If there’s ever a designer Christmas creation you must build, this one is it. We’ve re-released the instructions to our infamous Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree - but this time around, we’re also making a mini table-top version!

Put away your chainsaw and replace it with a Makedo Safe-saw. Save a tree and find some old cardboard to turn into a Cardboard Christmas Tree. 

Step 1: Find and Cut

To make a mini Makedo Christmas Tree, let’s begin with 4x large pre-cut cardboard triangles, 8x small triangles and 28x Makedo Re-clips from mymakedo.com.

Templates for the triangle shapes can be downloaded from the large Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree Instructable, simply scale the size to suit your table-top design.
<p>Could you possibly offer a scaled down PDF? Or maybe just a note with the measurements you used for each piece? Would be so much easier to have the actual numbers. Thanks.</p>
<p>Here are the dimensions for the small tree. Happy making.</p>
le petit mod&egrave;le est tr&egrave;s bien aussi !... merci de partager vos id&eacute;es !...
You are most welcome! Thanks for checking us out.

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