Make a wooden hammock from branches! by Samuel Bernier

Picture of Make a wooden hammock from branches! by Samuel Bernier
Wood is beautiful. Even more when 100% natural. Trees themselves are marvelous, so it pains me to kill one to use its precious wood. I tried to find a way to create wooden furniture without having to cut down any tree. Here is one of my favourite solution : The REAL wood hamac. 

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Step 1: Learn how to prune

Picture of Learn how to prune
Branches have to be cut for many reasons like safety, aesthetic or health of the tree. Before to start the chainsaw, I suggest you read this .PDF and learn this art. A bad job could kill a tree or make it sick. Like animals, plant's wounds can get infected.


Step 2: Branches

Picture of Branches
Try to get branches with a similar diameter (between 1'' and 2'' ). Branches found on the ground might be too dry and weak. Once the branches collected, cut them with a saw. Make the parts 2'' long. Remove the small twigs sticking out. Depending of your design, you'll probably need hundreds branch sections. 

Once you have all parts, drill a 1/4 inch hole trough all of them. Make sure the hole is centered.

Step 3: Knitting wood

Picture of Knitting wood
Now use plastic or natural rope to attach the parts in one big carpet.  Two rope should pass in the hole and then split to get the two nest ones, side by side. The two ropes then come back together to go across the next branch. Follow the drawing below. (right)

Step 4: Design

Picture of Design
After a moment, you will end up with a long and heavy carpet. Make good knot at every ends. Now, if you want to be funky, you can give it a special shape. I as lucky enough to find a branch shaped life a hockey stick. I only had to cut it in half and drill holes every 2 inches. I then used the extra rope to fix everything together.
If you used plastic ropes, burn them a little bit with a lighter. 

Step 5: You now have the seat!

Picture of You now have the seat!
Farrelbark6 months ago

Gonna totes do this. I'm not even joking. I am so totally going to do this.

HollyMann2 years ago
amazing...love it
Very nice, hammock looks awesome....
r-philp3 years ago
Well done. The doc on pruning procedure was a nice touch.
Pretty darn cool.
l8nite3 years ago
WOW thats a LOT of work but it's a really cool look !