Make a Better Bristlebot!





Introduction: Make a Better Bristlebot!

If you have ever made a bristlebot, then you have properly also seen it fall on its side, over, and over, and over again!...   
Well, this will show you how to make one that will not fall!   ever! :D

A bristlebot is very easy to make and will skate over any flat surface when done.
A bristlebot is also tons of fun for kids.



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Why does a big head teethbrush goes faster than a small head teethbrush? When you race them?

I love how simple this is!
what size and type of nails do you recommend or does it not matter since they are only to balance it out?

SO AWESOME!!! but how did u figure that out? :)
love it

well, its center of gravity was pretty high, and that makes them fall over all the time, and i got tired of my bots allways failing ;)

so i thought i could improve it, and i tried some different stuff, and the nails worked best :)

what if you screwed the 1 tooth brush in the middle and added one on each nail?

hah, i bet that would clean better than 1 brush :D
sure that would work, you could try it! :) id love to see it!

and yeah, it would clean, a little. good luck! ;)

ok that is a great idea. but the question is.... would it clean if you put water on a table and let it zoom around?

ok i fixed the problem. I just need to get it to go faster with a new battery and get it to be balanced better.

The music fit it perfectly