Makedo Parrot Costume: Wearable Bird Wings and Parrot Hat

Picture of Makedo Parrot Costume: Wearable Bird Wings and Parrot Hat
Flap your way into the Makedo menagerie with these beautiful Bird Wings and Parrot Hat, as designed by artist Lottie Smith from the UK.

It looks intricate but the construction is really simple. Join us as Lottie talks through how to make a pair of Wearable Bird Wings and a matching Parrot hat complete with a big, bold beak and feathered dome.

This project can be adapted for both little kids and big kids to enjoy.

We created our Parrot Costume from a variety of recycled cardboard and Makedo parts available at mymakedo.com.

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Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
WIll your bird wings be bright and colourful, like the ones Lottie made? With all of the boxes and packaging we use in our lives, there are so many colours and patterns to choose from to use for making feathers. You could make a rainbow-hued Macaw from South America, or a majestic Australian Cockatoo, or perhaps a haughty Hornbill from the mountains of Borneo! Choose your materials carefully if you have a specific bird in mind, otherwise enjoy the variety of a random selection.

You will also need a pencil, measuring tape, scissors, craft knife, large dinner plate, a big corrugated cardboard box along with your large collection of colourful household packaging. 

Step 2: Cut strips

Picture of Cut strips
Cut a 10cm wide strip to match the length of your armspan. Cut another, but this time it should be about 10cm shorter than the first strip. Now cut a third one, but this time make it a little shorter than half of your armspan in length.

To trim the corners into a nice wing shape, use a large dinner plate as a template. Draw a curve from the top edge of the corners on each strip and then cut to shape.

Step 3: Connect

Picture of Connect
Now take 5 Makedo Lock-hinges, set to swing freely so the different sections you’re attaching together stay flexible.

Line up the 3 strips as shown and evenly space 3 hinges between the top strips and 2 along the bottom. Punch holes through the hinges and attach using Makedo Re-pins.
abunda1 year ago
poofrabbit1 year ago
I am in love with this! I also really like that the boxes were not painted, I think it makes it all the cooler that you used the packaging to your advantage! Well done!
makedo-able (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
Thanks very much!
dimtick1 year ago
Love This!!!
I really love that you used the box printing to get the bright parrot coloring rather than painting.
makedo-able (author)  dimtick1 year ago
Thank you! Yes we like to try to feature the attributes already present in the materials we are using. We try to use things to it's advantage rather than modifying it :)
What a simple, colorful costume--thanks!
You're welcome!
sabu.dawdy1 year ago