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I am an art teacher and while getting ready to set up my classroom I wanted a way for my students to have easy access to the markers without having to search through a huge box of mixed up colors. I wanted something that they could carry from place to place easily. 

Step 1: I can make that

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I looked through my supply catalogs and found a wooden marker holder that I thought was ideal, however, I then looked at the price and thought....I can make that!
poofrabbit1 year ago
Brilliant idea Susan! I've never bought these for my room because I like you, am like..really 10 bucks for something I can make or do not really NEED. However, you have inspired me to get some made, I like what you said about easily movable for the kids! Great work as always!
Super cool:)
Susan Cirigliano (author)  shimmery18991 year ago
jpwwalker1 year ago
I made something similar when I was in my old school.. The difference between my version and your was that I hot glued the lids into the wooden block. This meant that my pens didn't tend to walk away at the end of the lesson.
I can get some cardboard and do that! I am modifying a modified project! Lol.
yes no yes no yes no....my holder will last longer than the markers it holds! LOL
dssouthern1 year ago
If you made the holes slightly smaller you could put the markers in lid side down and never lose a lid.
parisusa1 year ago
I like how you used the other classrooms to make this!
Susan Cirigliano (author)  parisusa1 year ago
Lorddrake1 year ago
a really great idea. another possible way to set it up is if you glued the caps into the stand so that you wont lose the caps and you know right where each marker goes without having to paint the base.
Susan Cirigliano (author)  Lorddrake1 year ago
hmmm good idea!
Nicely done! I love how you added the color coding too :)