Picture of Make a hanging light out of a wine bottle
I created a hanging light out an old lamp and a used wine bottle.  This was my first time through so it is a bit of a rough project, as I was learning as I went.  Hopefully it will serve as a good jumping off point for you if you wish to try something similar.  This project should take about one hour to complete.  

Step 1: Gather the materials and tools

Picture of Gather the materials and tools
Old Lamp
Empty Wine Bottle
Inline Switch
Light Bulb (make sure it will fit in the bottle) I used a small 60 Watt equivalent CFL but would try 30-40 Watt equivalent next time.

Small Flat Tip Screw Driver
Wire Cutters
Box Cutter (exacto knife would be better)
Dremel with Carbide Blade
2 X Handi Clamps
Small Torch (bought for $20 at Lowes)
Kitchen Sink...seriously
Sandpaper, coarse and fine
Paper towels
SIRJAMES092 years ago
I have a thought...
instead of using a dremel tool, why not get or buy a glass cutter that is made for cutting bottles & use that? it would be faster, easier, & would cut the bottle a whole lot cleaner(IE: less sanding & less work). Bottle cutters are not expensive if I remember correctly...

They also make drill bits for glass so you can drill a hole in the glass whatever size you would need. Some local hardware store may carry them, but I know that AMAZON.COM carries them because that is where I got mine.
Again, drilling a hole in the glass with the correct drill bit, would save a lot of work & make a cleaner cut.
wonderful Ible tho...very much pleased at what I learned thru this. 8 )
Great work Mr. Roboto.
I have a typical bottle cutter (score then hot/cold shocks), so the tile saw and "no sanding" sound GREAT. Also, anyone seen this type lamp using LEDs and stringing a few together to make a pendant light set? Many thanks for any links!
Chiana_Rei3 years ago
Glad to know someone else is watching craft wars and being underwhelmed ^^, Thanks for the idea of the dremel for scoring I was gonna just use a tile saw to cut it.
ironsmiter3 years ago
"I used a carbide blade, but suspect a diamond cutting blade would produce better results"

looks like you were using a normal fiber-cutoff wheel(carbide abrasive impregnated?)
If you get your hands on one of the diamond cutoff wheels, you can CUT the bottom of the bottle off.
It will take time, and you WILL need a steady water drip to keep things cool(and keep the glass dust wet so you're not breathing it), but it is entirely doable.
Best part is, you wont have to sand at all.

The EASIEST way to get your cutting done is, rent a tile saw from the big-home-store.
have a couple dozen bottles waiting before you go. 2-3 hours will cut more bottles than you know what to do with.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
I like it. You could do this with lamp kits from the hardware store if you didn't have a lamp already to cannibalize.