Picture of Makedo Mini Cardboard Christmas Tree
If there’s ever a designer Christmas creation you must build, this one is it. We’ve re-released the instructions to our infamous Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree - but this time around, we’re also making a mini table-top version!

Put away your chainsaw and replace it with a Makedo Safe-saw. Save a tree and find some old cardboard to turn into a Cardboard Christmas Tree. 

Step 1: Find and Cut

Picture of Find and Cut
To make a mini Makedo Christmas Tree, let’s begin with 4x large pre-cut cardboard triangles, 8x small triangles and 28x Makedo Re-clips from mymakedo.com.

Templates for the triangle shapes can be downloaded from the large Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree Instructable, simply scale the size to suit your table-top design.
ThinkerMommy9 months ago

Could you possibly offer a scaled down PDF? Or maybe just a note with the measurements you used for each piece? Would be so much easier to have the actual numbers. Thanks.

makedo-able (author)  ThinkerMommy9 months ago

Here are the dimensions for the small tree. Happy making.

lemondedis2 years ago
le petit modèle est très bien aussi !... merci de partager vos idées !...
makedo-able (author)  lemondedis2 years ago
You are most welcome! Thanks for checking us out.