A friend of mine is a massive Thor fan boy, he wanted a mjolnir or hammer, but he wanted a fairly good one, he looked on the interweb but the price was over £400! So in steps me with my big mouth " I'll do you one mate, no problem", so that's what I did, true to my word I've just finished his hammer, and here's the instructable to show how I did it, if you so wish to take up the task yourself, hope you enjoy the process, I did, and I'm a bit gutted I don't get to keep it now!

Step 1: Research

There's a few different designs for this one, after a good scour on my phone for images and sizes I came up with these, not many sizes to go in so I guessed it was time to just get stuck in and see where I go, I had the basics in my noodle so I set about making the basic shape I wanted ( I went with the movie hammer in the end)
<p>Heres my version, 6x6x9, Filled with concrete, hand braided the leather. I used a rubber mallet for the handle and put a 2 inch PVC pipe around it for stabilization. took 5 days over a period of 2 months. Enjoyed looking at the final product. Christmas gift family member.</p>
Awesome work, looks great!
<p>i need this in my life lol</p>
Great job, I just happen to b making one for a fellow tour lover here in Harlan KY. I'm a retired army ranger of 20yrs, and always loved woodworking, I have now worked myself up to becoming a master craftsman and master wood turner, luv ur site,I will post a pic one dun, mine is s solid cherry woods with a solid PC of walnut inside 6x6x9, to make the weight, didn't want to heavy so that's why I didn't use concrete like urs. Cya ltr, Mike of woodworks and more...
Hey Mike! That sounds awesome, I'm no master that's for sure, but by the sounds of your skill level, your hammer is going to be beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the pictures when your done!
<p>hey what was the total weight for that im curious. the reason why is because i plan on making mine out of metal in my machining class and what im thinking is a block of aluminum with some metal plates for the hammer heads and then paint it to even out the color but if i knew your hammers weight i could guess better at how much mine might wiegh because i actually want to use this hammer</p>
I think it was about 16lbs just over a stone in weight all in all.
<p>oh ok now for your dimensions for the 6X6X9 was that just for your box or for the entire length because i tried those dimensions with some notebook paper and it looks like i got the all spark from transformers</p>
<p>hey thats like to scale perfect!! you should be proud of that magnificent beast im kevin 14 years old,thanks for giving me the instructions to build my own . i built my for an art project and its made of wood too. plz reply</p>
Wow! Kevin that looks awesome! Really great work! Thanks for using my instructable, glad it helped you :)
<p>hey thats like to scale perfect!! you should be proud of that magnificent beast im kevin 14 years old,thanks for giving me the instructions to build my own . i built my for an art project and its made of wood too. plz reply</p>
<p>amazing ,allot of blood sweat and tears put into that, i might try it myself</p>
<p>Awesome build! reminds me of the decorative battle mace I built a friend of mine out of a block of cedar. Its all one piece, (save the rivets, which are plugs) thanks to careful work with the table saw and chisels.</p>
That sir is beautiful! And all one piece! Wow! Awesome work! <br><br>And thank you for the kind words!
<p>Hey, nice job. I'm building my own hammer and I managed to cut myself with my chisel in the exact same place. Spooky huh?</p>
Haha that is spooky! It must be the way if the hammer, as someone else wrote on here, it's not a proper build till you've bled! So, welcome to the team! :)
Dude that is absolutely amazing. Already got a couple of mates of mine who do wood working on the project. If you don't mind me asking would it be possible for you to give some more precise measurements, the pattern used for the corners, and what sort out paints used. Could you also give me an idea of how long the entire project took to do end to end. MAny thanks, Adam
Hello! <br>Right well this one was a while ago mate so I'm having to think here haha <br>The corners, as in the extra bits on the ends of the main hammer body they where cut at a 35 degree angle I think and 1/4 inch all round smaller than the main hammer, ( then the corners of that where hand sanded to Match the 33) <br>Paints, I used a standard gray primer I think then I sprayed it with a dull silver about 6-8 times but it didn't look right so I ended up using a paint for metal called hammeright ( smooth silver), I did 2 coats of that then I used a black household gloss ( satin) and painted that on then used a rag while it was still wet to take most of the black off again, it makes the silver more dull and metal like, <br>As for time is was a commissioned piece so I work on it as quickly as possible, I think every night for 2 weeks so about 35-45 hrs in total, but that's a guess! <br>I hope this helps you out, good luck and send a pic when your done!! :)
Hey mate. <br>Thanks for the response. I'll keep you posted. <br>Thanks again. <br>Adam
Hello, all in all about &pound;20, had a lot of the stuff to make it already, the wood was free from work, the paint and sprays I had already, the biggest cost was the leather jacket for a charity shop at &pound;9 I think.
How much did it cost you to make this?
it's awesome! I can feel the Asgard power on it xD
Great detail. That gets my vote for the Halloween props comp.
That is bloody amazing if you don't mind me saying! Love the idea of it falling to earth as well :D
Hey!! Glad you won 1st place!! This was pretty cool!!
Thank you, I'm pretty stoked on winning 1st place too! There was so many great instructables in that comp I didn't think I'd do that well!
This is so cool that I am glad that you won!!
You are a gd handyworkman. Great job
Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the weekend projects contest! This is a fantastic project and you detail is out of this world! Good luck!
I should also add congratulations on being a finalists in the Concrete &amp; Casting Contest! :) It really is such an awesome project!
Thank you so much! I honestly didn't know I was a finalist in the weekend contest! Haha that's fantastic! Thanks again poofrabbit! :)
What kind of plastic did you use?
Plastic?, the only plastic I used was to do the negative for the stencil for the hammer end detail, erm it was a scrap piece to be honest but I think it was 2mm think normal plastic like you find in a photo frame instead of glass, is that what you meant? Hope that helps
Yeah, that's what I was asking. Thanks!
Ha ha! One of the paint cans says "Hammerite"
Gantman4eva, hello, no I wasn't worried about the handle snapping under the weight because the shaft was quite short, also it goes into the hammer and screws into the top, then it's only 12 or so inches from hammer too end, I think I used 1,1/2 inch, kinda like a thick sweeping brush handle, which are quite strong.
What did you use for the handle and what diameter was it? Did you have any worries with the handle snapping with a 16 pound weight on the end of it?
I always wanted to put a Tesla coil in one.
Nice paint job on the metal surface !!
Hey thanks man, your right about so many different sizes and shapes, I did the same as you and went with what fells right!
Awesome. I did a flimsy prop version, but this, this is too cool. I ran into the same issue of trying to figure out the appropriate size. There are so many different verions that it makes it hard to get an exact size. In the end I based it around some measurments I found but mostly just went with what &quot;felt&quot; right for a guy my size.
This may be out of your budget but another great idea is put a magnetic metal inside and then create a pedestal with a fairly powerful electromagnet so that the only person who can pick it up is the one who has the remote or knows where the button is that turns off the electromagnet.... Then when your freinds try to pick it up they can't and you can easily just like the real Thor hammer
What would be cooler than that is..... <br>Since he made it out of wood and has a cavity inside would be to put an electromagnet inside it with a hidden switch on the handle. <br>And also along with it I also saw someone that made a replica with a portable tesla coil he designed embedded in it so it could generate 'lightning' coming from it! <br> <br>I'd have to look for the link. I did bookmark it somewhere.
That is a cool idea!!
Wow! That's a pretty sweet idea, like you say might be a bit out of my budget but I like it! Maybe next time and when I've got more cash that might be something I'd like to incorporate! :)
or, put a battery and electromagnet and hidden power switch inside the hammer so that it'll be &quot;heavy&quot; when set on anything metal

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