Wood is beautiful. Even more when 100% natural. Trees themselves are marvelous, so it pains me to kill one to use its precious wood. I tried to find a way to create wooden furniture without having to cut down any tree. Here is one of my favourite solution : The REAL wood hamac. 

Step 1: Learn How to Prune

Branches have to be cut for many reasons like safety, aesthetic or health of the tree. Before to start the chainsaw, I suggest you read this .PDF and learn this art. A bad job could kill a tree or make it sick. Like animals, plant's wounds can get infected.


<p>Gonna totes do this. I'm not even joking. I am so totally going to do this.</p>
amazing...love it
Very nice, hammock looks awesome....
Well done. The doc on pruning procedure was a nice touch.
Pretty darn cool.
WOW thats a LOT of work but it's a really cool look !

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