Hey, ever wanted the power to see peoples heads turn?,

get that hot girl of your dreams (the validity of this statement is unknown :P ),

or just want to look freakin cool?

Then you should invest in building your own chopper bicycle!

Its fun, not so easy, but still fun!

lets get started.

This instructable was based off of mountain lion chopper, but i will actually specify dimensions unlike the other one.

All thanks goes to Atomic Zombie!


Now that I have rode around town on this chopper eye candy, I realized what a great decision I made! The looks people give your are PRICELESS, and a couple of times people actually got out of their cars to take a picture. Trust me, this chopper beats riding on the crap 30$ murray mountain bike it was before!

Don't wait, you can pimp out your ride too! just follow the instructions!

Step 1: Get an old mountain bike

If you have a Murray mountain bike, this works best, but any old mountain bike will do.

This is exactly what the bike i used looked like.

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