For years we have been trying to convince our kids that Halloween is all about making your costumes, not buying them. Sadly, this has fallen on deaf ears year after year after year. Our vision of what would be awesome and their vision of what would be awesome has never aligned... until now! Thank you Minecraft!

Our kids, like millions of others around the world, are obsessed with all things Minecraft. While I'm not much into gaming myself, I can definitely appreciate the virtues of this game - namely the simplicity and  open-ended creativity that it offers. The simplicity in particular is what made this a logical choice for this year's costumes. The pixelized, blocky look of all of the characters make them perfect for construction out of cardboard - which happens to be free and plentiful. 

After careful consideration of all the possible characters and skins, my son settled on 'Minecraft Steve'. He wanted to make it as recognizable as possible to the most number of people.  Our primary goals for the costume were (1) to make it as close to the actual game character as possible and (2) allow for the mobility that will be required during Trick-or-Treating.  After 2 weeks, 10 sheets of cardboard, and many late nights, it's safe to say that the results exceeded our  expectations.

Materials you will need:

* cardboard sheets
* Photoshop - or similar photo editing software
* sheetrock screws
* liquid nails
* tape - masking and scotch
* 3M spray adhesive
* Velcro
* Gorilla Glue
* scrap foam (like the kind used to package computers or appliances)

Tools you will need:

* color printer
* straight edge
* utility knife and Exacto knife (with lots of replacement blades)
* screw gun/cordless drill

Step 1: Gather your source images

I've found that one of the keys to making a great costume is to have it scaled correctly. I've seen lots of pictures of Minecraft costumes where the head is too small compared to the body, or the arms are too large compared to the body and head. These were most likely made with pre-existing cardboard boxes. To make ours truly to scale, we were going to need to make our own boxes. And to do that required a complete set of dimensions.

The problem with Minecraft Steve is that there really aren't any action figures to measure (at least not in my house). There are, however, hundreds of papercraft templates out there on the web. Step one is to search for a high resolution template. This will give you every dimension you will need for every component to the body. It will also serve to provide the 'skins' for your boxes... but more about that later.

Once you've gathered the dimensions, you will need to then determine your scale factor.  Since this costume is for my son, we took our key scaling dimension off of him. Our scaling dimension was measured from his shoulders to the ground. The thought is that the body portion of the costume is supported by his shoulders, and as a result the shoulders of Minecraft Steve need to match this height. 

The scale factor can then be applied to all of the dimensions from the papercraft template. You are now ready to start cutting cardboard.

<p>My daughter wanted to be &quot;Alex&quot; for Halloween. I searched high and low and found nothing. So I got to work....Here is the Alex to your Steve =)</p><p>Thanks so much for the tutorial! I had to make a few adjustments in size (she is 5) but I think it went well! I couldn't get her to hold long enough for more pictures, she wanted some candy!</p>
<p>Wow, that turned out great! I love you you tailored the character to her. That is the first Alex I've seen.</p>
<p>Thank you for these instructions! My sons wanted to be Steve and Spawning Blaze for Halloween. This was a fun project, and the results turned out great. Steve got an iron armor, and short sleeves, as he wanted his hands free. </p>
<p>My daughter wanted to be &quot;Alex&quot; for Halloween. I searched high and low and found nothing. So I got to work....Here is the Alex to your Steve =)</p><p>Thanks so much for the tutorial! I had to make a few adjustments in size (she is 5) but I think it went well! I couldn't get her to hold long enough for more pictures, she wanted some candy!</p>
<p>Many thanks for the instructions and downloads for the Minecraft Steve costume! We bought the head, but the body and arms turned out great with your pdfs. The costume was huge hit!</p>
I am almost done making my sons Minecraft Steve costume just have to finish up the arms! Thank you so much for posting these instructions he absolutely loves his costume!!!
<p>Id personally like to thank you for posting your step by step instructions on how to build and get the proportions of minecraft steve.</p><p>After long preparation and hardly no time to build I decided to build one for myself, yes that correct, myself haha.... I made it to use as a surprise mascot at my sons 5th birthday party.</p><p>Please do take a look at the video :)</p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm3svxW0Gso" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm3svxW0Gso</a></p><p>And thank you once again!</p>
<p>What were your dimensions for the costume? I'm trying to make a full sized one myself!</p>
<p>Wow! Thanks for posting this! you made my week! It turned out great! That is definitely the biggest Minecraft Steve I've ever seen! </p>
<p>Thank you pjkumpon for the incredible details. My son's costume was a huge hit with many photo requests -- and he keeps raving about how it's his best costume to date! Happy Halloween!</p>
<p>i have been trying to figure out how to print on a regular printer. Do I need to send this to staples?</p>
<p>hi, i opened the pdf files in photoshop and just printed them (in pieces) on my regular printer at home and cut and taped the pieces together. </p>
<p>That turned out amazing! And the sword, too! well done! Thank you so much for posting</p>
<p>I made the head and arms so far, but am having trouble with the body. I think the templates will fit my son as-is, but The UPS Store wanted close to $50 to print them at the actual size. I asked if they could just print them on multiple sheets of 11x17 (at $2 per sheet). They said that I need to bring the .pdf files in already cropped to that size. I have limited software on my computer and have been able to crop files and save as Front top, front bottom, etc. These are now saved as .jpegs and I cannot see what the actual dimensions are of the new files. I'm starting to panic with Halloween just a few days away. ;)</p><p>Has anyone else had luck doing this? Any suggestions?</p>
<p>ughhhh i hate that i have to pay for this site it's ridiculous!!! i don't have much to buy so I'm trying to make it myself...I found a head template for free online, why are you charging? It's really annoying!!!! Btw sorry If you think I'm being mean but I'm being honest and I can't help but express how I feel about you charging for a template.</p>
<p>The .pdf files can be downloaded for free from Step 5.</p>
<p>I love seeing all the "I Made It" photos. You've inspired so many people, pjkumpon!</p><p>What are you guys dressing up as for Halloween this year?</p>
<p>HELP! I am trying to resize the head pictures to fit a box that is 9.3&quot; x 9.3&quot; for my 4 year old son's head. The 15&quot; x 15&quot; is way to big. I can't get it resized. I am having a hell of a time with this and there's a week left. I really don't want to break down and have to try and find a Steve head somewhere at the end of the week. I downloaded photoshop but I must be doing something wrong, because when I went to print it out it was smaller than the 9.3&quot; x 9.3&quot; size I specified. HELP! </p>
<p>I also had problems converting the files. Used an online converter and converted them to jpegs. Maybe I am doing to many steps? Is there anyone who took the files as they are above, and printed them at Walmart or somwhere like that? I am in Ontario, Canada, and not quite sure of where I can take them to print. </p>
Thanks for your detailed post. I made this for my son. It took me 4 days. I used my sons leftover science experiment cardboard and amazon boxes. My son is having a blast with his costume.
<p>Wow it turned out awesome! Thanks for posting this! Happy Halloween!</p>
<p>Thank you so much! I am making one currently with my mom and i am trying to use boxes we already have. They turned out to be the perfect size with some of the dimensions posted bellow. I would like to thank you for your instructions! Will post final product</p>
Hello!! Love this idea why was the name of the paint you used?
Thank you so much for the inspiration to make this. Took me two days about 6-8 hours each day. I painted the boxes and loved how it turned out. Thank you, I have one very very happy boy :)
How tall is your son?
He is 4 feet 10.5 inches
What kind if paint did u use
<p>Hey <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/JosieM4" rel="nofollow">JosieM4</a>, love your finished costume! Any chance you could post the dimensions to all the cardboard shapes? I hope to make the same thing.</p>
Thank you :) <br>Here are the dimensions <br>Head 15inch x 15 inch <br>Arms 18inch x 5inch<br>Body 24inch x 16inch <br>Shoulder rests is 3.5 inch <br>Would love to see when you finish :)
<p>Perfect! Thank you!!</p>
Wow... thanks for posting this! You made my day! That turned out amazing! Great job!
It looks hard but going to try
Do we need spray paint
<p>Hello! Thank you so much for posting! I am making this for my older son who is six. I was hoping to make a &quot;soft&quot; TNT costume for my one year old. Anyone seen any ideas out there for something like that??</p>
Hello there,<br><br>Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. I am so excited to make this. However, called places here (Lowe's, Home Depot) they don't know what cardboard sheets are. Is this the right one? <br><br>http://www.officedepot.com/mb/a/products/852586/Office-Depot-Brand-100percent-Recycled-Material/fromLocalBrowse=false<br><br>Thank you!!
it is hard to tell from the picture if those are the right ones. You are looking for flat panels of corregated cardboard. UPS store or U-haul should have some folded flat cardboard boxes that may work (just get some that are big enough for you to cut the sizes that you need. <br>Good Luck!<br>
<p>Thanks! The Office Depot link of the cardboard sheets are the right one. Called them and they confirmed that they are corrugated. Although, I won't be ordering online, as I waited too long :( I will, however, follow your suggestions and just get boxes. Lowe's and Home Depot carry large enough ones that can/will fit my sizing needs. Again, thanks for much for the help and will post my pics here. Have a great Monday!</p>
My son is 4 ft tall.
My son is 4 ft tall.
My son is 4 ft tall.
Sorry part
Sorry part
OK very new to this. How do you do the &quot;scale&quot; for size oart?
Thank You so much for these instruction! We decided not to do the arms but my son loves it!!!
Looks great! Thanks for posting!<br>
Thank you so much for posting this! What size of sheet cardboard did you buy? Are there different thicknesses? If so what thickness did you get?
<p>Super fun and my son loved it!</p>
<p>i cant find sizes for my suit. like how big the head needs to be etc. </p>
How did u print the larger sheeys of paper for the arms and body
<p>I am just in the middle of my work. I just need to make the arms and stick in the templates and im done!</p><p>Ill post the finish product!</p>

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