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GaneshR2625 days ago

Hi, just landed on the incubator DIY. Too good and good work. So much of efforts gone into it. Really appreciate. By any chance, did you end up making the auto egg turner? If yes, any details would be appreciated?

craineum (author)  GaneshR2625 days ago
I did not, sorry. One thing I did learn, make sure you put some good size holes in the box for fresh air. If not you suffocate the eggs.
Hi, well noted about the holes and I understand that concept for the need of oxygen.

I have Zebra Finches at home and planning to build an incubator for them. Your code is really good. The incubation and hatch period for finches are different and I will be adding a 3rd bird (F)inches to your code. Very neatly written.

I saw there is some code for egg turn already and i'll study it again but eventually i'd want to attach a servo and make an auto egg turner too. Code should not be very difficult.

I'll keep you posted how this goes. I am usually busy at work but i'll keep progressing and let you know how this goes. I will share with you.

Nice work really, and i will share everything when i am done, including the updated code.

Some suggestions which I plan to work on:
1) specs/design for the turner. I am not good at 3D works, so i am wondering how to document that but i will try my best to write up instructions for the auto turner.
2) Log the current "already run" days and hours in permanent memory, every minute. This is so that when the arduino goes off accidentally due to a power cut or any similar reason, when turned on, it should carry on from where it left off (until the last minute when it was shutdown).

I really appreciate your work and the fact that you share it with everyone to help others. Thanks a lot once again.
craineum (author)  GaneshR2623 days ago

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Will be interested in what you come up with!

lsim4211 year ago


craineum (author)  lsim4211 year ago
I don't have the time, sorry :( You could follow the instructable and make your own! :)
mygibzone1 year ago

I really like your style & resourcefulness. Can't wait to see more from you. HAPPY CREATING.

craineum (author)  mygibzone1 year ago
Thank you! I will try and keep it up :) Happy Creating to you as well!
Love your ibles
ahhh, a fellow R/C buff / do-it-yourself-er....
my garage has : highly modified T-maxx, Savage, Clod crawler, mini-zilla, mini-T(s), vendetta, BL Emaxx,  
STOCK: ultra LX Pro, Nitro Rusty, e-pede's and enuff pieces / parts to build couple more... LOL 

when i was in college, i worked for the local hobby shop as shop-tech on r/c's...

craineum (author)  phantom309oo76 years ago
I used to be pretty heavy into, but I have since not had the money nor the time for it.  I have all that stuff out because I was taking pictures of it to sell.

I even went as far to put a nice track in my back yard ;)

Here is a pic if you are interested.  I no longer live there and there is no longer a track, quite sad :(
NICE! ! !, i live in Rural KS, and 50% of the year, i have plowed fields on all 4 sides of me, with the owners permission, i go out and work up a track in their fields.... LOL i try to get it done by the first freeze, so its nice and smooth and ready to run on when i get time to do it...

have you followed up on selling your R/C's? i'd be interested in at least seeing what you have up on the block... granted may not be able to buy, but never know.

btw, you do nice work on your instructables... i've done alot of projects, but mines more of a spur of the moment "get it done to fill a need" and when i'm done, is clean-up time and move on to next one... LOL

here's a link to my "projects" page...

some of my past / present garage inhabitants..

just in case you want to browse some pics.

i'm Dustin btw.
SinAmos7 years ago
Your son and costume are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

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