Make a Static Electricity Generator & Cast Lightning from Your Fingertips

video Make a Static Electricity Generator & Cast Lightning from Your Fingertips
With great power comes...Something. I don't know. Probably not important.

As requested, this video is a re-make of my older project which utilized an AC powered ion generator. That older video can be seen here:

The design I use in this video is much more versatile than my previous model, as the simple enclosure makes for quite a nice high voltage supply for a variety of projects when it's not strapped to my boot.

This is the generator I used (Yes, the one pictured is different than the one I received):

Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this video, or any suggestions you have for future videos!
TheSeaDawg6 days ago

What did you put inside the pan to light it on fire? <lighter fluid?

harvie1 month ago

I wonder if i can use this cheap 12v car air ionizer:

any experiences?

biomedjake1 month ago

This is really cool. I have a question for you and would like your opinion. I own 3 pugs, and they shed like you wouldn't believe. I saw how the sand jumped to your hand. Do you think there would be any way to modify this so that loose pug hair would jump off the dog and stick to my hand? I guess I could wet my hand to make it sticky or something. I also realize that I would shock the dog if I got to close. Just a random thought that jumped into my head. Thanks for the video and the upcoming thoughts.

Tlaci181 month ago
Tlaci181 month ago
Hy, thanks for this instructable :-) My question is, that i wanna buy this generator from ebay, cause its cheaper, and ships to my countrie. The generator on ebay has 4 wire (red, black and 2 big white). What should i do with one of the white wire?
GpB3115 months ago
Good luck getting one of the negative ion generators. I ordered mine weeks ago and theyre still sending me emails telling me theyre on the way and will be shipped out soon. Ill be cancelling my order tomorrow and looking for another source since I think this is an interesting project, but information unlimited can suck a sloppy fat one.
smtgr14 GpB3112 months ago

odd, I ordered on last Wednesday and rec'd it 3 days later with no issues.

GpB311 smtgr142 months ago

Well, this is months later and the instructable is no longer new, so Im guessing that's why there is less demand and therefore faster service.

BadPuns4 months ago
Does it sting when you shock something? Also what happens if you don't ground yourself? Thanks.
NightHawkInLight (author)  BadPuns4 months ago
Yes, it shock you whenever you shock anything else. If you don't ground yourself you won't be able to shock anything.


To prevent shocking yourself, wire the negative output to a thimble, add some insulation to the inside of said thimble and ground the circuit as normal. Now you can shock others will no feeling of the shock whatsoever.

However a thimble with a wire is highly noticeable.

The_Hacker3 months ago
Will this work? ----
Pretty cheap
enelson84 months ago
April fools day is going to be fun...
jweinstein jr6 months ago
Now teach me how to build the negative ion generator and I'll be happy.

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