Introduction: Make Your Own K'nex Flower!

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It's spring! The sun is shining, the birds are singing..

But they aren't flowers!? Oh no!

Make your own (simple) flower with these instructions.

- Gargamelknex -

Step 1: How Many Pieces?

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Here is the list how many pieces for 1 flower.


RODS (321) :

  • Green rod: maximum 300 (I do not count these pieces).
  • White rod: 16
  • Blue rod: 4
  • Flexible yellow rod: 1



  • Dark grey connector: 4
  • Orange connector: 24
  • Red connector: 40 (when you make the red flower, you will need 48 pieces)
  • Yellow connector: 4 (when you make the yellow flower, you will need 12 pieces.)
  • Purple (3D) connector: 8
  • White connector: 5


CLIPS (23) :

  • Blue clip: 8
  • Y clip: 12
  • Tan-Clip: 2
  • Black clip: 1 (only for yellow flower)
  • Orange head clip: 1 (only for red flower)



TOTAL 437.

Step 2: Make the Bottom

Picture of Make the Bottom

Let's start!

Step 3: The Flower Pot

Picture of The Flower Pot

Boring.... :)

Step 4: Make the Flower(s)!

Picture of Make the Flower(s)!

Picture 1-7 The yellow flower

Picture 8-15 The red flower

Step 5: Make the Ground

Picture of Make the Ground

Simple? Yes!

Step 6: Done :)

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  • Make your own k´nex flower too!
  • Give a comment below (I made it), and send my a picture!
  • Your flower is added in step 6 if you sent me a picture.



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sandroknexmaster (author)2015-04-18

Looks good!

Sorry for (too) late reaction

Thanks :)

hunter999 (author)2015-04-02

This is amazing! Lol, I miss my K'nex. These look real nice though, congratulations.

Gargamel-Knex (author)hunter9992015-04-02

Missing your k'nex?? Have you thrown your k'nex away ? ;(

hunter999 (author)2015-04-02

Also, you've got a really nice camera! What model are you using? :-)

Gargamel-Knex (author)hunter9992015-04-02

Thank you! I'm using "sony HDR-CX405"..

It's a new camara, I've buy it last week :-)

CorgiCritter (author)2015-03-31

Great job! This looks very nice, I gave it a favorite.


My flowers are happy ;)

sonic broom (author)2015-03-31

cool! You have a nice stash of knex There!

Thanks :)

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