasaurus3 years ago
I love it! Do you have more puppets to share? I can't get enough of this kind of stuff!
misterrauh (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
No new puppets lately, but I do have the foam pieces for Steve's sister. Coming soon.
Love it! I imagine him saying something like heeeeeey.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
This is awesome! Great work!