Make a Static Electricity Generator & Cast Lightning From Your Fingertips





Introduction: Make a Static Electricity Generator & Cast Lightning From Your Fingertips

With great power comes...Something. I don't know. Probably not important.

As requested, this video is a re-make of my older project which utilized an AC powered ion generator. That older video can be seen here:

The design I use in this video is much more versatile than my previous model, as the simple enclosure makes for quite a nice high voltage supply for a variety of projects when it's not strapped to my boot.

This is the generator I used (Yes, the one pictured is different than the one I received):

Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this video, or any suggestions you have for future videos!

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Where did he attach the grounded wire to? The grounded or the hot?


Would the ion generator from a hair dryer work?

is it worth buying the more expensive generator? The ones from ebay have a 4kv output and the expensive one has a 20kv out. Is it worth it?

Please Answer

20kv IS fatal for kids? I probably sound stupid, but I'm 13.

What type of wires would you recommend?

Will we able to shock anyone with a -4kv output ion generator

Can I use a high voltage boost converter as a negative ion generator, because when I bought it, it said that it could be used like one

If you want to make your finger a tazer that tases you if you touch anything that leads electric currency, yes

Hi, i built this and it was working great. However, when i would go to turn it off it would shock me and end up hurting pretty badly. The peculiar thing is, when I would get my friend to turn it off it wouldn't shock him. Any answers?