Picture of Minecraft Steve Costume
For years we have been trying to convince our kids that Halloween is all about making your costumes, not buying them. Sadly, this has fallen on deaf ears year after year after year. Our vision of what would be awesome and their vision of what would be awesome has never aligned... until now! Thank you Minecraft!

Our kids, like millions of others around the world, are obsessed with all things Minecraft. While I'm not much into gaming myself, I can definitely appreciate the virtues of this game - namely the simplicity and  open-ended creativity that it offers. The simplicity in particular is what made this a logical choice for this year's costumes. The pixelized, blocky look of all of the characters make them perfect for construction out of cardboard - which happens to be free and plentiful. 

After careful consideration of all the possible characters and skins, my son settled on 'Minecraft Steve'. He wanted to make it as recognizable as possible to the most number of people.  Our primary goals for the costume were (1) to make it as close to the actual game character as possible and (2) allow for the mobility that will be required during Trick-or-Treating.  After 2 weeks, 10 sheets of cardboard, and many late nights, it's safe to say that the results exceeded our  expectations.

Materials you will need:

* cardboard sheets
* Photoshop - or similar photo editing software
* sheetrock screws
* liquid nails
* tape - masking and scotch
* 3M spray adhesive
* Velcro
* Gorilla Glue
* scrap foam (like the kind used to package computers or appliances)

Tools you will need:

* color printer
* straight edge
* utility knife and Exacto knife (with lots of replacement blades)
* screw gun/cordless drill
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do you use cardstock or regular paper for printing? also could you tell me how to get the legs in a pdf file like you have done with the other body parts. my 7 year old is obsessed with minecraft and we cant wait to try this costume.

AdamC228 days ago

This will definitely be my next Halloween costume. I've been making my own costumes the past few years, and this will for sure be the best yet!

jo2364 made it!6 months ago

Thanks for the tutorial - me and my sun worked around the clock for the Purim party in school !! everyone liked it

pjkumpon (author)  jo23646 months ago

thanks for posting the picture! It looks great. It's a lot of work but definitely worth it in the end!

iaguilar310 months ago
Thank you so much for the tutorial!!! My kids are in love with their costumes, nobody  can't believe I made them .. thanks again we have a fantastic Halloween!!!
pjkumpon (author)  iaguilar310 months ago
awesome! They look great!
thanks for posting.
rulitos10 months ago
Thank you very much for your great on the street kept on saying "Steve...Steve!" Took a lot of work...4 long nights...the pickaxe was a bit of a killer without a jigsaw...but can't complain when the final product is so amazing. Liquid nails didn't really work with the foam for the grips...gorilla glue was much better...velcro was an absolute necessity...and the arms only stayed on for the first bit as they became a little too cumbersome. Thanks so many "that's the best costume we've seen tonight"
pjkumpon (author)  rulitos10 months ago
Fantastic! Love it. That looks great. I appreciate that you posted pics of the costume...Its a ton of work, but worth it in the end.
petejc10 months ago
Thanks for the Great idea. My son won a costume contest as "Most Original" and got the biggest cheer (by far!) then any other winner. Made it well worth all the work! One change i did was to give him bendable elbows using grommets.
pjkumpon (author)  petejc10 months ago
Thanks a ton for posting this... bendable arms are a great idea. It looks great!
petejc petejc10 months ago
One thing I found to make my life super easy to print these oversized pictures without having to buy and learn photoshop was a free and easy to use program called "Easy Poster Print." Allowed total control! I love it! Can be found here:
yan_chris10 months ago
Thank you so much for the inspiration. We couldn't figure out how to print so we hand painted all 900 pixels by hand ugh! We also made the hold for the hands on the inner part of the arms to make it easier to hold the bag for trick-or-treating. I have one extremely happy Steve this Halloween :)
2013, 12:29 PM.jpg
pjkumpon (author)  yan_chris10 months ago
You made my day by posting this! And you deserve some sort of medal for hand painting that... it really looks amazing!
shays10 months ago
I used your instructions slightly, but I chose spray paint and the Steve head you can purchase online instead. Fortunately I had found the head over the summer at a garage sale for $0.50! I kept it safe until now, and happy I did! Mine doesn't look as accurate as yours, but I had to use less tools and supplies, and my 8 year old is still thrilled!! Thank you for posting this!
coercus1 year ago
What application did you use to open and scale? can we find a free product like Gimp to do the job?
pjkumpon (author)  coercus1 year ago
I used Photoshop. I don't know if Gimp will work, you'll have to give it a try.
cj230k pjkumpon10 months ago
I can confirm that Gimp worked just fine to scale the images!
dkriz10 months ago
Thanks for the great instructions! Almost done with our project and things are looking good. I figured out that if you have adobe illustrator, it is not too difficult to rescale it, rasterize it and then drop artboards to make your pages. If you are having a rough time, shoot me a message and I can help you out.
mmooney131310 months ago
Do you have the legs in PDF? Need them for tonight so they are ready by Thursday. One thing I did when making the body was take CLEAR packing tape and wrap it around the entire thing so that it becomes some what waterproof. Just incase it rains.....or snows. lol It's also great if they are at school and take a drink from the water fountain. I also have a printer that uses WAX instead of ink therefore making it even more durable. The Leg's in PDF like the other items would be amazingly appreciated.
shadow736711 months ago
Don't you have any legs becaues I really need it for Haloween
blackjackrobo11 months ago
really god job! do you think i could paint it instead of printing it?
pjkumpon (author)  blackjackrobo11 months ago
you could try... but that's a lot of small squares... I think printing would be quicker.
GRIMESPACE11 months ago
Hi - thanks so much for the great article. I have a 9 year-old that's chomping at the bit to build this. I downloaded your images, and it appears that the 3 of the 4 used for the arms are missing. Any possibility of uploading them?
stinastar1 year ago
We got sheets of cardboard from Costco. We did not print out the images because I don't have a fancy printer and instead we drew the grids and it was easy to follow since it's pixelated. My son was happy to wear his costume today in his school's parade but they wouldn't allow his pick axe ha ha
ls1216 stinastar11 months ago
Did you have to pay for your cardboard from Costco? Thanks!
pjkumpon (author)  stinastar1 year ago
Love it!
cskinner511 months ago
Need a little help. Ok how do I measure or scale my son's size to the pdf, etc. I did not see any measurements on creating the boxes.
ss2211 months ago
HOW DO YOU PRINT THE PDFS please? We are on a MAC Ive purchased the Pro instructables
bigfoot200326411 months ago
I am going to be him for Halloween
Mtslater11 months ago
I will be making this together with my 10 yr old so I think your scale will work for me. Do you know any of your measurements? And what size paper did you print skins on?
pjkumpon (author)  Mtslater11 months ago
Sadly, I do not. I do know that the costume head is 16x16x16. You could scale the rest of the body dimensions from that. I'd measure the rest of the costume, but it is buried deep in my attic. I used 11x17 paper, but you could use 8.5x11 too. Just print it tiled like in the instructions and you can splice it together. Good luck!
ManoleyGaming11 months ago
He's wearing the chest backwards in the pic
hsluggo12 months ago
Do you have the .pdfs of the arms and back of head? Also, what dimensions are your body and arms? I am trying to scale for my son who is smaller. Thanks!!!
pjkumpon (author)  hsluggo12 months ago
Whoops... I'd forgotten those two. They are now added. I don't have the actual dimensions any more, but if you open the .pdfs in Photoshop you can see their size.

Good luck and post some pics when its done!
Saraz331 year ago
How do you blow up the image to fit the boxes?
pjkumpon (author)  Saraz331 year ago
the details are in step 5
wolf59631 year ago
What would the height and width of the image shown have to be for someone 5 feet tall?
pjkumpon (author)  wolf59631 year ago
you'll have to scale the papercraft template to your size (my son was shorter... probably 4'-5")
kaltieri1 year ago
This is so awesome, I can't even tell you how excited my son is going to be to see this. He wants to be Herobrine for Halloween!
BKnugget1 year ago
Very simple question here please reply!!!! I was wondering if I used your exact measurements, would the costume fit a 5 foot 8 male. I really need to know if I will have to scale the costume differently then what you showed. By the way I absolutely love how you did this, it just really looks great
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