Make a Static Electricity Generator & Cast Lightning from Your Fingertips

video Make a Static Electricity Generator & Cast Lightning from Your Fingertips
With great power comes...Something. I don't know. Probably not important.

As requested, this video is a re-make of my older project which utilized an AC powered ion generator. That older video can be seen here: http://youtu.be/EvspL4kMY54

The design I use in this video is much more versatile than my previous model, as the simple enclosure makes for quite a nice high voltage supply for a variety of projects when it's not strapped to my boot.

This is the generator I used (Yes, the one pictured is different than the one I received): http://www.amazing1.com/products/negative-ion-generator-12vdc-input-20kv-output.html

Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this video, or any suggestions you have for future videos!
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wyattwic13 days ago

I found something for those who want something a little less pricy in AU. It runs $14 USD. Its not as powerful as the one above, but its still good for what needs to be done.


nikox1 month ago

hey guys! i bought the same generator that has Tlaci, with the both white wires ... and ive got all the wiring correctly ... but still cant manage to cast .... anything ... outa my fingers ... ive got it all well made, the ground wire stays on the floor just under my shoe and the other one im holding in my hand, so that way i should be able to cast something from my other hand i believe - no such thing hapens. But if i take the wire that should touch my body and bring it close to any metal piece it does make an effect, with a good arc even ... the problem is no electricity is runing through my body at all eventho it actually works ... help pls thanks

friscobrad1 month ago

In a effort to keep said project low cost, I have several Ideas that I was hoping you could help me with. First off, I would love to buy the Ion Gen from the link you listed, but I am trying to keep it cheap. My first thought was using two Ion Gen modules that put put 10-15Kv, power them separately or independently?(I would assume separately would be better to both provide more useable current and run them one at a time) A simple wire diagram would help me to understand if you have the time to make one? A variety of facets come into play when using two modules, separate power switches? How to wire them up? How to introduce current to my body?(should all power switches be joined to make a super good connection, or would individual connections per module work better?). And lastly I was curious if I used a shorter connection from the Ion Gen to a closer part of my body instead of down my leg and into my sock? I do not understand why you choose the connection on your calf being as you are emitting the electricity through your finger tips? Thanks for all you video's. THanks

P.S. If you happen to have an used ion gen module that your no longer need or may be interested in selling let me know. thanks.

Zaalro1 month ago
Zaalro1 month ago
Finally got it working, but the arc is very small and not at all consistent. I can feel amps leaking out of the wires I used so I'm pretty sure that's one of the main reasons, so someone suggested I get some coaxial cables to replace them and that sounded like a good idea but I have no idea where to get it or how min it would be, thoughts?
Does anyone have this for sale i dont have a soldering iron so i can't make it. I would pay the price of the materials and shipping costs.
Dawson0274 months ago

You could probably increase the power transfer efficiency by using EKG or tens unit pads, instead of the aluminum sheet and duct tape.

arduinoboy8866 months ago
7 kv, sorry
arduinoboy8866 months ago
Would a 7 of negetive ion generator work?
BadPuns1 year ago
Does it sting when you shock something? Also what happens if you don't ground yourself? Thanks.
NightHawkInLight (author)  BadPuns1 year ago
Yes, it shock you whenever you shock anything else. If you don't ground yourself you won't be able to shock anything.
would it hurt less if i ground very well? maybe like in water? im trying to not get shocked while enjoying shocking my friends


To prevent shocking yourself, wire the negative output to a thimble, add some insulation to the inside of said thimble and ground the circuit as normal. Now you can shock others will no feeling of the shock whatsoever.

However a thimble with a wire is highly noticeable.

boxbot8 months ago
With great power comes great electricity bill.
Tlaci181 year ago
Hy, thanks for this instructable :-) My question is, that i wanna buy this generator from ebay, cause its cheaper, and ships to my countrie. The generator on ebay has 4 wire (red, black and 2 big white). What should i do with one of the white wire?

I got this generator: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-12V-High-Output-DIY-Air...

It seems to be the one you are talking about. I soldered both of the white wires together and then ran the wire from them to my ankle. You will have to add in a ground wire as he explains in the video, and you will run that to your shoe.

did you get yours up and running? and does it work?

I got it working... I've remade it a few times since then. The first few times I wired it wrong or it wasn't insulated properly. It works great! I brought it to school a few times and shocked all my friends. My physics teacher loved it. Now I have it in my dorm room for when people get annoying =P

Could I use 18 gauge wire? it should be insulated enough to keep the charge constant.

How can I add a ground wire?

2:20 in the video...

When you solder the battery connector to the generator, add in the ground wire (needs to be long enough that it reaches the bottom of your foot) to the negative side.

Ohh, I think I see now :D So if I'm right, the wire that connects to the battery connector needs an Y shape (one the the generator and one to the ground).

Kutluhan Tlaci1811 months ago

4 months later yes that is right :D But i have made same think and isolated the wires well but i didn't get any spark on wood surface is it normal? Am i need to step onto zinc? What can i do can you help me out

Ground wire is either one of the battery wires. Compared to 7KV, both battery wires are at the same voltage!

EtienneR19 months ago

does anyone know where i can buy a pre made one

EtienneR19 months ago

does anyone know where i can buy a pre made one

CantFindBacon10 months ago

I'm thinking of making this for halloween, and I just wanted to make sure few stuff.

What is the output after all? I'm thinking of using 4 AA batteries...

Also, is this safe? like, I wanna make it but I don't wanna die.. lol xD

just to be safe, I'd use a 9 volt battery

tgramith119 months ago

*UPDATE* I got the generator in the mail today (picture below) and its about the size of a 9 volt battery. I am going to put it together and try it out! Wish me luck!

ThomasG410 months ago

Will it work on concrete?

It wouldn't work well since it's not super conductive. Grass would.

tgramith1110 months ago

Just like kreiscal, I got the same generator http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-12V-High-Output-DIY-Air... as he did. I've yet to receive it in the mail yet. I'm really excited to make one of these and I'll post pictures when I have made it.

SlavaR11 months ago

is this version stronger in output then your previous?

Kutluhan SlavaR11 months ago

Yes it is. Because in the other project you must turn your 12vdc to 220vac then give this power to generator. This will be hard to keep must of the energy. And this generator has more output than other generator. So this version is more economic and better i think.

danno6291 year ago

I keep seeing people talk about ordering the generator with the two white wires on one side. I will probably do the same thing, but I was wondering if to make the ground I have to solder the ground wire to one of the battery terminals or to one of the actual connector wires. Can somebody please answer? Thanks.

NightHawkInLight (author)  danno6291 year ago
Soldering it to the black battery output is fine.
Tlaci181 year ago

I Made it, but it doestn't work. The cables generate sparks, but when I attached to my shoe, and to my body, nothing happens. I stepped on a pavement, no spark to the fence next to me. I stepped on the fence, and touched the other steel material, and it hit my finger a little bit, but that's all. Please help me.

The HV wire needs to be heavily insulated and fairly short. Try using "test lead wire" for the HV conductor. It's best if it's not against your skin. Normal vinyl wire may leak all the microamps away through the plastic!

Also, the floor makes a difference. The ground shoe connection works better on humid days. Best is to stand outdoors in grass. Improve your grounding by covering your entire shoe bottom with adhesive aluminum foil (roll of hardware store duct-tape that's aluminum foil instead of silver-colored plastic.)

The_Hacker1 year ago
Will this work? http://m.ebay.com/itm/121229646471 ----
Pretty cheap

It certainly will. I ordered this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-12V-High-Output-DIY-Air-Ionizer-Ionizer-Airborne-Negative-Ion-Anion-Generator-/190953014708 , and it worked perfectly.

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