Picture of Mega Man Costume
This year I wanted to build costumes for my family from scratch. Since I am a Retro Gamer, I wanted to make a cool costume for my three year old. The Original Mega Man from the NES was what I had decided on. What follows are the steps that I took to create the Mega Man costume for my son. All of these steps can be sized up for an older child, or even an adult.

This costume was built as cheaply as I could make it. Many of the components came from local thrift shops like Goodwill. You should be able to find suitable materials to replicate my work.

There are a lot of steps, so I will break them up into the major components.

Step 1: Mega Man's Helmet (Materials and Tools)

Picture of Mega Man's Helmet (Materials and Tools)
I was not looking to spend alot of money, so I tried picking stuff up from the Goodwill's in the area around me. The actual helmet alluded me the longest. I decided on going to Walmart and picking up one the right size.

The first step after I got the helmet was to extend the back/ears and add details like the widow's peak to make it look more like Mega Man's. But first here is a list of Tools and Materials that I used to create the helmet:

Hot Glue Gun
Heavy Duty Scissors
Electric Knife
Wire Cutters
Soldering Iron
Sewing Machine

Bike Helmet
Hot Glue Sticks
Blue Foam
Red LED's
Battery Pack
Electrical Tape
Sand Paper
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dawn.blazier.310 months ago

What is this foam called and where can I find it?

craineum (author)  dawn.blazier.310 months ago

I am not sure what the foam is called, but it is amazing :)

If you are in the states, I get it at Walmart in the camping section, it is a camping mat. It is the same kind of foam that swimming noodles are made of.

andydooangie11 months ago

thank you so much for posting this! I'm going to start working on my son's this week. We won't have to make the arm cannon or helmet bc he got it for Christmas last year. But those boots are fantastic and so perfectly simple! I hope I don't screw it up.

nikklament1 year ago

I'm thinking of using this tutorial (primarily the part here about the feet) for a Vile cosplay I'm making. Before I end up possibly making a mistake, were the feet/boots easy to move around in?

craineum (author)  nikklament1 year ago
So my son did ok with them. It really needed a better attachment to the shoe than what I had. If they were directly attached to the shoe, then no problem what so ever.

My suggestion would be, if this is the proper shape, us the materials I did, they were super easy to make, then find/figure out a better foot attachment.

One thought off the top of my head is to build your own boot like thing where you just slip it on and there is no shoe needed.
OMG.. this is sooo dope! i totally want to build one! perhaps having a child would be helpful first lol
Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
Parenting, you're doing great !!!
Dastan19962 years ago
Can't... stand... the CUTENESS!
Numbuh1Nerd2 years ago
Will the Mega Buster fit most anyone, or just the little guys?
craineum (author)  Numbuh1Nerd2 years ago
These were sized for the kids. You could use larger components to size it up.
giike33 years ago
very cute
Numbuh1Nerd3 years ago
How'd you make the ear piece, though?
craineum (author)  Numbuh1Nerd3 years ago
Again, I just shaped them out of that rigid foam that I had. Then covered them with fabric attached by hot glue. In my protoman costume I achieved the same effect by using sink drain covers/gaurds.
Numbuh1Nerd3 years ago
What do you mean by " added the widow's peak to the the helmet just with black electrical tape"?
craineum (author)  Numbuh1Nerd3 years ago
I cut a piece of foam into a triangle shape, then taped it to the helmet with electrical tape. :) Let me know if that isn't enough info. You can also check out my Protoman costume, it might explain another way I made the same effect.
Numbuh1Nerd3 years ago
Where'd you find your foam?
craineum (author)  Numbuh1Nerd3 years ago
I found mine at Goodwill :), I have since seen the foam for the boots at Walmart (cheap yoga/camping mat). The helmet foam, you could probably use the craft foam found at any craft store, and just glue pieces of it together (and shape it as you glue the pieces together).
megaduty3 years ago
builderkidj3 years ago
Heh heh do you kids even know what a nes is?
khoneck3 years ago
Thank you so much for this instructable! It made it so much easier for me to make my costume this year! It was a big hit with my friends and the folks at the costume party I went to! :D
craineum (author)  khoneck3 years ago
Awesome! Glad it came out so well!
rdalton13 years ago
Your costume was a HUGE inspiration for my son's costume this year. I tried to follow what you did pretty closely and I think it turned out great!! Thanks for the ideas
craineum (author)  rdalton13 years ago
Frickin' fantastic! I love it! Good job! Thanks for including the picture.
ile4 years ago
We did a Megaman costume for a friend because he really likes Megaman.
Polttarit 041.JPG
Tomcat94 ile3 years ago
I'm not sure if I should feel creeped out by this, or mildly amused.
I love this mega man costume and I want to make one for myself! ^_^ But I'm a little in the dark about where to get some of the supplies...

What exactly is Blue Foam and where can it be purchased? Also, I have no idea where to get LED's...

Help please! T.T Thanks so much! This costume rocks!
craineum (author)  yoshiherder24 years ago
The blue foam was picked up in goodwill, I have no idea where to get it. You could substitute regular styrofoam, you would just have to form it properly to fit the helmet. Also check out my Proto Man Costume as I did make some design improvements with it.

If you mean the blue foam for the boots, that is just yoga mate material.

LED's I got from http://www.superbrightleds.com/ Good prices and quick shipments.
KoD_zodiac4 years ago
I have to say, I just joined instructables so I could view all of your pictures. I plan on making some of these for my family for halloween 2011 and I will be using your instructable as a guide for sure! We're doing mega man(my 5yo), mega man X(me) and either Alia or cinammon from the X series(my wife).
craineum (author)  KoD_zodiac4 years ago
Thanks so much these were a ton of fun! Please let me know if you improve on the design. And I would love to see the end results.
sigmesis4 years ago
hey man, I did some parts of "X" were actually 2 helmets and two guns, for my nephews who are twins: D
I'm from Arequipa, Peru
craineum (author)  sigmesis4 years ago
NIce! I bet they enjoyed them!
Wo0kiE4 years ago
wow! very creative and your son is adorable!
What's next??? Mega Man X???
craineum (author)  Wo0kiE4 years ago
Actually this is from two years ago, last year I did Yoshi and Mario, this year I did Proto Man and Dr. Light.

alex_meng4 years ago
so cute the baby! so smart the dady!
SinApodo4 years ago
I saw your son at Anime Banzai and I thought it was amazing
craineum (author)  SinApodo4 years ago
?!? Is that a web site? If it is a convention, it wasn't my son ;) I know of at least a couple people that have made this costume because of the directions. I would love to see some pics!
there is a picture, it was an anime convention they used your suit, but looking at the two children they look different
craineum (author)  SinApodo4 years ago
Thanks so much for this picture! It is great to see the instructable actually get used!
mcc108284 years ago
Do you know of any other place I could get foam? Those water dumbbells seem kinda expensive just for foam.
craineum (author)  mcc108284 years ago
Understand, I picked these up for next to nothing at a thrift store. So this year I am using hair stopper sink drain covers for the ears. And for the widows peak a piece of plastic (like the frisbee in back). For the other pieces you could use a different kind of foam.
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