Picture of Mini Light Panel Kit
I had some leftover LED-stripe lying around and I thought about what I could make out of it. You can cut the stripe into really small pieces so I got the idea to make small lamps "light panels" out of it. This is a suggestion for a useful simple Kit. With this kit you can build 3x3cm large light panels to light up everything you want.
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Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials
The materials per panel are 
2x - 3x3cm clear plastic plate (I cut them out of a haribo box)
3x - LED-stripe piece from a stripe with 120 LEDs per meter
1x - 12V DC power supply

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
The only tools you need are a hot glue gun, a soldering ion and a drill if you need to drill holes for the cables.

Step 3:

You can assamble the panels in 4 simple steps.
1.Remove the protective film from the back of the 3 LED-stripes and stick them on one of the clear plastic plates (I used the printed ones for the back).
2.Solder the strips together. Connect + with + and - with - and add a main power cable in the middle and test it out.
3.Put some hotglue onto the sides of the ground plate next to the LED-stripes and put the top plastic plate on it.
4.Stick some double-sided tape onto the back of the panels.

Step 4: Finish

I hope you like this instructable and understood everything.
A feedback and a vote in the "Kit Contest" would be nice.
Good luck for copying this project.
rmd65022 years ago
Very professional looking result - do you have any trouble with the soft plastic melting from the heat of the LEDs?
led_freak (author)  rmd65022 years ago
I never had any problems like that you can even touch the LEDs while working they are producing very little heat.