Mini - Table Saw / Router / Shaper
for Dremel rotary tool.

Now that the Dremel contest voting is over I guess it's ok to update this instructable. Here is a "supplement" video showing the table saw extension in action. :)

Step 1: Get Templates Here!

I am attaching a PDF that includes the templates I made for this project.  Open the PDF and save it to your computer.

Print out the templates (I suggest using 100 pound card stock for the templates).

MAKE SURE... that you select None in the Page Scaling option when printing!

If you fail to do this the printer will scale the pages to a different size and the templates will not be correct.

<p>did it. great project. thanks a lot</p>
<p>what if I don't have the mini saw attachment but want to use saw wheels?</p>
<p>I am confused by the board dimensions in material supply list. Converting to metric is not a problem, but in 1x8x4 which numeral is inch and which foot</p>
Tank you
<p>You sir, are a genius.</p>
<p>Awesome build. Is there a way to adjust for height of saw blade ? - callhow</p>
<p>I am an European from Belgium and I am not so good with feet and inches. Could you tell me for example 1 x 8 x 4 are this feet? Because I have problems with the thickness of the board. How thick should the board be?</p>
<p>1 inch thick 8inch wide and 4feet </p><p>in EU you go by 22mm 32 mm and 38mm </p><p>32 is 3/4inch 32 is 1 1/2inch 38 is 1 1/2inch</p><p>will be your choice what you will use</p>
<p>Very intelligent and inspiring project.</p><p>Thank you very much for publishing.</p><p>I made an easy one with dremel holder and acrylic board.</p>
<p>Inspired by this instructable, I made a simpler version to be used only for cutting perfboards and copper clad boards for electronic projects. I also made a small fence that I can use on the right or left side of the cutting wheel. Note that to make an expanded area on the left side, I made a hollow using a small drum sander to accommodate the Dremel contour a little bit. My Dremel is a very old M370 model. I did not worry about having a 90 degree angle for the cutoff wheel. I do wish I had made the table a little longer on the right side, but for the boards that I use, this table is adequate.</p>
What is the saw piece that you have on your Dremel? I have cutting wheels but not that piece. Thanks.
<p>I'v made one :) really cool thing :) Had to work with what I had so the base needed a 2 inch extension. To accommodate the dremel when mounted veritacly. I've used a jigsaw to cut the pieces... horror. Ended up buying the router mount extension (good offer and with 3 bits included)- there is an instructable on making one yourself. It took me 3 days of when I could work on it, altogether, about 5 hours. With proper tools I can see it done in 1-1,5hr. Now That I have one, I think I might make another. Thank you for a fantastic and useful tool!!!</p>
<p>another question - are the screws that hold the plastic to the top also holding the top to the base?</p>
<p>Nope, if you look at the plans (or the images above, you'll see that there are some extra screws holding the wood together. </p>
<p>great instructable. Thank you, </p><p>I am in the middle of making it. One question though. Could you cut a slot in the top made for routing and just have one top? Or is there a function to having both tops as separate?</p>
<p>You could have one top, but it is safer to have two, and you can cut smaller pieces with the saw, and use the router on smaller pieces as well. The top will stop pieces from falling into the saw or router. Think of it as a zero clearance insert for a normal table saw.</p>
<p>awesome with a lil of customizing fits for another dremel or even in no dremel similar rotary tools many thanks :D</p>
<p>oh and even the pdf with all specifications ready to do very good one :D</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>I finally got a Dremel 4000.<br>After seeing a video of your project online, I knew I had to make this.<br>However I see that it was released 4 years ago.<br>I suppose there have been many mods to it and maybe even a v2?<br>What are the best mods for this project?</p><p>Second, it's really hard in Europe (minus UK) to find wood in imperial size. Not that I've tried but I know I won't find anything.<br>Does anyone have the plans in metric. There was one comment made 4 years ago but the link isn't working anymore.</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>What the heck are &quot;boarders&quot;?</p>
<p>Neat design, I have a German Proxxon rotary tool, and drill stand.</p><p>Proxxon drill stand is well made, but limited in scope.</p><p>I'll try your design with modification for profile of different rotary tool.</p><p>Not sure where gargoyle169 is coming from, is he planning to rip lengths of 4x2, or build a kitchen?</p><p>Also a bit confused by his use of &quot;widget&quot;. I was under the impression a widget was a Windows desktop executable file.</p><p>Keep up the good hobbyist designs, thanks.<em><strong><br></strong></em></p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>Nice work. Plan to make one for me. If I keep the dremel in vertical position as you did for routing and use a 90 degree attachment and 50 mm hss blade and some modification on top ,can it be used for cutting higher depths</p>
What's the total cost of this.
<p>I made this saw about three week's ago and I love it. The plans were very easy to follow and the saw came together very nicely. It was a lot of fun as well. I don't use it for &quot;real work&quot; just small wood cut's and it is awesome. Thank's sdudley</p>
<p>When that offset angle cutter attachment first came out, I bought three. I am a manufacturing engineer. I wanted to see how much work I could get out of one of these. </p><p>Unless you own stock in Dremel, dont bother. The widget you are modifying here does NOT warrant the effort, They burn up after a few hours of real work.</p><p>Dremel is a hobbiest, home toy widget.</p><p>I solved my problem with a four inch diameter mini table saw from (rhymes with) Slobber Fright. Put some re machined bronze bearings in it and have gotten three years or prototype slicing, gee whiz making, wonder what it, building out of it.</p>
<p>Fantastic article! I am definitely going to make one, but I am wondering whether anyone has the mock up for one in metric? Metric paper rulers would also be really handy as well. The link given before to a person who had put one together in metric no longer works, so I am searching for a new one. Any help?</p>
In the vertical position it does quite nicely. Mine holds very well. Yes, it moves up and down very easily and has quite a bit of range in height. Is it exactly vertical? Well, I never bothered to square it up, but then again it is only for hobby use and crafting with soft woods and plexiglass that do not require precision cuts and accuracy. If I need precision, I do not use a Dremel. <br> <br>
Wow! Great Instructable - the printable TDP is icing on the cake.
I've made two of these. One was a gift and one for myself. I didn't plan ahead on my own unit, my dremel is cordless and the battery makes it too long in the vertical axis when using the router bits and sanding drums. Aside from my own lack of foresight, this thing is fantastic for small work. <br> <br>Thanks for this one, sdudley.
Glad you enjoyed it. Dremel has made so many different rotory tools over the years, it would be a little time consuming to draw templates for each one. When I made the prototype, I simply layed the tool down and traced around it. That's what gave me the idea to create the template. I guess I should have mentioned that in the instructable.<br><br>sdudley
I think your contribution was just fine. I don't see how you could be expected to account for all previous, current, or future models of the tool. <br> <br>The failure to analyze and think ahead was purely mine. I was in such a hurry to get mine completed and begin using it, I just didn't take the time to account for the added battery length for my unit. Easy to fix, when I get around to it. A lengthy unit isn't really anything to complain about... <br> <br>All in all, it's been quite beneficial. I hope my original comment will help others not make MY mistake.
Hi, great project and i am about to start building it. <br>I saw your response for metric system dimensions. I want to make the whole project a bit bigger eg 1,5x times the original. What dimensions do i have to change? <br>Another question is what about using it as a router, how we change the height of the dremel tool while in vertical position?
Thank you for this design. I built it about a year ago and it's worked great. I did manage burn out the saw attachment though. I use it mainly for model making, ripping balsa sheets. I tried some MDF that was a little much for it and the saw attachment fell apart. I bought a new one and will be more carefull... <br> <br>With my acyllic top I only get about 3mm cutting depth. I can rip 5mm balsa with two passes. I was going to try 1mm carbon fibre sheet but it is a bit pricey. What I did was found a 40mm blade on ebay. With a bit of DIY I managed to fit it in the saw attachment. I had to remove the spring loaded safety cover to make it fit. I can now cut around 6 - 7mm. Remembering to take it easy....
I am glad your enjoying the saw. I use mine quite often to cut 1/4&quot; acylic sheets that are actually 0.22&quot; thick. It barely clears the top of the sheet and if I try to cut something that is 0.24&quot; thick, I need to make a second pass by flipping the piece over. <br><br> I had planned to redesign it using the flex shaft and some larger saw blades I found at Harbor Freight Tools: http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result?q=rotory+tool+saw+blades <br><br> This would omit the need for the saw attachment and give me a little more hieght from the blade. However, I am designing several other tools which use the Dremel as the power source, one of which will be a new table saw, but I have a long way to go before I finish everything.
Everything went smooth, up to the part with the acrylic top. I don't have a countersink drill bit and the screws always stick from the acrylic, making me furious. Do you have any ideas as to how to do it properly without the countersink bits?
You will need to countersink the holes in order to get them flat with the surface of the top. I don't have a countersink bit either, but what I do is use a larger drill bit that is about the size of the screw head. If you try this, be VERY careful not to drill all the way through and make the hole too large for the screw. You will definitely want some type of drill press with a stop on it to prevent you from drilling too far. <br> <br>One thing I want to do, is get rid of the acrylic top and use a thin piece of aluminum or stainless steel sheet instead. I have not done so yet, but I think it would work much better. You just need the proper tools to work with that type of material which I don't have. <br> <br>Stacy
Just finished making two of these mini saws. They work very well, I was really pleased with the plans! Made making the tables a real breeze. I did a few small modifications, I made the tops out of Lexan, and added the same on the extension tables. I also mounted the extension table permanently to the extension arms, so all I need to do is remove the bolts on the table and swing the extension around to use it on the other side, eliminating the need for clamping it down, works well! Added a pic of them, one matches my Model RR setup, the other matches my dads, he will be getting this a new Dremel 4000 for Christmas! Thanks so much for the plans! I really enjoyed building them.
Awesome! It's always nice to see modifications people add or change to make projects better. I like the way you made the swing arm for the extension table. <br><br>I am currently in the process of designing a modular bench for all my Dremel tools and accessories. It is a 2'x2' cube that expands to 6' long x 2' deep with an interchangeable center work area. I plan to use it as a tablesaw, router, drill press (using the Dremel work station), small manual milling machine, and a few other things that come to mind. <br><br>I am drawing it up in Google Sketchup, and started putting together the basic structure this past weekend. I still have a LONG way to go and many modifications before I think about making it an Instructable though!<br><br>If you have any suggestions, I am open to any thoughts.<br><br>Stacy<br><br>
Great job! <br>Any thoughts about making a drill press/router table unit?
I do have the Dremel brand Work Station, I think that is what you are talking about. It works as a drill press and also holds the Dremel horizontally as well for sanding. It does a great job! Has a hook to hold the Dremel by the bale to use the flex wand as well. I clamp mine down with toggle clamps and use it quite a bit. I have a big floor model drill press, but its too much machine for small jobs. I got mine on Amazon for about $40 I think.
Yes that is something I have thought about quite often but I already own a separate table top drill press so it's low on the list of projects. <br> <br>Stacy
I got (2) Dremel 4000s from Amazon, and went to Lowes the other day and got all the parts to build two of these along with the extension tables. One is for me and one is for my dad for Christmas. We both do model RRing and I think this will be a great tool for working on the buildings etc. Thanks for the plans! I will post when I am done. Also another tip, When I was shopping my list at Lowes, I found for a few $ more I could get pre-cut 8x10 sheets of Lexan for the tops. Pretty much bullet proof and worth the extra $ for the wear and tear I am sure the top will sustain! It was about $3.50 per piece. Worth it in my book.
Sounds great! I was also thinking of using an aluminum plate instead of plexiglass or Lexan, but haven't bothered taking the time to do it. <br> <br>Enjoy! <br> <br>Stacy
I will let you know how it works! Thought I would be able to see the rulers through the Lexan. :) Thanks for the plans!
Has anyone used the dremel brand router table, #231? Is it a sturdy piece?
Truly awesome design. Thanks for giving me some inspiration to get back into the garage and make something.
Really good plans and design! love it.<br>I will post pictures along the way :)<br>
I will be making one of these from my triton mini drill! I have a question not related to the Mini-Tablesaw but your video. Did you use iMovie? And if so how did you manage to slow down the titles in your 'Star Wars' exiting credits? My shoot past like there's no tomorrow - otherwise I may have to get a more professional video editing suite. Sorry this isn't a question about your build, but in that you've covered everything!
Good plans and design, I built this in a day, and enjoyed using it!

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