Introduction: Mobile Tripod

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this is the super simple tripod from general household material quick to make let's make it

Step 1: Material and Parts

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PVC pipe
aluminium thick wire multicore
sharp blade

Step 2:

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take a alluminium multicoe thick wire of 1ft length strip of wire cover kept little wire cover over the top like in pics and spread the wire like a tripod

Step 3: Cut PVC Pipe

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cut a PVC pipe piece enough to hold mobile phone width the make a slot as slightly big than your mobile phone thickness keep some parts next to the slot then make three hole on iy

Step 4: Fix PVC Piece on Tripod

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on top place PVC piece and insert the aluminium wire in hole so PVC piece get good hold over the tripod

Step 5: Apply Foam

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apply some foam pading inside the PVC piece slot made to hold Mobile phone to avoid scratches on mobile

Step 6: Its Ready to Place Your Phone

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get start to capture your moments hands free

Step 7:


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