Picture of Minecraft Steve Costume
For years we have been trying to convince our kids that Halloween is all about making your costumes, not buying them. Sadly, this has fallen on deaf ears year after year after year. Our vision of what would be awesome and their vision of what would be awesome has never aligned... until now! Thank you Minecraft!

Our kids, like millions of others around the world, are obsessed with all things Minecraft. While I'm not much into gaming myself, I can definitely appreciate the virtues of this game - namely the simplicity and  open-ended creativity that it offers. The simplicity in particular is what made this a logical choice for this year's costumes. The pixelized, blocky look of all of the characters make them perfect for construction out of cardboard - which happens to be free and plentiful. 

After careful consideration of all the possible characters and skins, my son settled on 'Minecraft Steve'. He wanted to make it as recognizable as possible to the most number of people.  Our primary goals for the costume were (1) to make it as close to the actual game character as possible and (2) allow for the mobility that will be required during Trick-or-Treating.  After 2 weeks, 10 sheets of cardboard, and many late nights, it's safe to say that the results exceeded our  expectations.

Materials you will need:

* cardboard sheets
* Photoshop - or similar photo editing software
* sheetrock screws
* liquid nails
* tape - masking and scotch
* 3M spray adhesive
* Velcro
* Gorilla Glue
* scrap foam (like the kind used to package computers or appliances)

Tools you will need:

* color printer
* straight edge
* utility knife and Exacto knife (with lots of replacement blades)
* screw gun/cordless drill
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hcowdell made it!3 months ago

Thank you! Thank you! This tutorial and PDFs are so incredibly helpful. After slacking on getting a store bought Steve head I found your instructions and managed to make my son happy. Not wanting to pay the over-priced costs from Office Max or FedEx, I opened the the PDFs in PhotoShop, chopped them up and saved them in pieces to print them out at home on 8.5x11 sheets of paper. A little spray glue, and some patience..... Ta-Da!! It turned out fantastic!! Thanks again!

Would you please send me the files you have chopped up and saved? It would be so helpful to us :-) Greetings from Denmark (
The files are all available for you to download at the bottom of step 5. Let me know if you have any questions.
sshipway made it!2 months ago

Costumes made!
The kids didn't want leg parts, and wanted to paint the costumes themselves., which is why the zombie looks so odd. The creeper head has a mouth hole covered in black-painted foam mesh so that it can be looked out of.

carrielynneh made it!2 months ago

Thank you for the awesome idea, and for sharing the pixelated images of Steve! I also painted the costume (as I did not have Photo Shop), and the images were so handy! The head couldn't be attached to the body, so I put a made a sort of foam helmet inside the head hole to hold it in place.

If anyone is thinking about painting, the small (16x16x15) and large (18x18x24) Duck brand cardboard shipping boxes (found at Wal-Mart or online) are perfect for painting! The small box for the head can be made into an almost exact 8x8 grid, and the large box for the body an 8x12 grid- just like the pixelated images provided in the instructable. I had so much fun with this. Thanks again!


p.s. Spray the paint after it's dry with a protective clear gloss. Makes it look so nice!

pjkumpon (author)  carrielynneh2 months ago
Wow... looks awesome! How long did that take to paint?

It took almost 6 hours from start to finish! It was so fun and worth it to me...the cardboard was $1.68 total! Thanks again!

lance.gerhart made it!2 months ago

Thanks very much!

pjkumpon (author)  lance.gerhart2 months ago
Wow... great! Thanks so much for posting!
katieworsham made it!2 months ago

Thank you! Our boys love loved their costumes this year! I had to change the steve costume (my guy wanted to be herobrine) but your directions were flawless!

Everyone kept asking how i made them! :) Thanks again for an awesome tutorial.

I went to hobby lobby day of and found these red canvas bags for $2.99 each and bought some white felt and sewed it on the front and back and then used sticky felt and cut out TNT for the bags. Tied it all together. Thank you!

samantha.noonanware made it!2 months ago

I didn't have enough time to make the arms, but this was awesome! He got TONS of compliments, so it was great! I really appreciate your help on this!!! :-)

pjkumpon (author)  samantha.noonanware2 months ago

Thanks for taking the time to post this! It looks great!!!

clintton8 made it!2 months ago


Halloween Steve.jpg
pjkumpon (author)  clintton82 months ago

Awesome! thanks for posting!

kellidhughes made it!2 months ago

Thanks so much for this instructable! I made this for my 8 year old son, and he was the hit on Halloween this year! Everyone kept calling him Steve, and several people wanted to take his picture. I did change the dimensions to fit him, and I used existing boxes and just cut them down to size. We happened to have a box the perfect head size (12" cube), so I scaled the rest of the costume off that (body = 13"x21"x6" and arms = 19"x5.5" approx). I used packing tape to hold it all together instead of glue. I printed it all on my computer in draft mode so as not to use too much ink (though I now need a new ink cartridge). The colors are a bit off, but it wasn't my printer. I think the conversion from pdf messed with the color, though I'm not quite sure. We cut the hole in the left arm in the side so he could hold the arm up a bit better and hold his bag (though that didn't happen once he got a few pieces of candy in it). I should have made the body slightly shorter to make it easier to walk in (just something to consider when making this). Besides the ink, this didn't cost me anything.

pjkumpon (author)  kellidhughes2 months ago
Wow that turned out awesome! Great job!
anmueller19 made it!3 months ago

Thank you so much! I have one happy little boy!! I bought the head & made the rest from your directions. I used mod podge & modified the arms so I could attach them, but have them still move...or remove them all together! Thanks again!!

clintton83 months ago

For the .pdf files of the skins, what's the difference between "side" and "side-straight"?

mkent53 months ago

By far the easiest tiling program I have found. I have a Mac and cannot seem to find the tiling function in either adobe acrobat or photoshop. The site below works wonderfully.

castusamor3 months ago
:) thank you!!!
14, 8:50 PM.jpg
pjkumpon (author)  castusamor3 months ago
this made my day!
denkigroov3 months ago
I would like to say thanks pjkumpon for providing the steps!

castusamor3 months ago
So thrilled with this tutorial!!! Used premade boxes and ModPodge, but the PDFs were so helpful. Thank you!!!
pjkumpon (author)  castusamor3 months ago
Glad to hear. I'd love to see a pic of your finished product.
How do I post a photo?
I have our finished project and a formula for measurements!


The measurements are easy. Measure the person who will be wearing the costume from hips to shoulders.
My son is 20"
That will be the height of the body.
The length will be 3/4 of that. In my sons case, 15". The width is 1/2 of the length. 7.5"
The head is again 15"x15"x15"
The arms are
I have written out a formula that I can post if this doesn't make sense.
Endercreeper3 months ago

i made it! will send a picture later!

coercus1 year ago
What application did you use to open and scale? can we find a free product like Gimp to do the job?

I used an Open Office Drawing document to resize and print all my images. You have to convert the pdf documents to jpg or png first, but then you just Insert > Picture > from file. Right click on the image > Position and Size and resize it how you'd like. Then, go to Format > Page > User and make the page big enough for your image. Drag your image so it fits on the page. Then, when you go to print, you will indicate you want it to print on multiple pages. Easy! I started with Gimp, but having to import and export was just too much trouble, plus then using another application to print. If you are just resizing them, it's fine.

pjkumpon (author)  coercus1 year ago
I used Photoshop. I don't know if Gimp will work, you'll have to give it a try.
I can confirm that Gimp worked just fine to scale the images!
patty.couret3 months ago

My son Loves Minecrapt and we have the head, but I need the body. I have signed up for al Pro membership, but cannot download the pdf's in order to print. Can they be sent to me directly? Or where can I get the link? Thanks, Patty

pjkumpon (author)  patty.couret3 months ago
The files are located at the bottom of step 5. I'd email them, but they are way too large. Good luck! Please post some pics when you are done.
reneemh13 months ago

Where can I find the print outs for the costume?

pjkumpon (author)  reneemh13 months ago

they are located at the bottom of step 5.

murphsgurl13 months ago

How would I go about JUST making the sword? Someone HELP! I'm getting down to the nitty gritty here! Thanks in advance!!

There is another blog that offers a printable of the sword and pickaxe. Go to kerryannmorgan . com and search for minecraft diamond sword and there will be a tutorial for the sword and pickaxe. I have to make the pickaxe for my son and the cardboard head as well.

*To original poster, I'm sorry if posting another person's blog on here. I just found a PDF this person could possibly use to make what she is looking for with little to no hassle. :)

I would just print it out to the size you want, then glue it to a piece of cardboard and cut around it with an exacto knife.

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