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Introduction: Make *.ico File in 30 Seconds

Here's how to make an *.ico file in 30 seconds. No software to need just a small picture. You can use *.gif, *.png and *.jpeg. Use this site: to convert your picture to an *.ico file. If you want to change the icon on a folder (like I did on the video) I recommend you to check 32 x 32 in the export options and if you want to use it on your site (favicon) choose 16 x 16. Well I hope you like my 30 seconds tutorial! I made it for Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest!

EDIT: Sometimes there's a problem with the site and it can't save your icon. You can also use this site: . It's very easy to use it. Good luck!

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You can create ico file online at , create favicon or generate from jpg file to 16x16 or 32x32 ico file, or make it easy with drawing tool, also you have gallery from other users and description how to set up favicon to your site.

there is a .exe file that does not show this change icon function but if i make a shortcut it will let me do it on the shortcut , why is that ?

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As far as I know if you want to change the icon of an .exe file, you have to do that when you create the .exe. file. Or you can change it with some other google for more information.

at which step in visual studios do you do this ? cuz i created 4 programs and i never been presented with the option to change the icon pic ?